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B-Series PRO Xtra Vent

The XTRA VENT uses four vent panels in each wing (8 total) to make the kite much more manageable in the highest winds, 30 mph is no longer out of reach.

A collaborative effort between John Barresi and Bazzer Poulter with extensive testing by iQuad, the B-Series Pro Xtra Vent will continue your flying experience without the pain and frustration caused by increased wind speeds. At the point when you would be reaching for the second leading edge spar on your full vent you’ll be happy to change to this kite. It handles just like the rest of the pro-level B-Series and is a natural progression in the equipment after countless hours of extreme flight testing.

Xtra venting does however have some other benefits other than reduced pull, just like the transition from STD to MID to Vented gave you increased control. The Xtra vent is incredibly precise and predictable, a true easy flier when you’ve got wind. Reverse flight feels as if the kite is on rails, light pull is great even for smaller pilots, precision is still rock solid, and you’ll only need to switch to 150# lines in the very highest winds.

On iQuad, they’re using either 3 or 4 wrap frame depending on the wind speed/handling they need and similar handle settings as the rest of the B series Pro range with just a little less brake, the venting controls the spill off the wing surface but still maintains that B-Series Pro feel… Some folks have even played around with a Race frame in the middle wind range,

As with all the new B-Series Pro kites, the vertical spar line is reinforced to stop stretch and lower tip damage.

It has always been possible to make any vented sail fly, but its another thing to make it fly in the same way as a B Series PRO.



Wind Range:

    6-12 mph (2 wrap frame)
    8-20 mph (3 wrap frame)
    10-28 mph (3 wrap frame w/2 wrap LE added)

Wing Span:

    91″ (231 cm)


    Flier’s Choice


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