This website was launched on 28 April 2010 to the occasion of the 50 year anniversary of the Anne Frank House as a museum. Under the name of Virtual Museum of the Anne Frank House it was realized with the help of: BankGiro Loterij, VSB Fonds, Ministerie VWS (The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport), Mondriaanstichting (The Mondriaan Foundation), Anne Frank Fonds (Anne Frank Fund).

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Quotation Sources

Anne Frank's quotations originate from: Anne Frank, The Diary of A Young Girl: The Definitive Edition
Additional quotations are taken from: The Diary of Anne Frank: The Revised Critical Edition prepared by the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation translated [from the Dutch] by Arnold J. Pomerans and B.M. Mooyaart-Doubleday and Susan Massotty Doubleday: New York, 2003.
© Anne Frank Fonds, Basel, for all texts of Anne Frank.

Photos of the Frank family:
Photo collection of the Anne Frank Stichting (Amsterdam).

Additional photos:

Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau ANP

Anne Frank Stichting

Aviodrome Luchtfotografie, Lelystad

Ben van Meerendonk / AHF, collectie IISG, Amsterdam

Buddy Elias

Collectie Putman

Conny Braam

Eduardo M. Fraifeld

Gon Buurman

Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork, Westerbork

Imperial War Museum, London

Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis IISG, Amsterdam

John van Dam

Linda J. Hirsch

Maria Austria Instituut, Amsterdam

Museum Oorlog en Vrede, Breda

Nationaal Archief

Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie, Amsterdam

Panstwowe Muzeum Oswiecem Brzezinka

Stadtarchiv Aachen

Spaarnestad Photo, Haarlem

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy Mark Chrzanowski

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy Marie Ellifritz


Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam

Viktoriaschule Aachen

Willem Arends

White House/John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston, Cecil Stoughton

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem


Anne Frank House Archive
Material from DVD 'The Diary of Anne Frank' is provided by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The Anne Frank Stichting has attempted to contact all copyright holders. This has not always proven to be possible. Those who believe that they are entitled to exercise rights over pictures and/or text, are asked to contact the Anne Frank Stichting at: P.O. Box 730, 1000 AS Amsterdam, tel.: 020 - 5567100, fax : 020 – 6207999


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All rights with regard to the contents and composition of this website reserved by the Anne Frank Stichting.


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