Utilizing the same design characteristics as the John Barresi Signature Series, the B2 was made in a slightly different size than our classic Rev II making it quicker and even more responsive than it’s larger B-Series siblings; with all the same performance aspects, refined inputs and a great deal more speed… We’ve worked closely with John to bring everything that made his original series so popular into this small and explosive package.

The B2 is also an ideal stacker, with its reduced sail area and increased performance; it makes handling in a stack easier than ever and looks absolutely gorgeous whether it’s in the sky or simply on ground display.

B2 Mid-Vent
The MID-VENT version of our B2 has B-Series design traits, but it's small size and one vented panel in each wing makes it quick, agile and precise.
B2 Standard
The full sail version of our B2 takes the old Rev II concept and steps it up with B-Series design traits, making this one fast and precise kite in just about any wind!
B2 Vented
The VENTED version of our B2 is one of the most enjoyable high wind kites around, very fast in a gale, but still incredibly precise and controllable.