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Skype is the best medium to connect to your friends and family thousand miles apart. For the fact this is the most popular medium of communication all over the globe. The low cost and free model of the communication system is the prime reason behind the huge success of Skype. Moreover you can do additional tasks like file sharing, group sharing and video conferencing too with the help of Skype. So, this mode of communication is suited for both personal as well as professional usage. According to latest records, there are more than 800 million Skype users worldwide.

The Bad news

The bad news is that Skype is banned in a lot of countries for reasons known only to them. Moreover there are a number of government set ups and private business entities which do not allow the use of Skype at the workplace. Some of the common reasons cited for such ban are excessive bandwidth usage, security issues and misuse of the facility etc. Here we will try to see what we can do to remove such barriers from using Skype.

Coming to the Solution

When you try to login to your Skype account from a place where it is banned then your internet service provider gets the information. They instantaneously block your IP address or in some cases all the IP addresses in a certain location are already blocked by the ISP from accessing Skype. So, here is the clue! You need to change or manipulate your IP address. How to do that? There are a number of ways to change the IP address of a device. The best option among them is the VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. It helps you to fool your network admin or the internet service provider. It uses a fake IP address which is hidden behind its own servers. So when you connect to the Skype through a VPN service then your ISP will not be able to determine that someone is accessing the blocked site under their nose. Though there are a huge number of VPN services available, but studies have revealed that Hidemyass is simply the best to unblock Skype anywhere in the world.

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