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Name: Alert Level

Type: org.bluetooth.characteristic.alert_levelDownload / View

Assigned Number: 0x2A06


The level of an alert a device is to sound. If this level is changed while the alert is being sounded, the new level should take effect.


The value of the characteristic shall be an unsigned 8 bit integer that has a fixed point exponent of 0. The Alert Level characteristic defines the level of alert, and is one of the following three values:

• Value 0, meaning “No Alert”

• Value 1, meaning “Mild Alert”

• Value 2, meaning “High Alert”


The value 0x01 is interpreted as “Mild Alert”

Value Fields

Names Field Requirement Format Minimum Value Maximum Value Additional Information
Alert Level
uint8 0 2
Key Value
0 No Alert
1 Mild Alert
2 High Alert
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