100% Soap Nut Powder 

As natural as the tree it grows on, the secret of the soap nut is as simple as it is powerful.    

Finely milled (Sapindus Mukorossi) soapberry has been used for a millenia as shampoo and detergent in the sub-Himalayan region of India and Nepal.   

Soap nut powder is excellent for washing clothes.  For those with sensitivities, it neutralizes odours without the irritation or toxicity of chemical detergents or synthetic fragrances.  Easy to use, mild on skin and fabric, eco-friendly and costing less than commercial detergent, one 500g bag effectively cleans up to 100 loads of laundry!

 Soap nut powder has the perfect ph measure for hair and skin.  As a cleaner and shampoo, it removes dirt without stripping natural oils and even helps to repel insects, particularly headlice, naturally.

Laundry detergent, shampoo, multi-purpose cleaner, insect repellent and more...soap nut powder replaces many of the commercial cleaning products used daily.


Save money, be healthy, protect planet earth...

Smart choice, simple change, that's Envirochic!


Contains 100% soap nut powder (sapindus mukorossi) MSRP $20 per 500mg bag


Cloth Diapers

Soap Nut Powder 

An effective, organic solution for a cleaner, greener world!

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