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Virtual Private Network is used for securing our internet connection on networks that are not secured (like WiFi hotspots). VPN allows encryption of online traffic by making the user anonymous and hiding their online identity. Geographically blocked contents can be accessed with the help of VPN.

HideMyAss is a VPN service provider which is based in UK. One a user connects to the VPN service of HideMyAss, a safe and secured internet connect is set up between their internet service provider and the user’s internet service provider. The user’s web traffic remains hidden from hackers due to encryption of online activity. The VPN service provided by HideMyAss is very user friendly. HideMyAss started its business in 2005. It is a very popular anonymity and web proxy focused website because millions of new visitors start using its services every month. It only monitors how many times a user connects/disconnects from its services. It also provides affiliate services. For more information on this the user can check http://affiliate.hidemyass.com

Some more facts

  1. Service Cost: Payments can be made in 3 ways – $11.52 per month, $49.99 for 6 months and $78.66 for 12 months. The user can save a lot of money if he/she subscribes for 12 months. In this way, he/she will pay $6.55 per month.
  2. Location of VPN servers: With every VPN connection a user has the acces to 364 VPN servers situated in 53 countries using 43,000 IP addresses. A complete list of IP addresses and server locations can be obtained from http://hidemyass.com/vpn/servers/
  3. Static/dynamic IP addresses: This VPN provider offers its users dynamic IP addresses which changes every time the user connects to its servers. A user always gets one unique IP address and no sharing of IP addresses takes place. Users having dynamic IP addresses remain hidden effectively because they utilize different IP addresses. They are not stuck with only one IP as in static VPN providers.
  4. Addition of new servers: HideMyAss updates and adds new servers frequently. For more details the users can see the graph at http://hidemyass.com/vpn/servers/
  5. VPN protocols offered and encryption used: Four VPN protocols are currently offered-
    1. OpenVPN-TCP: The cipher used is Blowfish’s CBC mode. Hash algorithm used is known as 160bit SHA1 and encryption strength is 128bit.
    2. OpenVPN-UDP: This has same security and encryption as OpenVPN-TCP. However it works through UDP protocol.
    3. PPTP: MPPE 128bit cipher is used for encryption. It also offers compression along with MS-CHAPv2 authentication.
    4. L2TP: IPSec along with 256bit key is used for encryption. The algorithm used is 3DES/AES.
  6. Bandwidth/transfer limits: The user can utilize the full bandwidth because HideMyAss does not provide any transfer limits.
  7. Number of simultaneous connections: The maximum simultaneous connection limit is 2 but the software can be installed on innumerable devices according to the wish of the user.
  8. Money back guarantee: The money is refunded inside 30 days of subscription if the user is unhappy with the services offered. But users exceeding 10GB bandwidth are not eligible for refund of money.

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