X Factor: Olly Murs banned from twin brother's wedding by 'Scrooge' Simon Cowell

Olly Murs discovered the down side to fame yesterday after he was banned from attending his twin brother's wedding.

The X Factor star was forced to remain at the show's north London studios for the dress rehearsal - meaning he missed his sibling Ben get hitched to Amy Hart.

Despite his commitment to the show, Olly had still hoped to attend the ceremony which took place just 16 miles from the show's studios at 2pm in Essex on Saturday.

Ben Murs

I do: Ben Murs married Amy Hart at St Mary's Church in Essex yesterday but his twin brother Olly was not allowed to attend

But instead he was forced to listen over the phone as Ben and Amy said exchanged vows and said 'I do'.

Olly was supposed to be the best man at the ceremony, but Tommy Bradley, a friend of the brothers, had to step in and perform the duties at St Mary's Church.

Now the singer's furious family have branded his mentor and X Factor boss Simon Cowell 'Mr Scrooge' claiming he ruined the big day.

Olly Murs

Olly, seen performing on last night's X Factor, had to stay at the show's north London studios instead for the dress rehearsal

Simon Cowell

His family have branded Simon Cowell 'Scrooge' for banning Olly from going

Ben told the Sunday Mirror: 'Olly pleaded to be allowed to take a couple of hours off. He didn't ask to take the whole day, just a couple of hours so he could be there for the biggest day of his brother's life.

'But Simon wouldn't budge. Cowell could have made this happen. It would have been the best wedding gift we could have asked for. But he refused.

'I thought better of him. I thought he'd have a bit more Christmas spirit. But he's turned out to be nothing more than Mr Scrooge.'

Ben said he was told on Monday that Olly would not be allowed to take the whole day off.

But he was still hopeful he might be able to miss a few hours from Saturday's dress run to attend the ceremony.

They had their fingers crossed that Cowell - worth an estimated £180million - would step in and offer to charter a helicopter to allow Olly to make the short journey.

But as the Murs and Hart family celebrated, Olly was on stage singing for his place in next week's final.

He performed the Jackson 5 hit Can You Feel It and The Beatles' We Can Work It Out.