***Update:  Police were at the mosque again on 09 January 2016.  Not clear if issue was at mosque or at nearby house.  Previous police callouts may have been related to 98 Ner Israel Drive.


A series of police proceedings, complaints and a vehicle burning at the Jaffari Mosque in Thornhill Ontario have led to considerable speculation as to the source of the perceived problems. Internal sources say muta or ‘temporary marriages’ with single/divorced/widowed women to already married male members of the congregation are at least part of the problem.



INTRODUCTION: Temporary or Muta Marriages

PART ONE:   The Jaffari Mosque and Muta Marriages

PART TWO: The Government of Iran

PART THREE: The Generalized Abuse of Women by Islamacists in Canada

PART FOUR:  Community Suppression on the Reporting Abuse (Rotherham Rapes)

PART FIVE: Conclusions and Questions



Muslim: One who follows the teachings of Islam.

Islamacist: One who would force a form of politicized extremist Islam upon all others and would destroy all other forms of social, cultural, financial or political organization.[1]

Muta: A temporary marriage lasting for a period of hours to years.

INTRODUCTION: Temporary or Muta Marriages

The Imam of Jaffari Mosque (a known Khomeneist Islamacist) publically advocates that muta or temporary marriages are permissible. He also openly advocates that sex with nine year old girls is permissible in the context of a ‘temporary marriage’[2] when performed by an Imam such as himself. This information is available in his book Marriages and Morals in Islam which was written while he was here in Canada.[3] The book can be seen HERE.

This belief is consistent with that of his Khomeneist masters in the theological city of Qom (largest madrassahs in Iran)[4] and Teheran, the capital of Iran.  Sex outside of marriage is considered haram (forbidden) in most forms of Islam, but sex for pleasure within a temporary marriage allows a ‘workaround’ and a technical exclusion as both persons involved were ‘married’ at the time.

The charging of fees in a mosque for temporary marriages for already married male congregants to local single, divorced or widowed women is considered a form of prostitution by some observers. It also raises the new question of the concept of ‘temporary bigamy’ and ‘temporary marriage’ under Canadian law.

Questions for Imam Rizvi and Other Khomeneists Imams in Canada

  1. Should a religious organization, operating as a Canada Revenue Agency approved charity, be allowed run a muta marriages for sexual satisfaction out of its premises? The Imam of the mosque in question believes, as do most Khomeneists, that the religious rulings pertaining to ‘temporary marriages’ supersede the Canadian Constitution, the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada.
  1. Which takes precedence in Canada: the beliefs of Khomeneists who recognize the jurist Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei as the Supreme Leader of Iran, or is it the Canadian Constitution, the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada?

PART ONE:   The Jaffari Mosque and Allegations of Muta Marriages (and Denials)

On 01 October 2015 in the early morning hours, the York Regional Police were observed at 9000 Bathurst Street, the location of the Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat, otherwise known as the Thornhill Mosque or the Jaffari Mosque. The response consisted of multiple police vehicles and police personnel, along with at least one person detained and driven away in the back of a police car.

A passing individual, noting the size of the police presence, believed that a raid of the mosque was in progress. A social media posting noted “A mosque in Thornhill Ontario Canada just got raided by the RCMP please pray.” (posting at 0517 AM Twitter) Other witnesses suggest the police presence was York Regional Police and not RCMP.[5]  It was not a raid, according to others, but allegedly a response to a complaint. In a 29 December 2015 statement about the events of 01 October 2015, the York Regional Police responded that they were using the mosque parking lots to “stage their police vehicles” and that the “call for service was not in relation to the Jaffari centre. As it turned out when officers attended the residence where the incident occurred, one man was arrested on an unrelated warrant.”[6] (Witnesses have a different view, but this cannot be confirmed one way or the other at this time).

The next day, another individual with direct connections to the mosque noted that there were still two police cars on the premises. Witnesses also suggest that a police presence was seen again at the mosque at a date following both of these sightings.

An Ontario Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) called the York Regional Police on the day of the events in question to inquire as to why the police been called to the Jaffari Mosque located at 9000 Bathurst Street in Thornhill, Toronto. To the surprise of the MPP, the response was that the York Regional Police had not been there.

A vehicle was burned in front of the mosque on (or about) 17 November 2015. The reasons for this event are not publicly available as of this time.

On 28th December 2015, the mosque held a large event. The mosque itself asked for a police presence. Why the request was made is not clear. No incidents are known to have occurred.

On the evening of 29 December 2015, another police related event occurred when approximately six police cars and a canine unit were at the mosque. Officers on scene were not forthcoming as to the reason for their presence, although they did ask the local citizens to stay off the mosque parking lot area so as not to contaminate the scene for the search dog. A suspicious person and/or object is believed to have been the reason for the police presence.

The Allegations

Of note, no one at the mosque is publically discussing the events nor have any public statements been made. Mosque insiders say they have met a virtual wall of silence when asking about the events. There have been no claims about ‘Islamophobia’ concerning the perceived need for the mosque to ask for a police presence/protection. Nor have any claims of Islamophobia been made concerning the need for a police response to the unidentified object that was found on 29 December 2015.

This suggests that the problems are either internal to the mosque itself or part of an intra-Islamacist dispute and threat.

According to insiders, the mosque is alleged by married female congregants to be involved in the practice of performing ‘temporary marriages.’ The women getting ‘married’ are thought to be primarily single, divorced or widowed women who live in low cost row housing owned by the mosque. It is believed that the women involved are in their twenties to perhaps their early forties. The men involved are alleged to be primarily married men from the congregation. No checks are made as to the existing marital status of the man or woman involved at the time of the ‘marriage.’ The married women are apparently unhappy with the muta marriages, seen by them as a form of religious or theocratic cover for prostitution.

The housing units were the single women live are at the Jaffari Islamic House.  This housing development is also known as ‘Crescent Village.’ It consists of about 140 row houses plus another ~40 smaller units or garden flats.

The cost for a contract for a muta marriage is alleged to be between $250 and $500, depending on the woman involved and the terms of the verbal ‘contract.’ Contacts of this nature can be for a period of hours, days or up to a few weeks. The money changing hands for payment to the woman is called ‘mahr.’

Muta Marriages and a Handful of Dates

The concept of a temporary marriage in Islam has been contentious from the outset. While some early followers of Islam practiced muta and accepted it as a legal exercise, others have repeatedly disagreed. Shia scholars have often approved of it while Sunni scholars had generally ruled the practice as haram (forbidden). The practice is still seen among some Sunnis in Jordan and it may be gaining wider acceptance now in Saudi Arabia as a more theocratic and Islamacist view grows there. While muta was banned by President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, it appears to be making a comeback there as well, mainly, but not exclusively, in Shia communities.[7]

Under the ‘new’ interpretation of the Shia mullahs under Ayatollah Khomeini following the 1979 Iranian revolution, the practice of muta re-emerged and has gained a considerable following. In Iran, claims were made for a time that there was no prostitution under the Khomeneist government. However, even the government of Iran eventually gave up on the claims as it was obvious that prostitution was becoming a larger problem on Iran as the practice of muta spread and was seen to be managed and approved by Imams operating out of Shia mosques. The religious cities of Qom and Mashad are (in)famous for their role in these practices.[8]

The muta marriage is performed for a fee by an Imam. The fee appears to go the Imam and the mosque, in much the same way as any other funeral or marriage ceremony would do. There is no minimum or maximum time period involved for a mutah marriage. [9] Seperately, the mahr money goes to the woman involved.

The National Public Radio network did a 2010 report on muta marriage process and how it was being used to exploit poor women by forcing or leading them into muta marriages and prostitution. In the report, they note:

Aqil al Shammari is a religious scholar who works with a handful of leading figures in Iraq’s Shiite community. He explains that muta’a marriage goes all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad, who once told his traveling companions they could purchase a wife with a handful of dates if they were away from their regular wives.[10]

Muta is also making a revival in the United Kingdom according to a 2013 BBC report[11] and others.[12]

The practice of muta is also making itself known in a number of other mosques in Ontario, particularly in the GTA. The practice appears to be occurring in at least three Sunni mosques.

The Imam of the Jaffari Mosque

The Iman of the Jaffair Mosque is Moulana[13] Sayyid Muhhamad Rizvi, generally known as Imam Rizvi. In addition to filling the role of Imam, he is also an ‘Alim’ or a resident scholar.[14]

Educated in the city of Qom, he is an open supporter of the Iranian Khomeneists and is seen as an agent of the Government of Iran and the Khomeneists (arguably one and the same).[15]

Imam Rizvi believes that the Khomeinist interpretation of Shia Islam is to take precedence over all matters including those which are personal, social, economic and political. He is, in short, an Islamacist Supremacist.[16]

Imam Rizvi makes it clear in his own book what he believes about muta marriages. He has stated that if an individualfinds it difficult to control his or her sexual desire, then the only way to fulfill the sexual desire is mut’a.” He continues this by saying: “I cannot overemphasize the temporary nature of mut’a. The message of Islam is quite clear: marry on a permanent basis; if that is not possible, then adopt temporary abstinence; if that is not possible, only then use the mut’a marriage.”[17] (Emphasis added)

Imam Rizvi also believes and openly advocates that sex with nine year old girls[18] is acceptable, as long as it occurs within muta (temporary) or da’im (permanent) marriage. Permanent marriage is preferred, but sex with girls within the concept of a temporary marriage is permissible. This would appear to be sanctioning pedophilia and statutory rape, despite Canadian laws against under age marriages and forcing underage females to have sex.

Imam Rizvi’s view of sex with nine year old girls being permissible is not an exception. His views are generally in line with the view of the Khomeneists in Iran and wherever Khomeneist beliefs exist.

Imam Rizvi also approves of consanguineous marriages between first cousins.

The Jaffari Mosque Expansion Program

The Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto (the Jaffari Mosque) has its primary location at 9000 Bathurst Street in the City of Vaughan. It has had a presence there since the early 1970s.

The mosque has also been in the news, often in a negative manner, over its proposed expansion project. The ambitious project proposed by the Jaffari Mosque is raising questions about the intent, funding and the political/religious ideology behind this project.

The Jaffari mosque has a series of charities related to its address. The main one (the mosque/school/compound itself) is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. (CRA charity registration number 107516171RR0001, first issued in 1972.) As such, rules about disclosure of funding sources apply. The expansion project at the mosque also involves the MP Charitable Trust which is registered in both Canada and the UK.   (MP Charitable Foundation: CRA # 880170014RR0001 of 120 Finch Ave West, Suite 710, North York, ON M3J 3K6). It is this charity that appears most closely connected to the expansion project.

A third charity registered at the same address is NASIMCO, which has alleged problems of its own.[19]

NASIMCO is the North American Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities Organization. It was registered as a Canada Revenue Agency charity in 1987 with the registration number 119069870RR0001. NASIMCO’s contact information is listed as 9000 Bathurst St, Thornhill, ON L4J 8A7, with the business phone number of 905-763-7512. The Honorary Treasurer is Syed Imtiaz Naqvi, whose name appears in the CRA listing of directors. This is the same address as the Jaffari Mosque.

Concerns have been raised about the overall financing for the project. The costs of the current proposed expansion will run well past $150 million. The Jaffari Community centre that was opened in 2009 was believed to have cost approximately $30 million. It is not clear where any of this money has come from, including the 9.6 million dollar debt that was paid off after the centre opened. Neither the Jaffari Mosque nor the developers have explained the financing or the costs. A previous project at the site was left in a state of partial completion for 10 years (now completed) when there was a financing failure. This does not seem to be a concern now.

As noted in the Toronto Star, hundreds of residents appeared at Vaughan City Hall to speak out on the Jaffari mosque expansion project in early 2014.[20]

The concern appears to be based on three primary issues:

  1. A school run by the mosque was shut down after a police-led hate propaganda investigation, due in part to the Iranian-produced teaching materials used at the school. There are concerns that the school at the Jaffari site will share a similarly problematic curriculum given the on-going influence of the Iranian based Khomeneist influence. A weekend school in Ottawa was also closed after it was discovered using Iran based text books.[21]
  1. A current expansion plan consists of two 17 story apartment blocks with 520 units as well as some 61 row house units and other associated facilities. One public fear (seemingly well founded based on statements by the mosque president) is that the facility and housing will be a “Shia Khomeneist Muslims only” facility or a NO GO zone for non-Muslims. The project is being referred to as the “Muslim residential compound.”[22
  2. The source of the funding for the project is not clear, even though costs will likely exceed $150 million. There are suspicions that the money is coming from sources abroad given the lack of funding information available to the public, the Imam’s connections to Iran and a history of accounting problems at the mosque even though their board of directors features several individuals with extensive national and international financial experience.

This mosque and its associated building program have already caused significant interest in the local community and in the national media. Recent media stories from 2012 to 2014 have included:

  1. “Muslim condo complex in Thornhill sparks heated debate”[23] (February 5th 2014)
  2. “Community backlash builds over a Thornhill development”[24] (February 3rd 2014)
  3. “Thousands sign petition opposing proposed Thornhill condos”[25] (February 4th 2014)
  4. “Police investigating Islamic school over curriculum comparing Jews to Nazis”[26] (May 7th 2012)
  5. “Madrassah booted from Toronto school pending hate probe”[27] (May 16th 2012)


The Hate Crimes Investigation on Khomenist Islamacists Books and a Second Complaint

The East End Madrassa was located at the David and Mary Thomson Collegiate and was run as part of the Jaffari Mosque organization.[28] The school was founded in 1973 and had over 400 students at the time of the investigation. Throughout its early years, there appear to have been no major complaints or issues within the larger Thornhill/Vaughan community.

In 2012, the school was accused of inappropriate teachings advocated through Iranian-provided Islamacist material, and the York Regional Police investigated it for hate propaganda issues.[29]  The school and the Madrassa are connected by common staff, common emails, and common physical addresses. Moreover, the mosque itself said that it was their school.

The school principle (falsely) stated that the teaching material did not come from Iran:

“The EEM [East End Madrassah] has been renting space from the TDSB for 38 years (since 1974), and as the TDSB itself has noted, it has been an entirely positive relationship and we have never had any issues previously. We have more than 400 students from 265 families enrolled in our classes, with the age range from 5 to 17 years of age. The curriculum is now under a comprehensive review and I can also confirm that the material at issue did NOT come from Iran.[30]

The Imam said the material was on the website without his knowledge or that of the principal. This would later also be shown to be false. As described in the press:

“The chief Imam of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto, the EEM school’s parent organization, said late Tuesday that the offensive content came from information taken from two websites without the permission of the “scholars” designing the school’s lesson plans.”

Police held Principal Masuma Jessa and Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi responsible. “As leaders in their respective roles the two must accept responsibility for failing to appropriately screen the learning material. Although not held criminally responsible, the complaint has raised a legitimate concern and has prompted change.

But police traced the most contentious passages to books published by the Al Balagh Foundation in Iran and the Mostazafan Foundation of New York, an alleged front for the Iranian regime.”[31]

The curriculum also stated that girls were instead to stick to “hobbies” that prepare them to become wives and mothers.[32]

The statements that the material did not come from Iran were shown to be false by the police investigation.  The materials came from both Iran (Al Balagh Foundation) and from the Mostazafan Foundation of New York, which is identified as an arm of the Iranian government.[33]

Most significantly, it is clear that the school knew the material was in the curriculum as they had a homework checking sheet that was sent home for parents to confirm the students were reading the material.

The school in question was suddenly closed and the case appears to have been dropped with no charges.

In the fall of 2014, a second complaint was made to the York Regional Police on the Jaffari Mosque and one of its schools. The nature of the complaint was essentially the same as the first in that the school was using foreign based learning materials and hateful ideas. To date, no response has been come from the York Regional Police.

PART TWO: The Government of Iran and Divine Right

The Imam and resident Alim[34] of the mosque, Muhammad Rizvi, is a follower and outright supporter/agent of the late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. When Khomeini overthrew the government of Iran in 1979, he began to enforce his intolerant and exclusionary political concept of Velayat-e-Faqih. This translates roughly into the Guardianship of the Jurists[35] which creates a theocratic dictatorship controlled at the top by individuals chosen for their hard-core interpretation of a Khomeneist/Shia inspired Sharia Law.

According to the Constitution of Iran, the Supreme Leader (currently Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei) is God’s (Allah’s) own representative on earth and holds that position until the 12th Imam arrives on earth and establishes his power. In other words, the Supreme Leader of Iran rules though the principle of Divine Right. As such, for an Iranian to challenge a government policy is to challenge the word of God (Allah) himself. It is not a surprise that Human Rights Watch and others say that the human rights situation in Iran is “dire.” Under the rule of the Ayatollahs:

Iranian women confront serious discrimination on issues such as marriage, divorce, and child custody. Women have been sent to jail for publicly speaking out in favor of equal rights for women.[36]

They further add:

Across the board, Iran’s human rights situation is dire. It’s hard to say what tops the list of abuses, but there are severe restrictions on free speech in Iran. Iran is one of the world’s biggest jailers of journalists, bloggers and social media activists.[37]

Also according to the Iran Human Rights Review, the Ayatollah Khomeini began to speak out against the rights of women as far back as the 1960s. He believed that modern women were influenced by Zionist and Western imperialist ambitions. Once in power following the 1979 Revolution, he began to crush any rights held by women including the following actions:

  • On 26.2.1979 Khomeini abolished the Family Protection Act established in 1967.
  • On 3.3.1979 Khomeini declared that women can no longer work as judges.
  • On 6.3.1979 Khomeini declared that women must observe Islamic hijab laws.
  • On 8.3.1979 Iranian women who demonstrated against the Islamic laws of hijab were met with violence.
  • On 29.3.1979 Khomeini declared that men and women are not allowed to walk together on beaches and in sports arenas. A new system of gender segregation was soon introduced.
  • Women were regularly harassed when full hijab laws were not observed.
  • In 1983, the Iranian Parliament adopted the Islamic penal code, under which women who fail to observe hijab laws face punishment such as public lashing.[38]


III.   PART THREE: The Generalized Abuse of Women by Islamacists in Canada

Beating women is a sign of love and concern for them.”

Anywhere an Islamacist view exists, there follows the generalized abuse of women. This is a common (if under reported) problem in Canada. Women, in extremist Islam, have few to no rights.

In the Islamacist world, it is often stated that men and women are equal. This is, of course, a bald faced misrepresentation based on a mental sleight of hand. Men and women are believed to be judged equally before Allah, however in every other facet of life below Allah and the final judgement, Islamacists degrade and oppress women in every form imaginable.

For instance, the York University Muslim Student Association handed out a books at its 2015 “Islam Awareness Week.” One of the books has a section on Wife Disciplining and advises that wives should only be beaten as part of a three stage correctional process. It also notes that there are different kinds of women, including the view that:

Submissive or subdued women. These women may even enjoy being beaten at times as a sign of love and concern.

Other recent Canadian examples include:

In Halifax Nova Scotia, a website maintained by Dr Jamal Badawi maintains that wife beating is permissible, given that the rules for it are followed. Dr Badawi is of particular interest as the Muslim Brotherhood has openly identified him as a leading figure and educator in the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

In Laval Quebec, so-called ‘Sheikh’ Ahmed Abdul Kader Kandil has stated that “Allah chose the husband as the only leader of the family and his wife must obey and serve him. The man takes decisions based on reason, and the woman takes decisions based on her emotions.”

In Montreal Quebec, Imam Hussein Amer, has stated that “beating [women] in Islam is a type of education.

In Mississauga, which has also been the scene of multiple Hizb ut-Tahrir conferences, the Mississauga Halal Food Fest in 2014 had a book titled “Rulings Pertaining to Muslim Women.” This book has some interesting views including “Among the rights of a husband upon his wife is that she looks after his house and does not go outside unless she has his permission. She does the housework and does not force him to employ a maid. It is obligatory upon the Muslim Woman to obey her husband.”

In Brampton Ontario, Omar Subedar of the Makki Masjid says that: “Allah has permitted the husband to discipline his wife by striking her.”

In Calgary, Alberta, Abdi Hersy is the Imam of Abu Bakr Musallah. He is wanted in the US on sexual assault charges. His view is as follows:

“The husband has many rights on his wife… first and foremost, she has to obey you. She has to obey you, ok. He comes with the orders. You have to give orders and she has to obey you. She cannot leave the house without his permission. You have to choose either Allah or Canada. Canada is a feminine country. So ladies, the other thing that I want you to quit from your life is feminism.”

So called feminists, especially those who might be identified as third or fourth wave, have prostituted their values and bowed down before the male dominated agenda of the Islamacists. When the statement is made that women can be beaten because it is a sign of love and concern for them, they remain silent.

This is not just a feminist problem. So-called ‘progressives’ (regressive left) appear to believe that far more important to maintain the façade of political correctness and cultural relativism than it is to admit that multiculturalism is failing as women are degraded, raped, mutilated and killed. Canada is no exception to this.

PART FOUR:   Community Suppression on the Reporting Abuse (The Rotherham Rapes  in the UK)

“Political Correctness, Community Balance and Criminal Cover-ups”

The degree to which community leadership figures such as feminists, mayors, city councilors, police and Members of Parliament will exist in a culture of denial while suppressing reports on criminal activity to maintain ‘community balance’ cannot be underestimated in any country.

The Jay Report in the United Kingdom (August 2014), detailed how a wide variety of officials in the City of Rotherham deliberately covered up the grooming and mass rape of girls in order to avoid issues of racism and political correctness. The report, which was accepted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom[39] even details how one individual who attempted to address the mass rapes was sidelined, threatened with dismissal and sent on a two-day ethnicity and diversity course.[40]

In the Rotherham, between 1997 and 2013, a conservative estimate suggests that 1,400 primarily white girls between the ages of eleven and fourteen[41] (but some as young as nine[42]) were groomed[43] in Rotherham and then “raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated.”[44] The perpetrators of the institutionalized abuse of the girls were, as the official report noted, were primarily Pakistani-Kashmiri Muslim men. The fact that 1400 girls could be forced into sexual slavery in a British town of 257,280 while no one noticed belies belief.

As it turns out, a variety of civic officials, town councilors and a Member of Parliament had been aware for years of the abuse, but had remained silent or punished those who spoke out. It also noted that the three of the previous inquiries from 2002, 2003 and 2009 had found similar issues, but those reports were “effectively suppressed.”[45] One researcher who reported the rapes faced hostility from the city council and her records and information were stolen and destroyed by an unknown person who also likely worked for the council.[46]

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, blamed the failure of the authorities in Rotherham on “institutionalised political correctness.”[47] The Victims’ Commissioner, Louise Casey, followed up with a report that stated “misplaced political correctness” and “combined with a staggering culture of denial” allowed more than 1,400 vulnerable girls to be routinely abused. “Some councilors have not lived up to the high standards expected of those in public life or their positions of responsibility.”

Ms Casey further wrote: “The issue of race is contentious, with staff and members lacking the confidence to tackle difficult issues for fear of being seen as racist or upsetting community cohesion.”[48] The Jay Report notes that there was a known deep-rooted problem of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls. Ironically, when a city councilor of Pakistani heritage wanted to tackle the issue head on, he was over ruled by the other largely white, Labour Party councilors.[49]

In short, in can be seen that a culture of political correctness, denial and cultural relativism led the officials responsible to abdicate their responsibilities in order to believe that:

  1. Ignoring the law and allowing the grooming and follow-on rapes of 1400 girls between the age of 11 and 14 is acceptable.
  1. Identifying the rapists of 1400 girls is unacceptable if it violates their own self-imposed codes of political correctness and community balance.

A society that allows foreign individuals and values to rape locally born children is the exact opposite of a Westphalian state and a civil society. When political correctness outranks the human rights of 11 year old girls, the society is sick and in decay.

PART FIVE: Conclusions and Questions

The issue of muta marriages and sex with nine year old girls raises legal, political and cultural questions for Canada. Do we need to accept these practices because ‘all cultures are equal’ and we have to respect ‘freedom of religion?’ Or does Canada at some point say that the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada take precedence?

In the short term, there are several issues that need to be raised:

  1. The Canada Revenue Agency needs to review its practices to see if running muta marriages out of the premises of a charity truly meets the definition of charity.
  1. The Government of Canada needs to examine the issue of marriage (Section 91-26 of the Constitution Act) and address the issue of whether temporary marriages for the purposes of sexual gratification constitute a lawful practice.
  1. The Province of Ontario needs to re-examine rules concerning the solemnization of marriages. Is it acceptable for a religious institutions to charge fees for temporary marriages for the purposes of sexual gratification?
  1. The Government of Canada needs to address the issue raised by Imam Rizvi in his book on marriages and morals. Is it an acceptable idea for girls of the age of nine to be contracted out for temporary or permanent marriages?
  1. The Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada need to address the issues of temporary marriages and the resulting issue of “temporary bigamy.” Are these legally acceptable practices?


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Vehicle fire in front of the Jaffari Mosque.

Poster advertising Imam Rizvi’s speech at Carleton University.

Police at mosque, 29 December 2015, Photo from cijnews.com

Damage to street from vehicle fire in front of mosque.

York University Muslim Student Association handing out book that has a section on wife disciplining. Feb 2015.

This book advocates that beating women sometimes shows a sign of “love and concern” for them.