Panagal museum - now open to thieves, vandals

THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 22,2016 , 02:54 AM IST

Nalgonda: The Archaeology Museum at Panagal housing rare antiques has become vulnerable for thefts. The two sides of the museum are bereft of compound wall while the other two sides have low-level wall making it easy for vandals to enter the museum.

Of the prehistoric collections some of the black stone antiques have been placed on pedestals in a garden in front of the museum building and some have been left on the ground.In a shocking incident, an idol of Lord Ganesha, which was placed on a pedestal in the premises of museum, was stolen in 2013. 

Till now the precious idol has not been traced. Assistant Director of Museum Nagaraju said a complaint was lodged at Nalgonda II Town police station and the case was under investigation. With regard to the boundary wall, he said proposal for sanction of funds was pending with the government.

The museum, which was inaugurated in the premises of prominent Pachalla Someshwara Temple on February 13 1992, has valuable antiques. Most of the antiques were unearthed during excavations in Rachakonda, Pillalamarri, Yelleshwarm, Panigiri, Vardamankota and Panagal villages of Nalgonda. A visual fare of sculptures, pre-historic tools, modern art, coins, bronze articles, terracotta epigraphs, arms and weapons awaits visitors.

The hall has statues of sculptures of Ikshvaku dynasty. Some of Shiva lingas kept in the museum were gathered from Yeleshwaram village, which was a submerged area of Nagarjunasagar dam. Even though the gallery has the best unearthed collections, officials have failed to promote the museum. Only a few visitors come on weekends and during festivals. Even after two decades of its existence, majority of the school and college students of Nalgonda town and district do not know about Panagal museum.

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