Supporting effective communication and group process

We start by listening - and a little bit of probing - to understand our clients' goals. We continue listening in your working/learning session:  we record key ideas, capture details, and synthesize themes and patterns on a broad canvas that becomes a practical artifact and reference tool for further discussion. After all, once you turn the page on the flipchart, does anyone remember what was written there? The large-canvas visual record creates a bridge for the meeting content as ideas evolve and build.  

Continuous, real-time visual recording helps ensure that participants agree on the content of the conversation. Everyone sees the same ideas, information and decisions at the same time:  every participant is literally on the same page. The very large graphic establishes a unique visual perspective within the context of the meeting, reflecting the process the group is experiencing back to the participants. 

"She literally brought the conversations and seminars alive and provided a lasting reminder of the event." - Anne Moyer, Quality Manager, Monsanto

Visual facilitation and graphic recording are highly effective tools for:

  • Strategic visioning and goal alignment
  • Process change initiatives
  • Community, team and trust building
  • Internal training
  • Visual planning and mapping
  • History/journey/storytelling murals
  • Culture and organizational change facilitation
  • Brainstorming and generative sessions
  • World Cafe conversations 
  • Keynote illustration
  • Meeting/conference creative design
  • Key message murals and custom chart work