The Rebbe's Prophecy

  • Many times during farbrengens the Rebbe emphatically stated that Moshiach should arrive before tefilas mincho. When the Rebbe did daven mincho Yudel Krinsky was always present in the shul, proving without a doubt that Yudel is Moshiach.

  • Once, during dollars, the Rebbe was presented with a tambourine decorated for Moshiach. The Rebbe accepted the tambourine saying that he would give it to Moshiach when he comes. The Rebbe later gave the tambourine to Yudel.

  • The Rebbe said countless times that Moshiach would come in dor shevi'i; Yudel is dor shevi'i to the mittler Rebbe. Based on the Rebbe's repeated prophecy, Yudel must be Moshiach.

  • In Sefer ha-Sichos 5749 vol. 1, page 123, footnote 97, the Rebbe wrote: "And since according to all the simonim the time of the redemption has arrived it must be concluded that Moshiach has already been born." At the time this was written Yudel had already been born; there can be no doubt that the Rebbe is referring to him.

  • In Likutei Sichos vol. 26, p. 7, the Rebbe writes that the neshomo of Moshe Rabbeinu is incarnated in the "chachmei ha-dor einei ho-eido"
    in each generation, clearly referring to the board of Agudas Chasidei Chabad, the "sages of the age eyes of the community" set up by the Rebbe to guide Lubavitch. Its leader, Yudel, is the ultimate manifestation of this soul, as the Rebbe continues, "...and specifically in the nesi ha-dor, as 'ein dor she-ein bo ke-moshe' ('there is no generation without a Moshe figure'), there must be a 'Moshe' in every generation in whom the soul of Moshe is incarnated." Here the Rebbe emphatically shows that Yudel is the Nosi and Moshe incarnate of the generation, and it is well known that just as Moshe was the initial redeemer so too Moshe's incarnate will be the final redeemer.



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