Djokovic and Nadal Into Second Round While Dimitrov Loses in Paris

  • Djokovic and Nadal First Rounds

Hello, everyone. Today was the first day that Djokovic and Nadal were in action and they both had straight set wins as expected. Nadal won 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 against French teen Halys while the Djoker defeated tour veteran Nieminen 6-2, 7-5, 6-2. I watched some of both matches and it was about what you would have expected. Nadal was not entirely convincing, but Halys was playing pretty decent in what I’m sure was his first slam. As for the Djoker, he was down 4-1 in the second set after some very good tennis from Nieminen.

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I left at that point thinking the Djoker may actually drop a set, but true to his recent form he was in no mood to do so and only dropped one more game in the set. So in the end it was pretty positive starts for the two main favorites I guess but I would say much more so for the Djoker. But that is also expected as the Djoker is the favorite to win the title. Nadal a couple of years ago would have had a much more routine win over Halys. One can’t forget that this is only first round though and that Nadal can still improve.

He will need to because his next match is against Almagro, and although I don’t see much of a chance for Almagro, he has beaten Nadal on clay two years ago and who knows what can happen.

  • Upsets So Far

So far, five seeds have fallen namely Mannarino, Lopez, Garcia-Lopez, Karlovic, and Dimitrov. Dimitrov was the big upset today as he lost 7-6(7), 6-2, 6-3 to Sock. I’m not sure how Dimitrov is still ranked as high as he is with all his poor results, but he has a semi to defend at Wimbledon so he will probably tumble down the rankings after that. He is quite a big disappointment these days and in my opinion he seriously needs to think about getting rid of his coach Rasheed if he wants to stop the downward spiral.


The loss to Sock doesn’t surprise me in the least, and I never thought Dimitrov was going to go far enough to meet Nadal, never mind trouble him. Only the first set was close. After that, Sock hit him off the court. As for Sock, his game has actually grown on me after I initially didn’t think much of him. He has a big forehand and serve and it will be interesting to see how far he can go here. His game looks pretty good for clay with his big topspin forehand which is unusual for Americans.

Maybe in Sock America finally has a promising new youngster coming up again.

  • The Rising Stars

Other than Sock, the rising stars of the game Thiem, Kyrgios, Kokinakis, and Coric all won their first round matches. It looks like Kyrgios will meet Murray in the third round which could get interesting. Coric had a win over Querrey and now plays Robredo. As for Thiem, he defeated Bedene in four sets after double-faulting on match point at 6-4 in the tie-break, exactly the way he did against Isner in Nice. But this time he wasn’t so lucky and he lost the set. He should have won in straight sets and Cuevas will be tough.


But yeah, I’m hoping he can defeat Cuevas because that would be another great win and improve his result in Paris from last year.

  • My Picks For Tomorrow’s Matches

Tomorrow Roger will be back in action which I’m sure Fedfans are delighted about when he plays against Granollers. Granollers hasn’t done much of late so I’m not overly excited about that match. Roger should win in straight sets if he keeps up his recent clay court form. For me, the match of the day will be between Thiem and Cuevas. Then there is also Nishikori against Belucci who has been playing well of late and just won the title in Geneva. So those are pretty much the matches I will keep and eye on, but there are several other matches which will produce good tennis.

Happy viewing!

  • Highlights

The is in your court.

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  1. Hey, Ru-an. When I read your blog, I discovered that Dimitrov had lost and I wasn’t so surprised. He’s been a joke really and such a disappointment. He needs to get rid of his coach and improve vastly. I feel that he’s deteriorated since last year for sure…

    Anyway, regarding Roger I’ll watch each match and we’ll see. I just don’t know with him. Some days he beats opponents to which he should be losing to and then he loses to people he should be beating. So I suppose predictions are out of the window for the time being.

    On paper he should make the final. Let’s hope he does… ;-)

  2. Hey all, just wanted to make a comment about the outfits. I actually loved Rafa’s blue outfit. It was fresh. Novak also has a good one with the dark orange. Andy REALLY should think about other colors than black and yellow. It is becoming very old and very very boring. He needs more color outfits. Ofcourse Berdych is the showstopper with his outfit !!!
    Roger’s outfit looks good, but there are sooooo many others wearing pink and purple, he doesn’t stand out, which he should !!! I have noticed since 2014 that Rafa has some great outfits…. Nike… are you making a statement??

    And Dimi… Well what to say. Just like Sloane Stephens, Genie Bouchard and more male players, he was hyped up and look now… losing a lot…. I do agree Ru-an that he should think about another coach or… maybe add someone else??

    And what is it with these new teenagers like Halys?? The guy is 18 years old. Playing for the first time at centre court RG against the God of clay and…. he was NOT scared or impressed with Rafa !!! He was actually competing against him. I thought he might crumple a litlle bit and lose the first set with a bagel, but he was playing really great.

    And last, can someone please answer this. Cuevas has now played twice against Roger. Both times his playing style reminded me of Roger. Is that so??

    Ru-an Reply:

    Yes, it is indeed true that both times Cuevas’ playing style reminded you of Roger :-j Ok just messing with you Katyani. I would say no, he doesn’t play much like Roger. But you may find someone who disagrees with me.

    Ajay Reply:

    I agree with Ruan his style doesn’t really remind me of Roger’s. Looks like a typical South American style with an extreme grip.

    Ru-an Reply:

    Yeah, just a typical dirt baller Ajay. Quite the opposite from Roger actually.

    Katyani Reply:

    Haha Ru-an, my guy (Cuevas) just beat your guy (Thiem) :-P
    Maybe some Roger influences?? No seriously, Roger won his match today, but…. he was not in the mood to win quickly :-) Some great points though from both. Also Thiem is such a good player, he will be back on grass.

    Hey Ajay, Cuevas and Roger have different styles, but to me… some shots reminded me of Roger…..

    Cuevas plays Monfils next…. ai ai ai. That is where it ends for my guy I think :-(

    Ru-an Reply:

    Didn’t know Cuevas was your guy. Congrats. I was disappointed with Thiem today. He choked heavily in the first set tie-break again after being two mini-breaks up and serving a DF at 6-5. It’s also the third time in his last 4 matches that he’s done that, so I’m starting to have serious doubts about his mental fortitude. But at least he’s into the top 30 for the first time at the end of the clay court season so not too bad I guess.

  3. Ps Ru-an, I am also loving the emoticons :-)

    Ru-an Reply:

    :-bd \\m/

    Vily Reply:

    Overall, again a good performance by Roger, in the sense that he didn’t allow it to go to 4 sets.

    From what I’ve read, the conditions are quite slow and heavy, but the key – LOW bouncing. That has to be a positive. He’s striking both his forehand and backhand well.

    We’ll see… Still plenty of matches remaining. Curious to see who’ll win between Monfils and Cuevas. The fact that Monfils had to go through 4 sets and then 5 sets today is good for Roger because he’ll have little left.

    But we’ll see!!

    Krish Reply:

    I’d also say that Lenglen is generally a fair bit slower than Chatrier. I get the feeling that it is unusually slow this year and that kind of makes sense when you see how frustrated some of the guys get on that court. Roger played well overall today, but probably had less momentum during points as the ball wasn’t really travelling fast enough to hit outright winners on most shots. Same with Granollers. Even Nadal in the past has performed OK-ish on Lenglen. One person I think it would suit is Djokovic

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