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Woodford County was created along its current boundaries when established in February 1841. However, the names of various counties in the region changed frequently and irregularly during pioneer years.  The Eastern portion of Woodford County was known variously as Edwards (1814-16), Crawford (1816-19), Clark (1819-21), and Fayette (1821-25) Counties, while the Western part of today’s county was included in Madison (1814-17), Bond (1817-21), and Sangamon (1821-25) Counties.  In 1827 new Woodward boundaries were drawn when Tazewell County was established, including all of today’s Woodford County [then] within its boundaries.

In the 2010 census, it had a population of 38,664. Its county seat is Eureka.  http://www.eurekaillinois.net


Tazewell County Clerk

County Board meets third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm – 309-467-79373 – Chairman Shannon Rocke < cntyclk@woodford-county.org >

The County Board sent a letter to Aaron Shock requesting Special Election expenses reimbursement of $125,000.

Candidate Connor Vlakancic appointment date to present his candidate credentials to be determined and posted here…


202 S. Main Street, Eureka 61530 – 309/467-2922 – http://www.eurekapl.org

See public activity events schedule to be posted here…


See public activity events schedule to be posted here…


YOU can volunteer to be County Coordinator, providing events and activity list and dates and weblink.

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