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How to accept payment online?

Ben Cheng
posted this on March 23, 2010, 16:37

How to Accept Credit Card Payment Online?

PandaForm is integrated with Paypal payment gateway, which provides you with an easy way to accept credit card payment online.

In order to accept payment, you must have a Paypal account. To sign up, go to paypal's website and choose one of paypal's accounts. It is recommended that you choose the "Premier" or "Business" option, which will enable your customers to pay with credit card directly without logging in or signing up for Paypal account.

To start collecting payment with your freshly created form, go to the "Payment" option under form editing mode. After you check the "Enable" option, you can continue with the remaining settings. Since Paypal uses your email address to match your Paypal account, enter the email address registered with your Paypal account for "Recipient Account".



How to set the price?

If you are only going to charge your customer a fixed amount, input the fixed value on "Fixed Amount". However, in many cases, you may need to charge your customers based on a variable scheme according to the customer's choices on the form. For example, the prices of an item may vary by size, or it may cost more if additional options, such as earphones for a music player, are selected.


For those cases, you can use the values retrieved from fields on the form as reference to set the "Variable Amount". By adding one or more "Variable Amount", your customers will be charged with the total amount calculated based on the choices they select for the fields used as reference in addition to the "Fixed Amount"


How does it work for customers?

When the payment option is enabled, the customer will be re-directed to an external page hosted by Paypal to complete the payment after the submit button is hit. Here, customers can fill out their credit card information and submit the payment, which will then be deposited to the Paypal account inputted on "Recipient Account" in Payment settings.


If you are using "Personal" Paypal account (instead of "Premier" or "Business" account), your customers will be asked to create a new Paypal account or log-in with their existing accounts before they can pay with credit card.