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The tiny, fast, and portable CIFS-Suite.

This page is used as documentation for the Samba-TNG project. Samba-TNG stands for Samba - The Next Generation. It was founded 2000 as a fork of Samba Classic.

Note: The wiki has been spammed a lot. So we closed it mostly. If you want to contribute some real stuff to it, please contact Elrond. Either by irc on freenode or via xmpp at elrond(at)jabber(dot)ccc(dot).de.

Wishlist for 0.6

Here you can put your wishes for the upcoming Samba-TNG.
(It should now work. If not, please leave a message in the forum)

0.5-RC1 released

After a long time we decided to finally create a release candidate.

You can find it here.
For the final release we will only consider important bug fixes. So please test the RC and let us know about your results.
Important changes can be found here.

Known issues:

  • Joining Vista works only by using the Wizard. The dialog way does not work. We worked with helpful people from the MS interop team to analyze the problem. We know the solution, but it requires heavy changes and we decided to adress them after 0.5.
  • Joining Windows 7 does not work at all. The solution for the previously mentioned issue will partly fix this.

Windows Vista

We search people who are willing to test patches for Samba-TNG ↔ Vista compatibility. Please leave a message in the Samba-TNG forum.