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Special election mess

Connor Vlakancic, 20+ years of US Federal political experience in Capital Hill, Washington, DC advocating pragmatic legislative initiatives as US Federal Government candidate from California and also as international electioneering Representative with the US Department of State, serving in East Central Europe, is launching his campaign to be the Independent unaffiliated US Representative from Illinois 18th Congressional District in the Special Election September 10, 2015.

Connor Vlakancic will be the 18th CD specifically to complete this current 114th Congress term.  He will encourage and support the potential candidates for US Representatives in next year’s regular scheduled Primary elections and the General election of November 2016.

Connor Vlakancic was born in Aurora, Kane County, stalwartly true Illinois Native Son.  His family first lived in Batavia – where is now the US Department of Energy, Fermilab particle physics laboratory.   He was raised in Hinckley,  DeKalb County (second cousin to an ear of corn) which is adjacent to Lee County where President Ronald Reagan was raised.  He has visited Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home in Dixon multiple times.

An Illinois political dilemma has fallen upon new Governor Bruce Rauner. Mr. Rauner was elected to define, articulate and achieve his pragmatic Illinois legislation program, but now complicated and consternated by facing the forced resignation of the US Representative, 18th Congressional District with the resulting Special Election for a replacement US Representative.

“I have learned a lot while living/working abroad as a USAID international elections observer in South East Europe. I have experienced first hand new countries peoples struggling to evolve from communism suppression thru socialist transition to democracy election systems to achieve pragmatic government.

With my 20+ years of pragmatic nonpartisan Capital Hill training and personal experience, coupled with my entrepreneurial Silicon Valley business development career experience, I will bring truly competent and enlightened leadership to your United States House of Representatives.

Governor Rauner campaigned to “shake-up Springfield”, with my election to finish the 114th Congress as your IL-US 18th Congressional District Representative, I offer to deliver a “Springfield earthquake”.” – Connor Vlakancic




During completing this 114th Congress term, I have a clear US Congressional Representative agenda that will:

  • 1. In this September 10th 2015 Special Election, NOW IS NOT the time to select a new entrenched US Representative. Rep. Connor Vlakancic will faithfully complete the current 114th Congress term during which he will support all potential 2016 candidates to come visit Capital Hill to learn what is frantic US Representative service

    The Front and Center Issue – A Special Election to resolve the exit of a US Representative is NOT THE TIME to elect a will-become-the-entrenched US Representative. Special Elections are always of a minimum voter participation and too often result that an unqualified local political administrator person or other local elected person who even was previously rejected by voters for US Congress, is elected because all other(s) campaign’s simply fall apart from inappropriateness. Illinois voters for US Congressional Representative must have a competently trained US Federal Representative candidate experienced with current working relationships on Capital Hill and previous US Representatives. Educated in Washington, DC in US Congress legislation process and ethical Congressional conduct, Vlakancic has been a candidate for US Representative and US Senator from California and authored three California Constitutional amendments.

    With candidate Connor Vlakancic’s specific commitment, limited to this one term, honorably complete this 114th Congressional Representative. He will support all potential 2016 candidates to come visit Capital Hill that they actually experience the rigors of frantic Washington, DC life. There, without a family and home to return to every day, like Illinois Senators and Representatives close to Springfield can, potential US Congress candidates will feel the strain of separation on a young family of children.

    That Governor Rauner can keep in place all of the aligned Illinois Senators and Representatives is critical vital for him to define the goals for a healthy vibrant Illinois economy and life for all. Here is the ‘special’ opportunity for 18th CD voters to draw a line in the sand to support Governor Rauner and the several incumbent Illinois Senators and Representatives who uphold their honor and dignity by their commitment to complete their existing November 2014 Illinois elected position.

    The closely related issue is Illinois’ General Assembly (Illinois Senators and Representatives) crafting and adopting clear statute electioneering legislation to provide military and traveling Illinois voters with election process that follows Federal electioneering provisions.

    Illinois has had special congressional elections three times in recent years in which voters faced the challenge to quickly examine the Special Election candidates qualifications.

    In late 2007, former Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert resigned about a year after the Democrats regained majority. In an upset, Democrat Bill Foster defeated Republican Jim Oberweis in the early 2008 Special Election and then held the seat in the November 2008 General Election.

    In late 2008, then-Democratic U.S. Rep. Emanuel resigned effective Jan. 2 to become Obama’s White House chief of staff. Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley emerged from a crowded Democratic primary and went on to win the general election in the 5th Congressional District in spring 2009.

    In late 2012, 2nd Congressional District, Democrat U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from Congress amid a federal probe. The Special Election defaulted to a Democrat candidate with no US Representative training or experience.

    Now before the end of 2015, voters should support Governor Rauner to solve what Governor Quinn did not bother himself with.

  • 2. US Representative District service in all 19 counties, providing resident regular access to 18th District staff in each and every county – not just in the three cities of Springfield, Peoria and Jacksonville

    All US Congressional Districts must provide support access for voters, and all residents, to seek resolution of their personal and family struggles when interfacing with US Government Executive Branch departments officials. In demographically dense population centers, such as in Chicago, the distance residents need travel to a Congressional District office may be as easy as just-around -the-corner. Currently, in the great expanse of Illinois US 18th CD, there are but three district office locations; Springfield, Peoria and Jacksonville which is a totally inadequate resident outreach infrastructure.


    “I will achieve a traveling US Congressional District outreach solution to provide every county with local access to your US 18th Congressional District office staff. As your US Representative, I will provide district office staff, on a consistent regular rotation schedule, to convene an official Congressional office at a county location – your largest county library, your county clerk office or your largest United States Post Office facility – to provide twice-a-month, your county local, US Congressional District staff office”. – Connor Vlakancic

  • 3. Illinois Election infrastructure – November 2014 email to Connor Vlakancic from Governor Rauner and his reply to Governor to achieve forever reducing Illinois taxpayers elections expenditures by 50% to 66%

    During November 2014 Connor Vlakancic was preparing to move to a new residence in Springfield area. He received and responded to Governor Rauner’s email seeking persons to apply for position appointments in his new Governor administration.

    Subject: Serve the people
    From:     “Bruce Rauner” <> (Preferred Sender)Date:      Mon, Nov 24, 2014 7:04 pm
    To:          “Connor Vlakancic” <>


    It’s hard to believe that nearly three weeks have already passed since Election Day, and we haven’t slowed down at all.

    We are now completely focused on our mission to bring back Illinois.

    Last week, we announced our transition website: . At the site, you can submit your ideas for making Illinois more compassionate and competitive and you can also apply to serve the people of Illinois.

    I hope everyone – Democrat, Republican or Independent – wants to get involved. We want to build a talented team of individuals who want nothing more than to serve the people of Illinois.

    Thank you in advance for your continued support as we work to turn around Illinois.

    Bruce Rauner


    Subject: submitting Connor Vlakancic’s ‘serve the people of Illinois’ application at

    From:     Connor Vlakancic < >
    Date:      Wed, Nov 26, 2014 1:03 am
    To:          Bruce Rauner Transition Committee <>


    Dear Governor Rauner,

    This message is to confirm my having sent you my introduction cover letter and political experience resume.

    I greatly look forward to supporting your new Illinois Governor administration.

    While I certainly fondly remember and reflect on my Native Illinois life in DeKalb county. It had always been my desire to someday experience the pleasure of somehow living in the greater Springfield area.   That feeling still flourishes within me. Now to have the opportunity to apply my government experience for a rebounding Illinois feels like destiny has smiled on me.

    I eagerly await receiving an interview appointment from your Bruce Rauner Transition Committee.


    Connor Vlakancic


    Subject: Thank you for submitting your application! CRM:0003108

    From:     Bruce Rauner Transition Committee <>      (Preferred Sender)

    Date:      Wed, Nov 26, 2014 7:23 am
    To:          APP-002100 <>

    Dear Connor,

    Thank you for submitting your application on 11/26/2014. Illinois needs to tap the best and the brightest for the important work ahead, and we appreciate your interest in serving the State of Illinois.

    We are currently reviewing resumes and expect to schedule interviews in the next couple of months. If you are selected for an interview, you will receive a phone call from a member of our staff.

    Thank you again, for submitting your credentials.


    Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner Transition Team




    Reducing Illinois taxpayers expenditures will be accomplished by reducing the labor time of many specific services, particularity the several that cost extra overtime services. Illinois Senate and Representative districts cross multiple county boarders as do also the US Representative Districts. The complex management of Illinois 102 county elections clerks and the multiple election districts of several large cities (with boarders that conflict with county boarders) all result in the most costly election expense.


    “I have produced a comprehensive solution to this extravagant waste of taxpayers funding coupled with eliminating duplicate redundant elections and require that political parties nominate their anointed preferred candidate without at taxpayers expense.” – Connor Vlakancic’s


    With an exciting alternative to depressing politics-as-usual election results, Illinois 18th CD voters will be elevated to the center of US political interest as first-responders, in a tested and perfected elite (mobile electronic device) enabled voter network. There are several dynamically independent political organizations that as an Illinois ‘native son’ with “been there – done that” Independent experience, I will bring profoundly refreshing political wind leading into the 2016 Presidential election year.


    “As your Illinois US 18th CD Representative I will deliver to all frustrated motivated voters an exclusive opportunity to test-to-perfection a mobile communications device election infrastructure “Graded Voting” that empowers voters to rate the candidates from Axcellent-to-Failure. Graded Voting provides the electioneering system means to have ALL Primary Election candidates on the November General Election ballot and “GRADE” the candidates to identify the one BEST-CHOICE candidate with 50%+ total vote.



    GRADED Political Candidates (US General Election candidate preference) “Axcellent to Failure” is a better candidate election process than taxpayer financed political party Primary elections and Top-Two.


    In the usual US General Election with but one candidate to be decided from among multiple candidates. This type of General Election, includes ALL candidates that would have appeared on an earlier Primary Election Ballot. Primary Elections intended to select a political party endorsed candidate (paid for by TAXPAYERS) are eliminated with ALL political parties allowed unregulated (by public-law) process to identify their endorsed candidate by their own internal process at their own political party expense.


    November General Election – A, B, C, D, E and F Graded-vote candidates

    A-grade: Vote this grade for only ONE candidate.

    Absolutely THE most preferred candidate in the individual personal opinion of a voter. Most personally known of by an individual voter. Not necessarily the candidate with any political party endorsement, Not necessarily the most news media publicized candidate, Not necessarily the most financially donated candidate, yet, to a particular voter this is their (perhaps ideal) candidate. If no other candidate is of greater preference, this is your most preferred candidate you are voting FOR.


    B-grade: Vote this grade for only ONE candidate.

    Better than most candidates, but somehow less than the ‘A’ candidate in the individual personal opinion of each separate individual voter. If no candidate is good enough for A-grade, then this is the reasonable candidate you are voting FOR.


    C-grade: Vote this grade for only ONE candidate.

    Acceptable contingent candidate that might perhaps have a significant political news media recognized stature, but is a nominal candidate in the individual personal opinion of each separate individual voter. If no candidate is good enough for A or B-grade, then this is the tolerable candidate you are voting FOR.


    D-grade: Vote this grade for only ONE candidate.

    Alternate and seemingly desperate last choice acceptable candidate as doomsday alternative to a very undesirable (F graded) candidate that may have a significant political news media recognized stature. If no candidate is good enough for A, B or C-grade, then this is the mediocre candidate you are voting FOR.


    E-grade: Vote this grade for MULTIPLE candidate(s).

    Unknown? candidates (but) were validated as legally recognized by the State/County Voters Administration. To a registered voter such candidates are either totally unknown or a slightly familiar candidate’s name (also ran), but an unknown campaign in any substantive way. This grade is NOT FOR, it is only to provide election results statics as a reflection of voter opinion and news media election results evaluation.


    F-grade: Vote this grade for MULTIPLE candidate(s).

    Probably a highly political news media visible candidate(s) but somehow a reprehensible candidate to an individual voter. A “F” candidate may be the sponsored and endorsed from a deplorable political party that is decidedly contrary in the individual personal opinion of each separate individual voter. This grade is NOT FOR, it is only to provide election results statics as a reflection of voter opinion and news media election results evaluation.


    GRADED VOTE TABULATION: Vote results to determine the candidate with 50%+ votes.

    All the ballots are tabulated to determine if any candidate has received 50%+ of the FOR votes, that candidate is elected. If no candidate has received 50%+ FOR votes, then the candidate with the lowest FOR votes is eliminated and their one-step-down Graded Vote becomes their alternate FOR vote candidate. This counting Graded Votes process continues until the one particular candidate is identified.

    Illinois 102 counties taxpayers spend more than double the taxpayers election expenses compared to California’s 53 counties taxpayers. As of the 2010 census, California population – 37.35 million and Illinois population – 12.84 million – Go figure.

    Graded Voting Demo
  • 4. Achieve that American voters will have cause and results to be 93%+ proud of and approve of US Congress, House of Representatives

    A new modern realization of how the US House of Representatives can be reformed to function in a manner to resolve the wide chasm between enraging maleficence political duopoly rhetoric is an available well-documented significant solution.

    This US House of Representatives transformation is profound as the original ‘Contract with America’ that I authored (and  copyrighted in the US Patent and Trademark office) and presented to then Rep. Newt Gingrich in August 1994.  Mr. Gingrich plagiarized my vision for his own aggrandizement.  I learned “Once Burned … Twice shy”.  Only present political transformation visions – only – in a large public forum to thwart professional career entrenched politicians from absconding with truly revolutionary American government reformation proposals.

    Candidate Connor seeks a highly regarded national political news media television program to interview him to make a video graphic presentation of how to achieve that American voters will have cause and results to be 93%+ proud of and approve of US Congress, House of Representatives. Contact candidate Connor Vlakancic here.

  • 5. Create the Federal legislation means to provide US Income Tax Payers formal US Internal Revenue Service process and procedure oversight to direct US Congressional funding levels of all US Federal Agencies and Departments

    Federal budget referendum legislation that would create an annual “Sense of the People” procedure for April income tax payers to prognosticate their Proletariat judgment on pragmatic funding levels for U.S. Federal department agencies.

    Annually, a US Federal Budget is produced that purports to articulate what is the good and appropriate that can be accomplished with taxpayers tax revenues. It has been said: “a nation cannot long exist without revenue”. So, Americans do pay taxes.

    American taxpayers should also have a voice in determining how this tax revenue would be best spent. Currently, the US Congress allocates tax revenues with legislation that can even includes increasing their own paycheck.

    Here is the launch of the revolutionary means that taxpayers will vote on what they consider worthy that the US Government should allocate these tax revenues.

    Proposed: In the future on each and every April 14th, when the IRS “opens its doors” to receive Americans taxpayer revenue, a GAO mandate will also receive and tabulate a formal official referendum document: “1040MyWay” that will itemize how each taxpayer believes it appropriate for the US Federal Budget to be allocated.

    It is well past the time for taxpayers to have a direct voice, to vote, how US federal taxes would better be spent. This “1040MyWay” referendum form can be collectively created via an interactive website that is managed by multiple respected taxpayer advocacy organizations.

  • 6. Author the US Constitutional Amendment to elect US Presidential candidates by popular vote of the people by eliminating the Electoral College defined in the US Constitution, by the 12th Amendment; ratified on June 15, 1804. (This replaced the original Article II, Section 1, Clause 3)

    The US Constitution provided that “knowledgeable competent people” would determine who shall be US President. Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 . This original process became untenable with the emergence of national political parties. The 12th Amendment, ratified on June 15, 1804 created the Electoral College elector process.

    It is well past the time for to recognize that all Americans are “knowledgeable competent people” and thus must have an unhindered voice, to vote, by direct “POPULAR VOTE” of the contentious, informed and stalwart registered voters to determine by uncompromising “GRADED VOTE” selection who shall be election as the next President of the United States.

    A Constitutional Convention can be called for specifically this purpose – OR – in the November 2016 Presidential Election that the new President will have campaigned specifically to achieve this Constitutional Amendment.

    Currently, 2014-15, there is a proposal being introduced at multiple state legislatures to convene a Constitutional Convention to support a US Constitution Amendment to define unequivocal US Federal Government financial restraints.

  • 7. Promote a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

    The US National process of entrenched duopoly Democrats and Republicans inclinations are taking a huge toll on the ability and means for defining and adopting US Federal legislation to healthfully manage the US Government agencies and departments. Many past and present Capital Hill based NGO efforts propose and support bipartisan political legislation solutions. Success has been few and far between. On September 10, 2015, Illinois’ US 18th Congressional District voters can disenfranchise politics-as-usual (P/U) by electing their Illinois Native Son, truly stalwartly Independent Representative.


  • 1. BUDGET: Governor Rauner Faces Funding Crisis

    Governor Rauner faces an immediate and long-term budgeting challenge.

    Illinois’ temporary income tax increase expired on Jan. 1, creating a drop in revenue of $1.6 billion in the current fiscal year and a more than $4 billion hole in the fiscal year beginning July 1.

    The Democrats, who control the General Assembly, are wary of his business company type plans to balance the budget by reducing Medicaid costs and slashing other state programs.

  • 2. PENSIONS: State Retirement System continues in public prominence

    Illinois’ financial troubles can be traced, in part, to years of underfunding the state’s employee retirement programs. In an attempt to keep state income taxes low, lawmakers and past governors have raided pension funds to expand government.

    With credit rating agencies threatening to lower an already rock-bottom credit rating, lawmakers and former Gov. Pat Quinn approved a pension fix in 2013 that is now under review by the Illinois Supreme Court.

    Gov. Rauner has presented his own pension fix, with questionable support from among union-backed Democrats.

  • 3. LABOR: Governor Clashes With Unions

    Governor Rauner wants to bring right-to-work laws to local communities and ban political contributions by unions. He also faces the prospect of the current contract with the state’s largest union expiring on July 1.

    His mitigate-labor organizations faces a tough road in a state where Democrats control the House and the Senate by wide margins and even downstate Republicans represent thousands of unionized state workers and public school teachers.

  • 4. EDUCATION: Revamping the Formula for Education Funding

    Inequities in funding between many downstate Illinois school districts and their wealthier counterparts in Chicago’s suburbs have triggered a call for a revamp of the state’s education funding formula but faces skeptics from suburban counterparts who worry their schools will lose out.

    A task force in early March has been announced to join in the effort to find a solution.

  • 5. INFRASTRUCTURE: Seeking a Solution for Roads, Bridges and Schools

    A $31 billion statewide road, bridge and school construction program is expiring this year. Governor Rauner and lawmakers are looking for ways to jump-start a job-creating, infrastructure-building program at a time when other state programs are being cut.

    Business and labor groups have formed a rare coalition to work together to look at various funding sources for a new program.

    Under consideration are a boost in the gasoline tax, higher vehicle licensing fees and a handful of other tax changes that could generate the needed construction dollars.

  • 6. TAXES: Achieve forever reducing Illinois taxpayers expenditures by 50% to 66%

    Reducing Illinois taxpayers expenditures will be accomplished by reducing the labor time of many specific services, particularity the several that cost extra overtime services. Illinois Senate and Representative districts cross multiple county boarders as do also the US Representative Districts.

    The complex management of Illinois 102 county elections clerks and the multiple election districts of several large cities (with boarders that conflict with county boarders) all result in the most costly election expense.

    I have produced a comprehensive solution to this extravagant waste of taxpayers funding coupled with eliminating duplicate redundant elections and require that political parties nominate their anointed preferred candidate without at taxpayers expense.