Why donate?

“WHY” DONATE to ConnorforCongress

Connor Vlakancic, born in Aurora, IL is “Illinois Native Son” US Congress trained candidate to complete this current 114th Congress term in Illinois US 18th CD.
An individual voter’s personal WHYis perhaps because they want NOW, in this September 10, 2015 Special Election, a truly comprehensive candidate vetting process of the major political duopoly parties heir apparent candidate’s. Pragmatically accurately concluding that an Independent candidate in this Special Election is the opportunity and means to insure this scrutiny will be fully accomplished.
To “SAVE” the IL-US 18th Congressional District’s voters choice of a long-term entrenched US Representative for 2016’s election campaign is certainly some voters “REASON” to donate funding and otherwise support candidate Connor’s 114th Congress election campaign.
However, there is also the “PURPOSE” to donate funding for candidate Connor’s election campaign. A political campaign is much like any business. It needs to pay operational expenses of a roof-overhead and outreach communications programs and projects. Telephone and Internet access infrastructure costs money. Campaign literature needs to be printed and delivered to voters with the printing company and US Post Office requiring to be paid.
Everybody wants to meet political candidate’s, that simply includes travel costs, but in the 10,516 mi2 of this Illinois largest US Congressional District, travel costs are a considerable WHYmajor expense.
NOBODY involved working – in or for – a political campaign has ever become wealthy from the effort. Funding a political election campaign is not a get-rich scheme to a political campaign’s “insiders” as certainly corrupt politicians that have been forced to resign and/or convicted of malfeasance have been forced to understand.
A company is organized to achieve a profit for the investors as the reason money is invested (not donated) because a personal financial profit incentive is the underlying purpose of investing (except Enron Corporation was a big loss for a lot of people).
A political campaign must depend on donations from civic minded voters, people that want to level the “fat cats” campaigns and as contrary to the ROI motivation of financial supporters of the major political parties candidate’s.
The inquiring mind that wants to learn is who we are as human beings, and creating knowledge is a mental investment that requires a financial expense.
Political party unaffiliated, Independent candidate Connor Vlakancic will visit throughout the 19 counties of the US 18th Congressional District to introduce himself to each and every County Board of Supervisors and meet with voters and news media as much as his campaign donations provide for the traveling expenses.