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This is a virtual matchrace center featuring the game Virtual Skipper 5 from NADEO. The site doesn't only provide a ranking system for matchracing, but also tools for matchmaking (meeting opponents). In addition to lifetime statistics of all results submitted to the system we also offer free discussion about a great number of topics at our forum.

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28-04-2015 00:35:35 - Test Rules for Match Racing

14-04-2015 07:43:03 - Learn to host your own server!

30-03-2015 01:02:09 - New Course Pack available

14-03-2015 14:52:44 - Monthly News #2 @ VSK Match

09-03-2015 19:57:10 - VSKM Skin Update

26-02-2015 01:00:15 - New VSK Match skin has arrived!

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LG'07 beat Vodka (2)

LG'07 beat ZhiK (1)

LG'07 beat Infinity (12)

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