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Coffee Shop

Unending service unforgettable flavours

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop is a Round the Clock restaurant. Hunger has no time, so does the food served at Coffee Shop, the 24 hour astral coffee shop. Providing the option of best cafe-dining, Coffee Shopat the The Manohar serves multiple cuisines with the facility of a live cooking, where the guests can watch their food being cooked and also suggest our chef, to have the food of their choice.

Guests can eat to their heart's content and to the tune of their stomach at this restaurant as our Master Chef's take our guests to a culinary voyage through this restaurant that provides an option of choosing from a buffet served at breakfast, lunch and dinner or also an elaborate a-la-carte dining guide prepared extensively from healthy and quality ingredients.

The buffet at Coffee Shop is a culinary hot pot of varied cuisines seamlessly blended together to produce an ideal and fresh dining variant.

Hours of Operation: 24 hours

Seating: Upto - 64