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The following links will provide assistance to those researching the aviation industry in Canada.  Links to counterparts in the United States are also provided for comparison.  Other relevant links that may be useful can be found in the Research & Reference Material subsection, as well as on the Occupational Health & Safety, History of SMS Legislation, and the Aviation Glossary pages.

Government Sources

CADORS - Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System
“Transport Canada collects aviation occurrence information through CADORS. The purpose of the system is to provide initial information on occurrences involving any Canadian-registered aircraft as well as events which occur at Canadian airports, in Canadian sovereign airspace, or international airspace for which Canada has accepted responsibility that includes events involving foreign registered aircraft.

Canadian Civil Aircraft Register
“Search the Civil Aircraft Register Database - Current and History: Extensive search inquiry application intended to provide basic aircraft registration information on civilian aircraft registered in Canada. Queries are extracted directly from the official database.”

Aviation Enforcement Publications
This website provides access to recently completed Enforcement Action Summaries for both corporate and non-corporate offenders.

Transportation Safety Board
“The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is an independent agency created to advance transportation safety through the investigation of occurrences in the marine, pipeline, rail and air modes of transportation.” 
Note:  This link provides access to publically released Aviation Investigation Reports, Recommendations and Assessments of Responses, and Air Statistics.

Transportation by Air from Statistics Canada
“Financial and/or traffic data for establishments/companies primarily engaged in for-hire, common-carrier transportation of people or goods using aircraft.”

Canadian Transportation Agency
"The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent administrative tribunal of the Government of Canada that operates like a court."  Resources include; Rulings, Complaints, Case Status Inquiries, and Air Carrier Licence Search.


Canada Safety Council
“The Canada Safety Council is a national, non-government, charitable organization dedicated to safety. Our mission is to lead in the national effort to reduce preventable deaths, injuries and economic loss in public and private places throughout Canada. We serve as a credible, reliable resource for safety information, education and awareness in all aspects of Canadian life – in traffic, at home, at work and at leisure.”

Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform (FAIR)
“FAIR ( Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform)promotes integrity and accountability within government by empowering employees to speak out without fear of reprisal when they encounter wrongdoing. Our aim is to support legislation and management practices that will provide effective protection for whistleblowers and hence occupational free speech in the workplace.”

Canadians for Accountability
 “We are a new organization created by a group of grassroots whistleblowers and accountability activists. Our mission is to advance integrity and accountability and to help and advocate for whistleblowers in all parts of our society.”

Related American Resources

FAA Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS)
“The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) promotes the open exchange of safety information in order to continuously improve aviation safety. To further this basic objective, the FAA developed the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) system. The ASIAS system enables users to perform integrated inquiries across multiple databases, search an extensive warehouse of safety data, and display pertinent elements in an array of useful formats.” 
Note:  This website provides links to the Accident/Incident Data System (AIDS), the Air Registry (AR), the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS).

NTSB Aviation Accident Database
“The NTSB aviation accident database contains information from 1962 and later about civil aviation accidents and selected incidents within the United States, its territories and possessions, and in international waters. Generally, a preliminary report is available online within a few days of an accident. Factual information is added when available, and when the investigation is completed, the preliminary report is replaced with a final description of the accident and its probable cause. Full narrative descriptions may not be available for dates before 1993, cases under revision, or where NTSB did not have primary investigative responsibility.”

FAA Whistleblower Alliance
“The FAA Whistleblowers Alliance mission is to support FAA whistleblowers and bring accountability to the FAA. We support whistleblowers through education, information sharing and legislative activism. Our Alliance provides aviation expertise to legislators, special interest groups and the media, in the interest of public safety.”  Also see:  FAA Whistleblower Blogspot

Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association
“We serve as a cross-industry common website for airline employees and retirees from all airlines who have blown the whistle on alleged wrongdoing within the airline industry, which has been reported to appropriate legal authority, but has been suppressed or ignored by airline management, unions, and/or the DOT/FAA and other government agencies.”  Also see:  Whistleblowing Airline Employees BlogTalk Radio Program

Transportation Disaster Assistance
The Office of Transportation Disaster Assistance coordinates public and private responsibilities in the wake of transportation disasters for all modes of transportation within the NTSB. The NTSB Transportation Disaster Assistance Team stands ready around the clock to help survivors, families of victims, communities, and commercial carriers deal with transportation disasters; services include family/victim support coordination, Family Assistance Centers, forensic services, communication with foreign governments, and inter-agency coordination.

National Air Disaster Alliance Foundation/Association
“NADA/F is a non-profit corporation incorporated in 1995. We work through constructive communications with the media, all levels of government, public and private agencies, manufacturers and industry associations, social service agencies, other air crash groups, and more. We will inform and educate the flying public on critical issues, and we will advocate for reform.”


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