What we do

SafeSkies carries out a variety of tasks in support of our mandate – all done by volunteers. Here is how we are organized to do this work.

Please contact us if you would like to assist in any of these areas.

Fatal Occurrences

Objective: maintain an easily-accessible public record of information about every fatal occurrence in Canada, and provide independent analysis and comment.

Main tasks:

  • Identify every new fatal occurrence in Canada and maintain our Fatal Occurrences Database
  • Monitor CADORS, Safety Letters, Safety Advisories and Recommendations from the Transportation Safety Board
  • Identify relevant media articles
  • Share relevant information using the website and newsletter.

Aviation Safety News

Objective: maintain a public collection of articles related to aviation safety in Canada.

Main tasks:

  • Identify relevant relevant media articles, announcements, etc.
  • Share important developments using the website and newsletter.

Parliamentary Affairs

Objective: Monitor the activities of relevant House of Commons and Senate committees and provide an informed critical perspective for the benefit of the public and industry insiders.

Main tasks:

  • Identify the issues that need to be tracked at a political level
  • Monitor the committee's plans to be aware of important upcoming events
  • Read the transcripts of important meetings
  • Share important developments using the website and newsletter.

Survivor Support

Objective: provide information and moral support to accident survivors and their families, to help ensure their well-being and to ensure that each accident is used to help improve the system.

Main tasks:

  • Provide online self-help information for survivors to enable them to
    • Understand the official processes that follow an accident, the various departments involved, their obligations, and what is supposed to happen
    • Understand their rights
    • Understand the ordeal that they are experiencing and how to cope with this
    • Access available support resources
  • Provide limited telephone support to survivors
  • Encourage survivors (at a suitable juncture) to
    • Honour their lost ones on the SafeSkies website
    • Support the efforts to improve aviation safety.

Whistleblower support

Objective: provide information and moral support whistleblowers to help them expose safety problems without risk of harm to themselves.

Main tasks:

  • Provide online self-help information for whistleblowers including recommended books and articles
  • Provide limited telephone support to whistleblowers
  • Support efforts to implement laws and management practices that will protect whistleblowers and ensure proper investigation of safety concerns and violations.

Website platform management

Objective: Provide a stable, fully-featured and high-performance platform for the website and for electronic communications.

Main tasks:

  • Maintain website software, domains, email addresses and website hosting facilities
  • Ensure the reliability, availability and usability of the system
  • Develop additional platform features as required (e.g. the database structure and mapping presentation tools for the Fatal Occurrences Database)
  • Monitor website traffic and performance.


Objective: Keep interested parties informed by compiling and distributing our electronic newsletter based on input from all SafeSkies task teams.

Media Relations

Objective: Provide the media with ready access to informed, credible subject matter experts and industry insiders who can comment on aviation safety developments.

Review, transcription, translation

Objectives: Review original SafeSkies articles prior to publication; transcribe selected TV/Radio broadcasts; translate selected articles.

Organizational development

Objective: recruit, contact and quality potential volunteers, form task teams made up of suitable individuals and organize appropriate recognition.