Masterspace v4.0 released!

We are happy to finally announce the release of Masterspace, which signifies the transition from early access to final release after a development time of more than three years. All features from the original design plan (and much more) have been implemented and this final update contains a lot of bug fixes, as well as implementing some of the most commonly requested features by the community.

Masterspace 3.2

The main new feature is the introduction of truly infinite worlds to Masterspace by allowing travel between different sectors, each containing a star system full of planets. This is enabled in-game by the construction of the very expensive Masterspace Conduit. Furthermore, sensors are now functional within the game and may be used to scan planets from orbit, in order to detect e.g. prospective resources.

This update also introduces different gravity levels on planets, which may be modified by the construction of gravity (or anti-gravity) generators. Furthermore, the world generation scripts have been optimized and the distribution of resources on planets has been completely rebalanced.

Masterspace 3.2

We apologize for the delay and lack of updates lately and thank you all for your patience. We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the community and all who have all supported the development during these years. Special thanks are also extended to Roland La Goy for generously composing a fitting soundtrack for Masterspace.

New features:

  • Travel to different planetary systems
  • New objects: Masterspace Conduit, Artificial Gravity Generator, Gravity Amplifier, Gravity Suppressor
  • New perk: Quantum Mechanics
  • Different gravity levels on planets
  • Sensors may now be used to scan planets from orbit
  • Control panel may be used to do a local scan of planets or show information about the current spaceship or building
  • Some objects now give culture points for being constructed
  • Flags give a large culture bonus, but only once per planet
  • Frontend setting to change inventory scroll direction
  • Activation sounds


  • Optimized and improved world generation scripts
  • Rebalanced distribution of materials on planets
  • Replaced pre-generated quick scenarios with standard world generator
  • Improved contrast of inventory colors

Bug fixes:

  • Lots of various bug fixes
  • Fixed perk glitch when reloading a game
  • Fixed “ghost planet” glitch when reloading a game
  • Fixed lost perk points after closing perk window
  • Fixed camera when boarding spaceships