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The Maldives, an island nation lying off the eastern coast of Africa, speaks for itself,  so pictures of the white sandy beaches and the crystal clear water says more than 1000 words, a unique and exited place for any kind of vacation. Another benefit are the short distances between the atolls, making it easy to play and allow  for sudden changes and the possibility to explore more of the 1,190 coral islands, forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls and stretches 820 kilometers north to south and 120 kilometers east to west.

Yachts will come through this area and so availability for your charter must be verified, the pace of any charter will be relaxed as the distances between islands are short and the focus is on enjoying water sports, sun and sea. If you feel the need to unwind and be pampered the Maldives the spot for your yacht charter vacation.

Maldives has a water temperature of thirty one degrees of crystal clear water offers various dive sites on thousands of reefs, some in shallow waters of enclosed lagoons to deep sea ridges and ocean shelves. Some of the most interesting dives consist of diving to shark sites and feeding them by your hand. If you prefer a less adrenaline charges diving, there are many other places to visit……

Yacht charters are available seasonally on luxury mega yachts transiting the area, on sailing catamarans and monohulls that are globetrotting. Ask about this special charter area, where you can relax in unspoiled tranquility.

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