Regency Catamaran Charters



Catamarans are a newer style yacht that guests really love: their width gives them stability under sail and at anchor, while the shallow draft allows them to pull right up close to that deserted beach. Sailing catamaran charters offer easy access to the water with easy broad steps down their transoms, which makes them very popular for scuba diving charters.

Life doesn’t get any easier than relaxing on the forward trampolines (located forward between the hulls), listening to the water surf underneath you while you glide along quietly under sail. Children especially enjoy the thrill of jumping off the bow, swimming between the hulls to easily climb steps in the scoop stern  —  with a quick run to the bow to do it all over again!

An advantage to this twin hull layout is that they are often set up as mirror images with very equal accommodations for three to five guest cabins. Generous salons and huge shaded cockpit allow for plenty of room for people to gather around a table for meal or stretch out and relax with a good book, or good conversation with friends.

Some of the larger catamarans offer interior space that rival mid-size power yachts, and although there are many comfortable sailing cats at a modest price point, larger yachts offer full amenities and larger crews. So feel free to ask which cats are set up for smaller groups but offer one hull as a huge owner stateroom (think honeymoon suite), and who has full A/C, stall showers and electric push button toilets.

The largest charter cataramarans being built today are over 100’ and are well set up for corporate events and entertaining on a grand scale while catering to a more select group in luxurious overnight accommodations.

For tradewind sailing in the Caribbean, a catamaran on a reach is an exhilarating feeling – flying on top of the waves, free and easy without any large motions or excessive heeling over. Not as fleet of foot heading into the wind, substantial twin engines take over for upwind journeys.

Charter catamarans are often designed for that purpose which makes them attractive, easy to operate and very popular among repeat charter guests. That popularity has had these yachts expand from the Caribbean, to the Med (especially the islands of Greece), the Bahamas and even to New England and the Pacific.

Regency brokers are familiar with the subtle differences between designs and builders of catamarans – so let us know exactly what you are looking for in your charter catamaran.


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