Selling Your Yacht

You have reached a decision, whether to purchase a new yacht that caught your eye or to free up assets: you are selling your yacht. Let’s talk about how we can help you with this.

Selling a yacht is an extremely intensive process that requires a great deal of time and attention. Regency has the people and the resources, the knowledge and the skills to achieve successful results.

We market our vessels on a global basis, and we have access to markets that most brokers do not address. Our local and industry knowledge allows us to present your vessel with confidence and in-depth knowledge of modern yachts.
We are a central part of a community of yacht owners and operators, and often are approached for a specific type of yacht, or indeed a particular one. Our business is the art of making successful connections.

Catamaran for Sale

Sunreef catamaran for sale.

What can you do to facilitate the process and enhance your yacht’s market appeal?
Ensure the yacht is in Bristol condition. Shine is what prospective buyers like to see. First impressions matter. Pending maintenance should be taken care of prior to the yacht’s introduction to the market.

Information also matters. To present your yacht in its best light, the more we know the better we can help you. Machinery hours, model numbers, capacities, systems…. The list can go on. An excellent way to provide us with the basics is to use a copy of a recent survey report on the vessel. We do not furnish any survey opinions or condition reports to buyers (unless you expressly consent to furnish access), only the basic information from the survey.

Any and all quality photographs or videos of the vessel will be useful. We build a custom sales brochure for our represented yachts that serves to inform and persuade the potential buyer.

The yacht should be kept as available as possible for showing, and preferably in an area where air transport is readily available.

We will maintain a close liaison with you regarding interest levels and feedback, and will tailor our marketing efforts to suit the current markets. Once an offer is received we will proffer it immediately, and facilitate all communications between buyer and seller through negotiation, sea trial, survey and closing.

We are registered members of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association.

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