Worldwide Yacht Charter Destinations

From the majestic glacial reaches of Alaska to the timeless ports of the French Riviera, the rich waters of the Caribbean or the stunning reefs of Australia, spanning all the seasons of the year across longitudes near or far – the realm of yacht charters has a destination and itinerary for you. The world of yacht charter destinations awaits, the sea is your guide, explore the beckoning globe to discover your own slice of paradise or history.

Choosing a yacht charter destination will set the parameters for what type of yacht you are chartering — you won’t want a small sailing yacht to see the Antarctic! Setting priorities for your holiday will help you choose your yacht charter destination.

Did the movie Mamma Mia inspire you to see the islands of Greece? Or does the cuisine of southern Italy pull you to charter in Sicily and the Aeolians? Perhaps you only have time for a short trip; the short train ride to Newport Rhode Island makes the perfect jumping off point for Cape Cod.

The endless variety of the Caribbean with its constant sunshine and balmy breezes lets you indulge in true R&R whether you choose to visit the Virgin Islands, St. Barths, Antigua, Martinique or the Grenadines. Winter or summer;  the Lesser Antilles is the perfect getaway for a trip with family or friends.

Exotic yacht charter destinations beckon, where your yacht is the secure base to explore Costa Rica, Fiji, Thailand, the Seychelles or Maldives. As travel to exotic locations can take longer and be more expensive than those nearby, it is worth making the effort to stay longer than a week if you are planning a very unusual trip.

Timing is everything, so keep in mind that seasons are opposite ‘down under’ and that it is important to consider your travel dates when choosing a location for your charter.

Special places often have yacht availability solely at optimum times of the year, so ask us about which locations would work best for your charter dates.

With comfortable accommodations and crew that are familiar with the location, yacht charters can be a wonderful way to see any number of destinations from the South of France to Croatia, to Alaska or South Pacific.

We have tried to give you a glimpse of what you can see and do in some of the more popular areas, although each yacht charter itinerary is custom tailored for the yacht you choose and your particular group.

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