History - This space intentionally left blank. Fnord.

Membership - There is no application process to get into the clan, it is strictly by invitation only. Currently, fyre, DevastatioN and I form a council that lead OS and we come to a consensus on any major decisions regarding membership. We also check with current members as we want our clan to have a friendly and sociable atmosphere where things are cool on and off the battlefield.

Generally, our definition of oldschoolers are players who have been playing prior to zdaemon... during the days of modoom and LAN. There is a great tradition of Doomers from this era and we feel our clan should represent that to the best of our ability. We don't speak for all oldschool players, no doubt, but if we can show the newer guys that they come from a long lineage of Doomers who have innovated and built up the techniques and tricks that they now use (and can still hang with the new generation), then I feel we are representing them honorably. Thus, the general criteria that we look for are quality oldschool doomers who are friendly/approachable, as well as reliable (no point getting people who will play for 2 weeks and leave, no?).

"On top, bitches" - This phrase has been a source of much controversy in the zdaemon community. Let me condense it down as much as I can. I created the phrase, period. It dates back to early 2001, when OS was engaged in a war with ABC (Anti-BFG Clan). These guys were a frequent nuisance, spamming during games and yelling insults about BFG usage and whatever else they could complain about. After KNorton and I destroyed them in a 4-way game of D5M1, I uttered these now infamous words during the scorescreen... "OS on top, bitch."

After OS took a long respite, Unidoom (UD), our brother-in-arms against ABC used the phrase as their own victory cheer. After taking a two year break, I've come back to find every clan thinks they're "on top." Even players think they're "on top" after leading their scoreboard on a losing CTF team. While it is flattering to have introduced a new phrase into the zdaemon lexicon, I would rather it be used in more appropriate situations. But I suppose that lends some credence to deathz0r calling us the original asskicking zdaemon clan. =D

- Written by UrHaSh.

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