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New version straight from the jungle - 2006-04-16
Hi everybody and greetings from Breakpoint 2006. The nice climate here is just optimal for a little coding, so I have finished version 0.1.4. Along with some fixes, like write support for M3SD and SCSD, this version actually adds some new functionality that makes editing easier and quicker. Also, left-handers won't have to struggle with the stylus and the ABXY buttons anymore as their functions can now be swapped with the D-pad.
So, have some nice easter days, and watch out for easter eggs ;-)

  • added a "cln" button that clones the current pattern
  • column selection: make a selection over the columns you want to select and press the "sel" button. This expands the selection to the complete column(s). Without an active selection, the column under the cursor is selected.
  • live recording: press play in record mode and play
  • added del and ins buttons to the pattern screen, removed the del button from the keyboard
  • new settings tab
  • left-handed mode (D-Pad swapped with ABXY and LR swapped)
  • in list boxes, clicking below/above the "scroll thingy" scrolls down/up one page
  • you can now tap on the song name / filename to change the name
  • you now have to touch the spash screen

  • Writing is now supported on M3SD and (hopefully) SCSD, because I switched to Sata's fat lib from rain r14
  • moved to devkitARM r18 (general karma increase, perhaps better m3 compatibility)
  • wav loading was broken. fixed it and made it secure.
  • looping behaved strange sometimes. fixed that.
  • list indices are now in hex, to be consistent with the instrument column in the pattern view and with FT2 :-)


Update: Added a fix for screen corruption problems that some M3SDs had.
NitroTracker Wiki Pages - 2006-04-12
I keep getting a lot of bug reports and feature requests for NitroTracker, most of which are now in my todo-list and are waiting to be fixed or implemented. However, managing them is a little complicated, because they come from several sources (forums, e-mail, IRC) and many of them are duplicates of already reported bugs or already requested features. Also, several people asked for a central place for exchaning ideas, music etc.

So, I decided to set up the NitroTracker Wiki Pages in the DS Wiki. If you have any bugs to report or any features you want to request, just post them there. There's also a section for tips and tricks and an extendable version of the FAQ. And of course there's a page where you can post your works :-)

So, check out the wiki pages now!

Version 0.1.3 is ready! - 2006-04-02
Finally! I wanted to finish this three days ago, but then I had to delay the release, because I wanted to have loading and saving really stable. It's still not 100% as I want it, but it's getting close. Also, I'm glad to announce a dramatic improvement in compatibility. NitroTracker is now reported to start off pretty much every CF/SD adapter available, and reading is supported on all of them! Writing works on the GBAMP, SuperCard CF and M3 CF. Chishm is really doing great work with his FATlib!

And again, a big thanks to everyone who supports this project, be it by sending bug reports or just nice e-Mails :-)

Here's what's fixed in this release:

  • Several critical fixes in loading and saving
  • No more sample corruption on cards other than the GBAMP
  • Fixed a looping problem that caused samples to repeat themselves at a higher pitch
  • Moved to newer libnds -> better touch code that fixes touch precision problems on DSes with "the touchscreen problem"
  • File access (read and write) on Supercard CF now works!
  • Recording works without inserted/compatible card
  • "Xm" and "xM" files can now be loaded
  • Shoulder button functions: L switches screens / R + (up|down) scrolls to the (top|bottom)
  • Added a second splash screen (fortunately the DS can have two :-) Thanks to juhees for that!
I hope I'll soon get to implement some new features. Several people had great ideas. I think I'll next turn the sample viewer into a sample editor with basic copy/cut/paste functionality, and some goodies :-) So, stay tuned!


PS: I added a FAQ to the documentation. It's not really things that I'm frequently asked, nor are they formulated as questions, but it's a collection of common problems and fixes, based on what users have reported. If you have something to add, just mail it to me and I'll put it in.
NitroTracker wins! - 2006-03-31

I better post this before tomorrow, or else no one is going to believe me this:

NitroTracker achieved the 1st place in the NDS Apps division of the NeoFlash spring coding competition 2006! Evidence here.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, especially the judges who all gave NitroTracker their highest votes!

Well, motivation++ :-)

Compatibility list - 2006-03-26
Hi all! As you know, my main priority at the moment is to get NitroTracker working with as many CF/SD adapter cards as possible. Unfortunately, there exists quite a selection of cards and I only happen to own one card, namely the GBAMP. I'm constantly bugging people on IRC to test the program for me, and I've had quite some successes this week, but achieving full compatibility to all cards that exist is more complicated than I thought, especially without owning the hardware.

To help me and you keep track of which cards work, I've added a compatibility list to the documentation that reflects my current knowledge of compatibility with various cards. I would ask you to check it and contact me if it contains any errors. I will try to keep it updated.