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Beginners and new students are always welcome. Wear loose comfortable clothing, preferably with long pants. You may attend an introductory class any time with no obligation or cost.

Classes are held Monday-Thursday and Saturday.

The Moo Duk Martial Arts Institute offers classes in the traditional martial arts of Tang Soo Do and Hap Ki Do.

Tang Soo Do draws on the centuries-old Korean kicks of Tae Kyun, the soft flowing movements of northern and southern Chinese martial arts, and the hard linear punches, blocks, and open handed techniques of Okinawan arts.

Hap Ki Do, the way of coordinated power, employs self-defense techniques, including joint locks and take-downs. Body movement is often circular, first deflecting or redirecting an opponent's force, then using precise technique to gain control or disable the opponent.

Check out our 2015 demonstration and fundraiser.