Physical plant redundancy...

  • Cooling Systems

    Cooling Systems

    The data center is equipped with 1000 tons of closed loop chilled water with multiple city water feeds and a backup on-site artesian well. The data center is equipped with 24 inch raised floor with chilled water available as well as 100 tons of forced air cooling.

  • Power Distribution

    Power Distribution

    IntellectNetworks is powered by diverse power feeds and transformers from multiple high-availability power substations. Our computer controlled power switching offers automatic load shedding to eliminate unnecessary systems in the event of a failure.

  • UPS Power Systems

    Uninterruptible Power

    Our UPS systems are engineered to maintain a clean uninterruptible power to all servers throughout the facility. Our UPS systems and DC batteries are maintained on a routine schedule to ensure high availability.

  • Backup Generators

    Power Plant

    Our N+1 gensets are contained within the building to add an additional layer of protection from possible storm damage. Our oil heaters allow instant startup and transfer of load without any warm up time required.