System failures and natural disasters are a constant concern, and the worst possible situation for any organization. Therefore, in this day and age having a backup location and disaster recovery plan for your servers is significantly important in the business world. Disaster recovery is best implemented when an alternate location with high-availability and security is brought into the mix. So whether a natural disaster such as fires or floods occurs or malicious intent is used to interrupt or completely halt the operations of any organization, you can rest assured that your records and data are well preserved and in working order.

Disaster Recovery

IntellectNetworks is the number one choice for companies that are in search of an off-site carrier neutral facility where their servers are well protected against environmental disaster, catastrophic occurrence, or malicious human interference. Our very affordable colocation and the necessary facilities that ensure safety and 24/7 security of your critical data. Your servers will be located at a category 5 rated facility where you will find redundant standby generators, multiple emergency fuel supply contracts, fire detection systems, on-site security provided by armed officers, and of course 24/7 technical support and network monitoring.