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"One of the most widely-used benchmarks for fine art is the Mei Moses Fine Art Index."

—Jonathan Eley, Financial Times, October 2012

"If the big auction houses are the stock markets of the art world, then the Mei Moses All Art Index (MMAAI) is their S&P; 500."

—Institutional Investor, July/August 2012

"Tracking the trading records of specific art pieces, the index (Mei Moses) is an objective guide for investors and is rated by Morgan Stanley as one of the 10 most important asset indexes in the world."

—Asia News Network (China Daily), May 2012

"AXA Art applauds the reliability of the Mei Moses® indices and their methodology. The website is a valuable resource to all art collectors and others following the art market."

—Christiane Fischer, President and CEO, AXA Art Insurance Corporation

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