Mornings After Our only-waking moments.

Mornings After

Zoë Ligon’s Bone-Dry Mornings

I will never be in the mood for sex in the morning, I think it’s my least sexy hour. My mouth is dry, my crotch is dry. Like, let me get well oiled and running first. We can all benefit from some lubrication. More

Kellie Hogan

Sex & Lives Smoking in the corners of New York.

Sex & Lives

Every Time We Kiss

Two open mouths pressing together, two tongues twirling like mating leopard slugs, two humans depositing long, glistening trails of spit in one another’s mouths… It’s difficult to forget all this mess, and yet we do, every time we kiss. More

Chelsea G. Summers

Sex & Lives

Stress and the City

In the city all viruses are super. Nine days into New York, and six into my infection, I awoke from dreams of Rihanna and my Republican grandma on an Alaskan cruise ship to fever and blood. Globular, brick-ish bloody pee. I walked to emergency care. 200 bucks later, at least my doctor was hot. More

Fiona Duncan

Sex & Lives

Chloe in 2008 was the Sickest, Bar None

I fucking hate this journal. I fucking hate the peeps at the table next to me. I like that I used to come here with Jack. I like that I knew someone named Jack. I like taking writing classes. I like being dyslexic. I like that I can easily accept the fucked up parts about myself. What else are you supposed to do? More

Chloe Caldwell

Sex & Lives

Cock of Shame

“It’s nothin’. It’ll be easy. You’ll be fine,” Sonny reassured me, loudly, as if we were the only two people … More

Elise Peterson

Zabriskie Point
Sex & Lives

Drought Catalog

I know that to complain about a three-month sex drought will make many play “Hotel California” on the world’s tiniest violins, but I also realize that, ninety days into this sere desert wasteland, I’m afraid I may never have sex again. More

Chelsea G. Summers

TalksFor once, more answers than questions.


The Lesbian Whale

I met Barbara in her Chelsea studio a week after I visited her show Lesbian Whale: Early Drawings and Paintings … More

Ana Cecilia Alvarez


Young Baby’s First Book

Princess Cecily: a coming of age story. She’s just going to fuck people named Mike. Forever. That’s going to be her life.  More

Sam McKinniss


A Piece of Strange

Well, why I am fascinated with love and sex is that I think they always include all three: The Beautiful, The Good, and The True. And naturally their opposites. So, Bad Sex. I might also have called it True Love. More

Stephanie LaCava


Consent: It’s Not Sexy

If we knew more about consent, would we speak less of consequences for rape? If we took sex education seriously from the sixth grade on, would we have less to report by the time we get to campuses in America? More

Belles-LettresLong(er)form musings on mostly mature themes.



I was 29 and had never noticed this kind of thing before, wetness as a silent form of arousal. More

Michael Thomsen


On Hands

In one 1930 portrait, O’Keeffe’s hands caress the dense white bones of a skull with rapture. “I felt my life with both my hands,” writes Emily Dickinson. “To see if it was there.” More



Patron On Ice

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge needed the stimulation of a hard-nippled torso, and the shock of the cold, to transmit its relief from oceanic images of suffering. More

Cecilia Corrigan

Bedtime StoriesReading as need.

Bedtime Stories

Enter, the Void

Most summers, the women of the neighbourhood would leave their shorts on the shore and dive in off the municipal … More

Alex Quicho

Bedtime Stories

Goddess and The Worm

It seemed like the perfect name: Worms are feeble, stupid, dirty, slimy, insignificant and ugly——everything this slave wanted to be. More

Reba Maybury

Bedtime Stories


I’m at the bar, minding my own, stirring my mar-teen and batting my lashes, when a gentlemen approaches, and you … More

Adam Wilson

Bedtime Stories

Cetus & Other Poems

We fanned our fingers like that and morse-coded the bear, his daughter and the painter’s easel
‘In ten years we will call our son Cetus’——I can’t pretend to understand More

Eli Goldstone

Bedtime Stories

Darling Sister

Sure I’m a sex addict, I go to meetings. I’m powerless over the possibility of sex. I’ve fucked unfuckable things, I’ve done awful deeds, I’ve put my dick in places I wouldn’t put my shoe in. More

Brad Phillips

Bedtime Stories


The other day, I went by the taxidermy shop. Some people like the cinema, others sport. I am encouraged by … More

Stephanie LaCava