WoSCR Community - Virtual Collaboration Environment Experiment - VCEE-2

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Monday, February 22, 2010 - 14:00 - Friday, February 26, 2010 - 17:00
Point of Contact: 

Friday 26-Feb-2010 Wrap-up Session and Discussion - Adobe Connect Recording at:

Current Status:

  • VCEE-2 Concluded.
  • For convenience this page is also at this short url: http://tr.im/vcee2
  • For queries on VCEE-2 please contact Jeff Hansberger <jeff.hansberger@us.army.mil> and/or Gerhard Wickler <gwickler@ed.ac.uk>
  • Participants list and contact information for Team A and B are at http://openvce.net/event-woscr-vcee-2-participants
  • Team A participants will use an experimental web server at http://easdale.aiai.ed.ac.uk/teamA and use the team I-Zone in Second Life - accessed via URLs and "teleport" buttons below. Team A members may download an introductory 600MB video in advance if they wish via this link in M4V or WMV formats
  • Team B participants will probably use telephone and e-mail, but are also invited to use Adobe Connect if it is useful, and are invited to join in the final wrap up session in Second Life which will also be accessible via Adobe Connect (recording will be available afterwards) - see http://tr.im/vcee2teamb (which points to http://openvce.net/vcee2-teamb)
  • Wrap-up session will be in Second Life at Venue@VCE (URL and teleport buttons below) and also relayed into Adobe Connect (see below)

Outline Agenda and Timing

Monday 22-Feb-2010 to Thursday 25-Feb-2010:

  • 0900 EST Initiation of experimental case to Teams from Jeff Hansberger via e-mail

Tuesday 23-Feb-2010 to Thursday 25-Feb-2010:

  • 0900 EST Second Life Checks - ask if you want help beforehand
  • 0945 EST Experiment Coordinators (Jeff Hansberger and Gerhard Wickler), news, announcements and experiment event input in Venue@VCE
  • 1000-12:00 EST Team meeting as required
  • Other: as decided by team, usually off-line

Friday 26-Feb-2010 0900-1030 EST Plenary wrap-up and lessons learned session

Team Collaboration and 3D Spaces

Web sites for team collaboration during the experiment:

Note that your allocation to a team, and any login username and password for these experiment support sites will be separately notified to you, and is NOT the same as your OpenVCE.net username/password.

Platform Location URL Launcher
Second Life Team A 3D space


Adobe Connect Team B Teleconference Room


Enter as guest
Wrap Up Session and Backup Use
Second Life

Team A Alternative 3D space

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Informatics/210/192/23/ teleport
Second Life Venue@VCE Amphitheatre http://slurl.com/secondlife/VCE/64/192/23/ teleport
Adobe Connect

Harmonie Web


Enter as guest

Second Life Avatar and Access

Please ensure you have a Second Life avatar, have installed the Second Life Viewer, and can log on to Second Life, access the 3D spaces via teleport below, and have tested that you have the essential skills and computer facilities for collaboration in this experiment, including use of voice via a headset (not via open speakers and mic). For assistance:

Adobe Connect - if you have not attended a meeting before


Event Logs and Recordings

Available for WoSCR community and participants research analysis - please contact Austin Tate <a.tate@ed.ac.uk> in  the first instance.

Selected Images and Screenshots

Team A in I-Zone@VCE






Team A and Team B Wrap-up Session in Venue@VCE