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Scientology’s Suppressive Person Doctrine

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Hubbard and Scientology teach that SPs comprise the most evil two and a half percent of the planetary wog population. “Wogs” are what Scientologists call the human race or Homo sapiens. Scientology teaches that Scientologists comprise a new race, “Homo novis” or “Homo scientologicus,” a much more able, aware, intelligent and ethical race than the “humanoid” wog race. The organization markets and delivers courses training Scientologists how to spot or identify SPs among the wogs they encounter in life, and then to shatter the SPs once spotted. In reality, cult leader Miscavige and his Sea Org religious police do the identifying of Suppressive Persons for shattering, and rank and file Scientologists simply obey their police arm’s SP declarations and other orders.

Scientologists are indoctrinated to proclaim that Scientology possesses the only mental or spiritual system that “works,” or has ever “worked,” and in fact produces “total freedom.” Scientologists universally are dedicated to “keeping Scientology working,” and they spend immense amounts of time and enormous sums of money to keep it working. The work Scientology claims it is performing is the “processing” of people, with its trademarked technology, from the state of “raw meat,” or wog or human being, to the most astonishingly superior and stable state called “Clear.” More processing, Scientology says, takes Clears to superperson states and “never before imagined” beings called “Operating Thetans,” or “OTs.”

A Clear, Scientology says, has achieved optimum rationality and optimum sanity, and is as far above normal wogs as normal wogs are above “institutionalized cases.” Scientology scripture promises that a Clear’s IQ has shot up like a skyrocket, about a point per hour of processing; he recalls everything that ever happened to him and anything he ever studied; and he does mental computations, as in chess, which a wog chess player would do in half an hour, in ten or fifteen seconds. Scientology says that the Clear is a created evolutionary step in man, without ills or aberrations. OTs, Scientology claims, are “at cause over matter, energy, space, time, form and life” and can operate outside their bodies. By the time I left the organization, I had reached Clear and OT Level 3, and had undergone over a thousand hours of processing to get there.

Scientology calls its system of manifold grades and levels for processing people from wog to OT the “Bridge to Total Freedom,” and all Scientologists are somewhere on that bridge. Scientology scripture, which is unalterable on this point, states that the whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and the Scientologists’ own destiny for the next endless trillions of years, depend on what each Scientologist does here and now on the Bridge. The Suppressive Person doctrine declares that the only thing stopping everyone from moving up the Bridge and becoming more able, aware, ethical and intelligent, the only thing preventing total freedom, indeed the only thing wrong with this universe, is SPs.

Originating in racial dogma within Scientology’s religious scriptures, SPs form, from the Scientologists’ perspective, a religio-racial class roughly equivalent to Jews from the Nazis’ perspective. Just as the Nazis could theoretically join and leave Nazism, Scientologists can theoretically join and leave Scientology. Just as the Jews, from the Nazi perspective, however, could not stop being Jews, SPs, Scientology teaches, cannot stop being SPs. According to Scientology dogma, which Scientologists also accept as “science,” Suppressive Persons possess a genetic pathology plus a mental and psycho-spiritual handicap and morbidity that prevents them from ever being anything but SPs. The Nazis’ dogma and science concluded that the Jews were handicapped with their own set of irremediable genetics and psycho-religious malignancies that kept them from being anything other than Jews.

Scientology’s SP doctrine states that SPs are the truly destructive, truly psychotic and truly criminal of the world’s wogs, the cause of illness, at the root of every bad condition, and deserving no civil rights. According to the doctrine, the majority of people in mental institutions are not insane at all, but were put there by SPs, who are the truly insane. Wog psychiatrists and psychologists are seen as a subclass of SPs, and psychiatry and psychology are considered “Suppressive Groups,” which Scientology seeks to “obliterate.” The SP doctrine identifies archetypal SPs like Hitler, Stalin and Osama bin Laden, but also says that SPs are very average, common too, just like me, and undetected.

The “stellar examples” Scientology uses to personify Suppressive Persons are very likely what wog mental science now calls antisocial personalities or sociopaths. Hubbard in fact also used the term “antisocial personality” for Scientology’s enemies, but inside the organization the settled and universal label is “SP,” or formally “Suppressive Person.” Many of the characteristics Hubbard imputes to SPs resemble the traits that psychology and psychiatry say sociopaths possess. The majority of the people Scientology calls SPs, and treats or attacks as irredeemable criminals, however, do not exhibit these characteristics, are not sociopaths, and do not manifest antisocial personality disorders.

The people Scientology and Scientologists identify and target as Suppressive Persons are largely good, social, non-sociopathic people who have simply stood up to the organization and spoken out about its fraud, its persecution of good people, its SP doctrine, or its numerous other antisocial policies and practices. The more knowledge a person has of these things, the more he communicates that knowledge, and the more rationally and accurately he communicates it, the bigger SP he is in the view of Scientology’s leaders. The bigger an SP these leaders consider a person to be, the greater the persecution that is to be inflicted on him, and the more of the organization’s personnel and resources that are directed to that target or front in Scientology’s global war. The form and amplitude of the persecution are further modulated by Scientology’s and Scientologists’ opportunities and means, and the need to be seen as winning.

Scientology does nothing really to wage war on the world’s actual or arguably truly dangerous sociopaths. Organization leaders, in fact, recruit and form alliances with certain sociopaths, and enforce within Scientology a self-perpetuating group sociopathy. Hubbard was a sociopath, who used his God-given will and mental power to make himself even more sociopathic. He saw his own sociopathy, as perhaps every sociopath does, not as a disorder, but as an ideal condition and way of life that made everyone else, and their conditions and ways of life, inferior. He conned countless people into admiring him, slaving for him, committing crimes for him, and paying him huge sums of money to obtain the fabulous qualities and abilities he claimed he possessed and had the “tech” to impart to others. The individuals that Scientology uses its inordinate wealth and power to attack are simply ordinary people who might recognize that Hubbard’s mental states are not ideal or even superior, or observe that other claims are false, and who speak out critically about him or his organization’s system and actions despite the inevitable persecution.

Hubbard devised, built and operated a global bait-and-switch psychotherapy scam, promising amazing results and money-back guaranteed satisfaction for its mental processing “technology.” Since Hubbard’s death in 1986, David Miscavige has operated the Scientology scam. The organization claims cures of many distressing or pernicious physical and psychological afflictions, and promises “gains” of superhuman abilities, powers, awareness, memory and intelligence. Scientology extracts exorbitant fees from its customers on these promises and fails to deliver what is promised. Even worse, it also extorts money, labor and immoral or criminal activity from its customers or members with threats of doom or of being declared SPs. The organization abuses its own people, breaks up families, induces dissociation and other deleterious psychological conditions, incites fear and hatred, and damages many of its members’ physical health. Consequently, a great number of the people who have knowledge of Scientology’s destructive, antisocial policies and actions to speak out about are already its victims.

When the victims who have realized they have been victimized do speak out, Scientology leaders victimize them again, declaring them SPs and targeting them for special persecutory treatment and handling by the organization units and outside professionals established or hired for that purpose. Scientology scripture and its enforcement by organization leaders prohibit Scientologists not specifically assigned to those units as staff members or agents from having any contact with declared SPs. This is a common Scientology practice known as “Disconnection” that over the last forty years has devastated countless families, relationships and lives. Scientology scripture states that if Scientologists even so much as “grant credence” to an SP, they can themselves be declared Suppressive Persons.

Scientology scripture permits only one response to the persons who speak out about organization abuses or criminality — Attack! The outward-facing” Scientologists, or agents authorized to respond, do not address or deal with Scientology’s evils that are causing harm and being criticized, but only treat or handle the critics. Permissible treatment or handling does not include reason or empathy but only attack, since these persons are SPs. Because Scientologists not assigned to deal with Scientology’s SP critics may themselves be declared Suppressive Persons if they do deal with or grant credence to such people, almost all Scientologists are shuddered into not even listening to, or reading, what SPs communicate. It is axiomatic inside Scientology that the only wogs organization leaders attack, and employ organization personnel, agents and resources to attack, are SPs.

The philosophy Hubbard adopted to govern and justify the treatment or handling of SPs is technically and commonly called “Fair Game,” meaning that the “enemy” in that condition or status is legitimately open to attack or pursuit. Scientology’s position is that the Suppressive Person doctrine, being from Hubbard and being religious scripture, makes attack and pursuit of SPs wholly legitimate, and protected, indeed mandated, religious expression. Fair Game is the basic philosophy of war, the condition in which attacking or pursuing the designated enemy is legitimated, and failure to attack or pursue may be illegitimate or even punished. Fair Game in Scientology has also come to mean the battle tactics the organization employs against SPs, and the actions its personnel and agents have taken in their treatment or handling of SPs over the decades since Hubbard first ordered his troops to adopt and apply the Fair Game philosophy.

In his scriptures during a period in the 1960′s, Hubbard even called the treatment or handling he intended for SPs “Fair Game;” although he later ordered that the use of the term “Fair Game” be discontinued because “it causes bad public relations.” In one of his directives, which has come to be known as the “Fair Game Policy,” Hubbard stated:

ENEMY – SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

Scientology has for decades claimed that Fair Game, as a philosophy, policy and practice, was cancelled, but this assertion is patently false since all that Hubbard cancelled in scripture and in application was use of the term.

Although it has unquestionably caused Hubbard and his organization bad PR, and has repeatedly been exposed in the international media and condemned in court judgments, Fair Game continues to be the only treatment or handling Scientologists are permitted to administer on SPs. The tactics and actions that comprise Fair Game in the organization’s long war of total attrition vary according to target, opportunity, availability of resources, fear of exposure or legal repercussions, the sociopathy and whims of the organization’s head, and other factors. Scientology’s state of war against SPs, however, and the Fair Game philosophy and decision necessary to wage that war, have remained constant and unchanged into present time.

Scientologists’ or their agents’ Fair Game against me in execution of the Suppressive Person doctrine include: physically assaulting me on six occasions; breaking into my car; stealing my property, including photographs, documents, a manuscript and original artwork; spying on me and my spouse; scaring our neighbors; menacing our families; threatening to assassinate me; terrorizing my companions and me on highways in California and Germany; paying a corrupt Los Angeles Police Department officer for fake authorizations to eavesdrop on me, my attorney and my associates and to tap our telephones; Fair Gaming and compromising my attorney; covertly and unlawfully videotaping me; attempting numerous times to have me prosecuted on false criminal charges based on fabricated evidence, including with the Los Angeles District Attorney, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Prosecutor of Ekaterinburg, Russia; suing me six times; forcing me into bankruptcy; driving me from my home; obtaining unconscionable jail sentences against me and warrants for my arrest in California; forging hundreds of Internet postings over my name, including nonsense and racist messages; running endless intelligence operations against me and my family; and carrying out a global “Black Propaganda” campaign against me that extends to U.S. Federal Government departments, Members of Congress, U.S. diplomatic missions and staff, U.S. state and local government officials, foreign government officials, judges, law enforcement agencies and officers internationally, clergy internationally, media internationally, and the broad international wog and Scientologist populations.

Black Propaganda or Black PR is Scientology’s policy and practice of willful and relentless rumormongering, slander and libel, often from hidden sources. Since Hubbard’s death in 1986, David Miscavige is responsible for organization Fair Game and is the biggest hidden but actual source of the Black PR on Scientology’s enemies. The goal of Black PR, which is a basic and pervasive component of Scientology’s war, is destruction of the SP targets’ reputation and consequently elimination of public trust in their knowledge of Scientology abuses and crimes. Even if not always successful in achieving this goal, the organization’s Black PR consciously hurts its targets and collaterally threatens every potential opponent or critic. The sadism Scientology flaunts in its Black PR publications and operations has been very effective in deterring many people from standing up and disclosing their knowledge of its policies and activities.

In 1969, founder Hubbard ordered that Scientologists were to use “standard wartime propaganda” to “degrade the image” of the organization’s SP enemies “to beast level,” and to inflame public opinion into “a frenzy of hate” against them. Miscavige has the same function as Hubbard in his organization’s Fair Game campaigns: making others incite hatred, making others degrade good people to beast level, and making others do all the antisocial and criminal things that sociopaths and their hired professionals can spend a religion’s money conspiring to make others do. Like Hubbard, Miscavige runs Scientology as a dictatorship, maintained by his will and managed from his positions as commander of the military-structured but unincorporated Sea Organization and as director of a global network of incorporated “churches” and other entities.

At this time, Miscavige is titularly the Chairman of the Board of Directors of a corporation called Religious Technology Center, Inc., which claims to own Scientology’s trademarks and service marks. RTC describes itself as “an external body which protects the Scientology religion and acts as the final arbiter of orthodoxy” by “monitoring and enforcing the purity of technical application.” What Miscavige and RTC “protect” the religion from are its victims, the Suppressive Person class, and from the SPs’ knowledge of Scientology’s abuses and criminality. In the organization’s relations with the SPs, what Miscavige and RTC monitor and keep orthodox and pure in its technical application is Fair Game, and its many channels or components – Black Propaganda, legal harassment, financial ruin, disconnection, psychic and physical violence, and obliteration. Anything that appears to threaten or even counter Scientology’s, or Miscavige’s, intentions is a “matter of RTC concern” that can activate the organization’s networks and Fair Game machinery.

Because of the antisocial and criminal nature of Scientology’s Fair Game relationship with the identified SP class, which class organization leaders and their agents with their Suppressive Person doctrine have created, these leaders and agents fear public opprobrium and legal prosecution. Scientology therefore hides or cloaks many of its hostile intentions and Fair Game activities, and at its core, but webbing out through virtually every Scientologist, the organization functions as a global intelligence agency. The flow of orders and control is from Miscavige in Los Angeles downward and outward to anywhere in the world, and the flow of information and compliance with orders is upward and inward to Miscavige from around the world. Scientology leaders crave other people’s secrets, the private, personal or sensitive information of both Scientologists and wogs, and of wog governments and institutions. Scientology uses its own personnel and hired professionals as covert agents and moles to get the desired information, often by illegal or immoral means. Miscavige and his cadre operate largely in secret, with high security, codes and clandestine communication lines, files and operations.

In 1977, the FBI conducted a massive raid of Scientology intelligence offices in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. and seized evidence of operations to burglarize, penetrate or compromise over a hundred federal and state agencies and media and to terrorize a multitude of private citizens. The U.S. Department of Justice charged eleven Scientology intelligence personnel, including Mary Sue Hubbard, with various crimes against the U.S., convicted them and sentenced them to federal prison. In 1983, the Ontario Provincial Police raided Scientology offices in Toronto and seized evidence that led to convictions of a number of individuals as well as the organization itself for breach of trust stemming from espionage activities against several federal and provincial agencies or organizations including the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Ministry of the Attorney General, the OPP, the Toronto Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Law enforcement agencies have raided several Scientology offices in European countries, and the organization and its agents have been successfully prosecuted on a variety of charges. Germany views Scientology as a totalitarian cult whose activities are directed against the free democratic basic order, and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the German intelligence service responsible for that protection, keeps the organization under official observation. A 1991 Time Magazine cover article entitled “Scientology the Thriving Cult of Greed and Power” quotes the former head of the FBI’s Los Angeles office saying that Scientology “has one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S., rivaling even that of the FBI.”

Despite U.S. federal officials’ extensive knowledge of Scientology’s espionage activities against the government, and their awareness of Scientology’s criminal conspiracy to deprive SP class citizens of their civil rights, in the early 1990′s the U.S. decided to cease opposing the organization, and worse, to protect and promote it. It is inconceivable that this decision was made without the knowledge and agreement, or even the direction, of the U.S. intelligence community. The decision led to the Internal Revenue Service’s grant of tax exemption in 1993 to Scientology’s many corporate components as a religious organization. Subsequently, U.S. State Department and Foreign Service personnel have assisted Scientology’s efforts to operate and expand in countries whose governments viewed the organization as non-religious, dishonest or dangerous. U.S. Congressmen have introduced resolutions to condemn those countries, notably Germany, which do not embrace and support Scientology as the U.S. Federal Government does. It is apparent that since the U.S.’s strategic decision to ally Scientology, U.S. agents have improperly influenced judges and other government officials to aid the organization’s corporate components and personnel to the detriment of its victims, the SPs.

It is well observed that the U.S. Federal Government and its intelligence agencies have formed a number of alliances in recent times with unsavory or criminal organizations or even dictatorships, which Scientology is, if such relationships supposedly served some U.S. national interest greater than the national interest in not being allied to such organizations or regimes. Unsavory or criminal organizations or regimes have victims, because victimizing people is what makes organizations or regimes unsavory or criminal, and the U.S. making allies of such organizations or regimes is always to the obvious detriment of their victims. What the greater national interest was in the early 1990′s, and which apparently still exists, that brought the U.S. to ally the Miscavige regime remains unclear. The SP class is doubly threatened and victimized because the U.S. Government and its intelligence agencies now have an interest in marginalizing and thwarting SPs in order to have the decision to support Scientology against its victims appear right and just, or in some other way in the national interest.

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