100% accurate emulated edition of classic Amiga™ strategy-adventure debuts on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, in association with iAmiga™ developer manomio™

AVENTURA, FLORIDA – August 12, 2011 – The king is dead, and you are the only one who can restore order to England! Cinemaware, a legendary brand in the videogame industry, today announces the immediate availability of Defender of the Crown® emulated edition for Apple iOS devices. This 100% accurate emulated version of the classic Amiga strategy-adventure game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, bringing all the excitement and classic gameplay of Cinemaware’s premiere game to a new generation of gamers and devices for $2.99 (US) on the App Store. The title is available worldwide.

“We are excited about our partnership with manomio and to finally be able to bring our classic titles back on modern platforms, so that both our longtime fans and a whole new generation of gamers can experience the unique and innovative gameplay that Defender of the Crown brought to the industry 25 years ago,” comments the Cinemaware team. “This is just the first of many titles we plan to release and we are very excited to make them available on mobile platforms such as iPhone and iPad. It feels like you are playing on a real Amiga!”

Originally released in 1986 for Commodore’s Amiga home computers, Defender of the Crown ushered in a new era of cinematic visuals and sound, compelling story and engaging gameplay, putting Cinemaware on the forefront of the games industry and setting the bar for visual presentation in interactive entertainment. Modern gamers can now relive the magic of this timeless classic in its original form, thanks to the cutting-edge iAmiga™ emulator written from the ground up for iOS by developer manomio – themselves huge fans of the Cinemaware brand.

“manomio is thrilled to be working with Cinemaware, and with its catalog of some of the most ground breaking titles of our time,” says manomio. “It is a testament to their visual quality and gameplay that they are as entertaining today as they were 25 years ago.”

In Defender of the Crown, players take on the role of one of four Saxon knights fighting opposing Norman factions to unify medieval England after the brutal murder of its king. In addition to building and deploying their armies in heroic battles to capture every contested portion of the divided country, players will use catapults to bring down castle walls, swordfight during daring raids, take powerful steeds into jousting runs and rescue beautiful damsels in a series of unforgettable action sequences. The rich world of Defender of the Crown is presented through gorgeous, hand-drawn 16-bit visuals and a bombastic orchestral score that were years ahead of their time.

Defender of the Crown for iOS is the first of several emulated Cinemaware classics planned for Apple’s line of mobile devices in association with manomio. The company will be announcing additional details of its mobile plans in the coming months, and recently debuted a brand-new website to usher in the Cinemaware brand’s bold return to the forefront of gaming.

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About Cinemaware®

Originally founded in 1985, Cinemaware became a dominant force in interactive entertainment across multiple platforms of computers, consoles and mobile devices, with its titles rooted in classic movie genres and renowned for their Hollywood-caliber production values, immersive storytelling and innovative gameplay. The company rocketed to the top of the gaming world with its inaugural 1986 release, Defender of the Crown®, which was followed up by several other dazzling titles including S.D.I.™, The King of Chicago™, Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon™, Rocket Ranger™, The Three Stooges®, Lords of the Rising Sun™, It Came From the Desert™, Wings™ and the TV Sports™ series of sports titles. Several Cinemaware titles still reside among numerous “Best Games of All Time” lists in major game sites and publications worldwide, have collectively sold millions of units across multiple platforms and are considered some of the most innovative games ever created. Cinemaware is currently focusing on the production of new games for the web, tablets and mobile platforms.

About manomio

It was the time of E.T., MTV and Madonna. It was the 1980s and the birth of modern video gaming. manomio was founded in January 2009 as a mobile gaming company with the goal to revive some of the best of the era. Its award winning app, with over one million downloads, was the Commodore 64 for iPhone, representing one of the best selling personal computer models of our time. Following significant demand, manomio has partnered with Cinemaware to bring award winning Amiga classics like Defender of the Crown to iOS.

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August 13, 2011 News, Press Release