Erase All Kittens

Save Kittens. Save the World.

Our first game, Erase All Kittens, is an open source platform game to teach kids to code. It does this in a unique way: by encouraging kids to hack into levels in order to complete the game. Our aim is for children to create things, rather than just being consumers in our increasingly digital world. We want to provide their first steps to digital literacy in the most entertaining way possible.

The Story

Kittens are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and the other fluffy animals have had enough of it. They are enraged that kittens always beat them. A cute but evil rebellion - Operation E.A.K. - are capturing all the kittens on the internet, with the intent to destroy them. Your mission is to save the kittens using super coding powers.



Bits from the blog

E.A.K. Needs Voice Actors!

Drum Roll HQ is currently casting voice actors for two of the game’s characters - Lao, the wise and ancient oracle, and the infamous Tarquin Glitterquiff. We’re looking for folks willing to donate their time and face sounds to the noble cause of teaching children to code and… Read more →

A Festive Update From Tarquin Glitterquiff

Yuletide greetings! My name is Tarquin Glitterquiff, and I'm the President and Managing Director of Drum Roll HQ Limited. I'd like to share with you some updates on E.A.K. - the first game that teaches kids to code and create on the web. .post-content li { margin-bottom: 0.7em;… Read more →

Set multitronic filter to magenta alert!

We’re writing this from our stand at Creator Fair, inside the National Space Centre in Leicester. There are bubbles floating, lights flashing, strange sonar noises and people knitting. An alluring sight at 10am on a Sunday. There’s also a fantastic game called Space Hack, where you have to… Read more →


Drum Roll consists of three team members, Joe Dytrych, Dee Saigal, and Leonie Van Der Linde. They make games with a purpose, and place equal importance on originality in both the technical and creative aspects of game design.

Joe Dytrych

Co-Founder & Chief Button Presser

Dee Saigal

Co-Founder & Chief Scribbler

Leonie Van Der Linde

Chief Pixel Wizard

  • Graduated from Central Saint Martins last summer
  • Wears mismatched socks
  • Makes plushies and crotchets octopeople
  • Favourite game: killing off sims in The Sims

Say Hello

If you’re interested in our work, let us know. We’d love to meet for a chat and a brew (the tea or the beer kind). Our super trendy office is under Dee's kitchen table in her flat near Angel tube station, London, UK.


Tarquin Glitterquiff

Serial entrepreneur extraordinaire