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  2. I continue to be horrified at the Pearl’s continued indifference over the tragic deaths of Lydia and Sean and the horrific abuse of other children whose parents refuse to recognize, understand and acknowledge the very thin line between abuse and discipline. Further, it disturbs me that many in the Christain community refuse to acknowledge that children with attachment disorders have actual problems that extend beyond their just acting out or to be perfectly blunt, “being bratty” or “rebellious.”

    It makes me sad when people who claim be Christains can justify the abuse of their members, both children and adults.

  3. Resa, during the speech tournament last week, one young man spoke about not keeping silent when one sees evil. It was so moving, and I was near tears.

    Along with people who claim to be Christians justifying abuse, I find it sad when people want to brush aside abuse (child and adult) because they don’t want to admit it happens in Christian homes. Yet, sadly, it does.

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  5. Abuse happens a lot in every kind of home. Plenty of fundamentalists are raised with “spare the rod or spoil the child”, which is fine if the kid is being extremely bad. Most kids will stop if warned one time, but these fundamentalists feel obligated to always hit with something. That’s one of the reasons I started going to a Mainline, more “liberal” church.

  6. This was a horrible event. I can hardly believe that it really and truly happened. And I can hardly believe the Pearls’ indifference over it. Even if these parents took the Pearls’ teaching to the extreme and even if this was not want the Pearls had in mind when they gave instruction on how to discipline children; they have no right in the world to act they way they did…I remember reading that Mr. Pearl laughed when he heard about it. Even if the death of these children wasn’t related at all to the NGJ book, the Pearls should be down on their knees crying out to God because of the death of these children.
    I do not have any objecting to spanking. I believe that it is neccessary. But there’s a line, and we need to stay far away from it. A wooden spoon is fine; no need to use a plumbing supply line. And you can spank without abusing your child.

  7. thanks so much for this post. i am sickened everytime i think that these parents were truely trying to become “better” christians in following the pearls advise. i do feel sorry for them more than i feel anger. the danger in these books is that the pearls are declaring that beating your children “until they are sweet” with a “switch” is the ONLY way thier little souls will be saved and the only way to be a rightious christian parent. if you dont, they say you are disobeying god. not something any christian wants to hear.

    when you think that there are millions of these books in circulation right now and hundreds of thousands of parents following this horrible advise like it is gospel, (which it is not) behind closed doors, it really is frightening.

    being in christian circles, i constantly hear advise from this evil litle book by well meaning christians. so much so that i am currently pulling myself out of all of these christian circles and looking for non-christian based friendships…

    i have never known a non-christian parent to beat their children dailey for rightiousness. i have however seen christian parents proudly beat their kids all day long, day after day. and smile while doing it. and get praised by other christian child abusers.

    it makes me ashamed to call myself a christian.

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  10. I have a question, what really is behind the thing that both of these children were either adopted or in foster care? Please don’t take me wrong, I just wonder if the heart of the parent obviously was not towards the child, even so they were making terrible choices.

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  12. Jane, I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment before now.

    From talking with people who are involved with issues of attachment and adoption, I can’t help but think that the foster/adoption status did play a role. The Schatz’s birth son also had severe trauma — but it wasn’t as bad. Some factors may be that the children (Sean, Lydia, Zariah) may have had attachment disorders which made it harder for them to comply, issues that the birth children may not have had. Similarly, did the parents have unrealistic expectations of what to expect from children still navigating the transition of joining a new family?

    Did a maternal/paternal instinct help hold them back? Or was it possibly easier to see the bruises on the Schatz birth children that the dark skin pigmentation of the Schatz adopted children hid?

    It is complex. . .

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