At WPVKP I ( Vivek kumar poddar ) along with some other contributors write posts related to wordpress themes, plugins and customization.

Every opinion, thought or information shared on our blog posts are crafted in easy to understand format. I and my authors also try our level best to respond to each and every comment shared on our guides and tutorials.

Some of our collections and reviews have affiliate links in them. If any of our reader click on any of such link, he or she will be directed to any page or website where they can buy that particular product. But that doesn’t means that my blog is a complete affiliate website and I make living on it. That’s completely not true and that’s not going to happen ever.

Important Points To Note ::

Before recommending any theme or plugin to my readers, I first review them. Sometimes plugin and theme developer gives me direct access to their product for free and ask me to post legit review. So I can grantee that none of my posts are endorsed or forced by any developer or company. All posts and reviews on my blog are driven solely by personal experience and knowledge of authors.