around the world with a fridge

Hello, my name is Dave Nicoll, and in 2006/2007 I travelled around the world with a fridge. Why? Well, because I was challenged to! (watch video)

Starting in London, my journey took me across Europe, through Russia, then Asia, down to Australia, over to New Zealand, through North America and then - 9 months later - home.


maybe one day I'll get around to editing all the footage...



  • Q. How big is the fridge?
  • A. 14 litre capacity, 42cm x 26cm x 32cm, and a heavyweight at 6kg (empty). And before you say, "oh, it's just a small one" - think, could you carry one around the world? My right arm is now slightly longer than the left.
  • Q. You must have some good stories, what's your favourite?
  • A. Yep, tons of stories; from climbing a mountain with my fridge on my back, to almost drowning in a cave, to the theft and ransom of the fridge, to ghost hunting in Scotland! I couldn't pick just one - the whole nine months of travelling was one big incredible story.
  • Q. Who's the chap in the video who challenged you?
  • A. A friend who goes by the name of Dr Stephen Williams (he'll like that I remembered he's a doctor).
  • Q. How is the fridge?
  • A. The fridge is very well, thanks. He doesn't get out much these days, but he's well looked after. And yes, he still works!
  • Q. The fridge is a "he"?
  • A. Yes, in dark and sweaty clubs in South America he goes by the name, "Juan".
  • Q. What's the next big adventure?
  • A. It could well be this... "The ultimate 100 things to do before you die project".
  • Q. I've found a cow-print fridge card, do I win a prize?
  • A. Yes! Send me proof (a photo of you and the card will do), some details of where you found the card, and your name and address. My email address is at the bottom of the page.


The whole adventure would not have been possible without the support of these good friends: Giacomo Cera, Andy Judd, Georgia Koutsandrea and Nik Young, Roniek Bannink, Silvia Sarcina, Matt Walton, Kim Thorne, Katie Fulcher, Angus McDonald, Leo Fowler, Charlotte Aldridge, Helen Clark, Jessica Morris, Nic, Chompu Karawan, Josh Lee, Vinnie from XSiteDiving, Laurence, Nikki and Nadia, Donna Saarentola, Noah Rayburn, Yona Nelson, Megan, and The North Face and Sony Europe.

and finally...

You can find out more about Dave Nicoll here. Or contact him at . Copyright © 2006-forever David Nicoll. All rights reserved.