Rizwan Kassim
Updated August 2015
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer at Ultra Mobile

I solve problems and build companies. 

Ultra Mobile, my most recent project, is Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Company in America for 2015. We provide prepaid wireless service with international calling built into the plans - a vital link home for the 40 million foreign-born Americans. I led the design of our system architecture, carrier middleware platform, technology implementation and now focus on our strategic planning and business intelligence towards becoming a Next-Generation MVNO. 

I've been fortunate to be a part of an amazing business partnership, focused on continious innovation in communication. Some of our projects include IndiaLD and Hometown Telecom (#81 on INC 500’s list in 2011) - both provide excellent value in overseas calling. 

As a child of immigrant entrepreneurs, the importance of keeping ties with ones past while pursuing the American dream resonates deeply.  I always knew that taking ideas and making them into businesses was my calling - Ultra is my fifth business. I'm a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and the Entrepreneur's Organization, and a proud graduate of UCLA’s School of Engineering. 

I believe in taking risks, finding inspiration in quiet moments, and keeping an open mind.

I approach people and projects from a place of warmth, compassion and intention.

I am insatiably curious - for big data, skills, stories, experiences, emotions and most of all - self-knowledge.  This curiosity is what propels me forward.  “The only journey is the journey within.” —Rilke

I see the world as a series of investments; financial, personal, romantic, experiential - and I’m developing a keen eye on where I spend my limited time and resources — and I’m always looking for more opportunities to invest. I can be best contacted via LinkedIn.

I love to travel, talk, think and teach. 

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