Eastlake Council tables lease agreement between city, American Croatian Lodge for Central Park

Dennis Morley
Dennis Morley

Eastlake City Council tabled the resolution giving the mayor authority to enter into an agreement with the American Croatian Lodge to lease Central Park from the city of Eastlake for $1 a year.

A petition with 200 signatures was presented to council requesting that the panel table the resolution and look for alternative solutions. During the public speaking portion of the council meeting held April 12, four people addressed council, and asked that the city seek other options regarding the park.

The tabled resolution would have allowed the lodge to lease Central Park for $1 a year for a 15- to 20-year period. The lodge had intended to build five soccer fields on that property and assume full responsibility for maintaining the almost 7 acres of land for the duration of the lease agreement. While a nonprofit entity would have run the soccer fields, the lodge had agreed to rent the fields out for use to the general public.

Mayor Dennis Morley had said prior to the April 12 meeting that the city cannot afford to maintain the Central Park property.


By tabling the resolution, council gave the Finance Committee a chance to review a last-minute proposal submitted by a group called Eastlake Community Partners. The group stated that it would like to lease the park for the same amount and maintain the grounds, while keeping the park open for public use.

The Finance Committee will review the proposal during a meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. April 19 at city hall.

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