So what is telecommunication? The word telecommunication is derived from the two words telephone and communication. To understand the term telecommunication we need to understand the two words. A telephone as we all know is a device that permits its users to send voice messages or conduct a conversation while they are a distance apart. Today we know this device simply as a “phone.” Communication on the other hand is sharing of information from one person to another in order to convey meanings via a system understood by both parties.


From these simple words we can be able to gather that telecommunication is the transfer of information between two or more parties with the use of technological devices such as your cell phone, modem, or even your TV. Have a look at this New Braunfels SEO Video on You Tube. This information is transmitted by use of radio signals, physical mediums such as cables and electromagnetic waves. Your phone sends an electrical signal every time you text your mum through the air to your mum’s phone. The amazing thing is that telecommunication has evolved such that it happens in the speed of light such that we don’t it happening.


There are Four essentials of telecommunication which are the sender (you), the transmission medium (cable or air) the message (“I love you mum”) and finally the recipient (your mum); without this four communication through technological devices is not possible. Each phone has an antenna to send out signals. The signals may get weak (burn out) on the way and so your telephone company has amplifiers to boost the signal until it arrives at the desired destination. On arrival the radio receivers capture the signals and convert them into electrical signals understandable by the recipients’ device.


There are different types of telecommunication based on the number of messages that can be conveyed simultaneously. Telecommunication can either be simplex (one way only), half-duplex (two way but one way at a time), or duplex (two way). A good example of Simplex is your TV cable, they can send you all your favorite movies, but you cannot send them a thank you note over the cable. I hope you have seen your favorite cop use a walkie-talkie where he has to press a button and say “over” every now and then. Now that is Half-Duplex! Your phone is the best example of a duplex where you can scream at each other with your boss all at the same time It’s all around us and we cannot live without it so let’s embrace it!

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The advancement in the communication technology industry has culminated to the evolution of Telecommunication, a more advanced means of electronic communication. The world has become much globalized and a more admirable place to live in because of Telecommunication. Ideally, we can say that the world has become much smaller with the advancement in communication technology. Telecommunication has emerged along with quite an avalanche of immeasurable benefits to Humankind. Here are some of those benefits.


1.The advancement in the Telecommunication technology and the ample and more advanced access to various aspects of Telecommunication has radicalized the development process in various countries and states globally. This encompasses industrial manufacturing process for goods, banking processes, advancement in the education sector with the introduction of more advanced approach to learning processes via the internet, employment of new technology in Agriculture and good systems of governance in most nations globally.


A recent World Bank survey has shown that actually an injection of just a single US Dollar in the telecommunication industry has a possibility of giving back a return profit of more than 5 US Dollars economically because of the impact created by telecommunication on employment and overall spur of economic empowerment.

2.Medias of Communication such as the internet, e-mailing, telephoning among others have of late become very fundamental in spur ring and driving the economic success of a particular nation, in terms o economic success as well as the individual empowerment. The internet tool has become very instrumental as a virtual confluence for online businesses, marketing place, source of information, source of entertainment and other socializing platforms widely accessed by human beings. Through the internet, we can easily create and launch new businesses, or spearhead the delivery of key services in education and health to the people globally. That is a benefit of the telecommunication advancement.


Currently, nearly all countries data bases can be accessed via the internet and there is an estimation of more than half a billion internet users globally and more users are streaming in day by day.

  1. Concerning education, telecommunications technology has spurred the growth of distance learning which has given millions of people an opportunity to access informative sources on line. It has also enhanced the idea of distance learning where for instance a resident of Kenya can enroll for his Masters Degree study in United Kingdom and pursue the course fully without necessarily having to be in United Kingdom.


Also, it has become more effective to people with limited times for travelling to attend classes while simply sitting down in front of their internet enabled computers and streaming, collecting due assignments, researching, working on the assignments, submitting and later collecting the results online. This is Telecommunication in action.

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