S Club 7 are reuniting: but do they actually like each other? We found out, using Twitter

They’ve announced that they’re Bringing It All Back to perform a medley on Children In Need, but will they be singing through gritted teeth?

We decided to find out, using INTERNET SCIENCE – we looked at how often ‘the gang’ talk to (or about) each other on Twitter – measured by @ mentions. Going across, you can see how often each member mentions the others; going down, you can see how often each member is mentioned – so, where’s the beefs?

Least popular: Hannah

Most popular: Paul

There ain’t no party like an S Club party – where Hannah is standing in the corner crying because no-one will talk to her. We know Primeval was shite, but come on guys, at least she didn’t turn out to be a Big Brother racist like Jo, or quit the band like Paul.

But quitting early seems to have been a good strategy as everyone’s desperate to talk to him – “We still love you Paul!” they cry out, “We wish you have been in Seeing Double, Paul!”

Note also that Rachel is the least chatty member of the group – clearly still keen to distance herself and retain her solo personal brand.

Here’s the announcement of the reunion:

We’ll be watching closely. Very closely.

Now that we can get scientific evidence of which member of a pop group is liked the least by the others!, we decided to turn our pop beef analyser on to some other top groups:

One Direction

Least popular: Zayn
Most popular: Louis

Yep, no-one wants to talk to poor old Zayn. Although to be fair, he is also the One Directionist who talks to the others the least. Maybe he’s just not interested in this social media stuff, and is too busy painting graffiti in his special graffiti room in his house that his mum can’t complain about because it’s HIS HOUSE, MUM.

Girls Aloud

Least popular: Sarah
Most popular: Cheryl

Don’t worry Sarah, they’re probably just jealous of your top movie career – e.g. when you starred in Run For You Wife with Danny Dyer which made over £601* at the box office. Anywhere, they’re only so keen on Cheryl because they think they’ve got a shot at an X-Factor guest appearance.



Least popular: Damon

Most popular: Graham

Dave and Graham are clearly still bessies, while Damon Albarn’s probably on a social network you’ve never even heard of, talking about world music, or a funny thing Flea said to him yesterday.

Take That

Least popular: Howard & Mark (tie)

Most popular: Gary

Oh yeah, because Jason Orange is too good for the likes of Twitter.

It’s nice that Gary & Howard are such good friends, it reminds us of that Lucas & Walliams sketch about them living together and Gary making Howard cook him potato waffles.

East 17

Least popular: Brian

Most popular: Terry

No surprise that Brian Harvey isn’t talking to the rest of them, as he left the reformed East 17 under a cloud in 2010 after missing rehearsals and cancelling gigs.

He was never quite the same after managing to run his own head over with a car because he’d eaten too many jacket potatoes.

The Spice Girls

Least popular: Posh

Most popular: Mel C

Posh admirably stays in character by being too aloof to talk to anyone else, but are the other ladies still bitter about Ginger leaving the band in 1998? Geri reaches out to the other Spice Girls the most, but receives the 2nd smallest number of tweets in reply.

We thought that friendship never ends :(

The Beatles

Least popular: George, John, Pete Best

Most popular: Ringo

So much for peace and love. Ringo talks to Paul less than George does, and George died 5 years before Twitter even existed (his account’s run by his record label, or something). Meanwhile, everyone’s still trying to quietly ignore Pete Best: the ‘lost’ Beatle.

Look, we know it’s hard being in a band

One moment you’re a bunch of teenage mates, the next it’s 20 years later, you all hate each other, but you’ve still signed on for a 500 date tour because what else are you going to do?

But keep in mind: we’re watching you now, like creepy friendship accountants


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