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Rotherham Unofficial

An unofficial website about the town and borough of Rotherham

Rotherham Unofficial Homepage

Welcome to Rotherham Unofficial, which is about the town and borough of Rotherham

Rotherham Minster
Chapel on the Bridge Rotherham

This website has no connection or allegiance to other organisation. The opinions expressed on these pages are personal. I have tried to cover a variety of subjects about Rotherham of interest to citizens of the town, expatriate Rotherhamites, regular visitors, casual visitors and the just plain surfing. I hope you find something you like.

Rotherham is a metropolitan borough of about 250,000 people in the county of South Yorkshire, England. It is also the town of about 100,000 people which is not unnaturally the centre of the borough. The borough includes suburban areas, rural villages, open countryside and the towns of Dinnington, Maltby and Wath-upon-Dearne.


A look at the businesses, trades and industries in Rotherham with details of shopping and links to useful sites


Culture includes Arts & Crafts, Dance, Literature, Museums, Music and Theatre in Rotherham with useful information and links

Districts, Towns & Villages

Visit the districts of Rotherham and the villlages and towns within the borough including Dinnington, Maltby and Wath-upon-Dearne


The History of Rotherham looks at Rotherham over the centuries with sections about the industries that made Rotherham famous


Recreation looks at Events in Rotherham, Leisure Activities, Parks and Woodlands, Sports and Walking in the borough of Rotherham and also Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants


A look at Education, Famous People, Features, Politics, Religion, Rivers & Canals in Rotherham together with links to many organisations about Rotherham and a walk around Rotherham Town Centre


Places to visit in Rotherham, Where to Stay, Who to Contact, and some interesting places within reasonable travelling distance of the town


Rotherham Unofficial will close down in August 2016. If there is any information or photographs you want please remember to copy them before then. Any item or image copyright M Stock can be freely used.

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