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April 2012 Music Theory Poster Released

July 2010 Guitar Poster Turns 30

Music Theory

New Music Theory & Transposing Poster Released

Petaluma CA, Apr. 23, 2012

Castalia Communications has just announced the release of The Music Theory & Transposing Poster, a handsome 24" x 36" reference chart that makes understanding, teaching, and using music theory as easy as DO-RE-MI. The poster is designed for all musicians, music teachers, arrangers, songwriters, band leaders, choir directors-anyone with an interest in playing music and understanding the principles of harmony and how it works.

In addition to fundamentals such as Key Signatures, the Circle of Fifths, and the Great Staff, the poster shows, in easy-to-understand graphics, how harmony works. Castalia's famous Table of Keys™ and Chord and Scale Table™ use a system of numbers based on the tones of the major scale (DO-RE-MI=1-3-5 etc.) to represent the notes of scales and chords (the Universal Key). The system shows the notes for all chords and scales as well as which scales are commonly played with which chords to get the characteristic "sounds" of all styles of popular music, from classical to rock, county, blues, Latin, folk, pop, and jazz.

Transposition Made Easy

The poster's cross-reference system makes transposing songs and scores quick and easy even for those who do not read music. It also shows how to write chord charts and transpose progressions using the "Nashville System" (in which Roman Numerals are used to represent chords) which is used by professional studio musicians everywhere.

The Perfect Teaching Aid

With the publication of the Music Theory & Transposing Poster, music educators at last have a complete, easy-to-understand reference for music theory that will help their students comprehend how music works and apply what they have learned. This new poster is a must for every school music room as well as for teaching, recording, and rehearsal studios. It is the perfect addition to Castalia's line of educational posters for guitar, keyboard, and saxophone that have put the answers up on the walls of millions of musicians and thousands of music rooms and studios all over the world. This invaluable teaching and reference tool is only $9.99 (paper) or $19.99 (laminated). It is available in fine music stores everywhere and directly from the publisher by clicking here

Guitar Posters from Castalia Communications
Music Instruction - Guitar & Music Lessons & Billiards

Castalia Communications published The Guitar Poster in 1980, and since then our big (24" X 36"), beautiful music education posters have put the answers up on the walls of generations of musicians, helping millions play up to their potential at every stage of their musical development, improving their understanding of how music works, and gaining proficiency on their musical instruments. The graphics on our music education products work like road maps to harmony that show you how to play any chord or scale in any key, anywhere on your musical instrument.

• These wonderful works of educational art make understanding and using music theory as easy as DO RE MI, even if you don't read music!

Our world-renowned laminated posters are available mounted on sturdy foamboard in your choice of a handsome brushed metallic gold or silver-colored frame.

The high-sheen lamination eliminates the need for glass! Virtually indestructable, these lightweight and sturdy posters are perfect for classrooms, churches, teaching & recording studios, bars & night clubs, recreation rooms--any rooms.

Most framing shops charge between $125 and $200 to mount and frame a 24" X 36" poster. For only $99, we will have the USPS deliver a professionally mounted, laminated and framed work of educational art right to your door.

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