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Outs His Trolls And Tells Us Why He Seems Brilliant!

"Hail Victory!" Favorite words of Andrew Anglin, Leader of the poor, victimized, white people who everybody hates cause the Jew tells fairy tales and makes up facts about them! It's just not fair, dammit, but Andrew has this site, which the SPLC loves to promote (Jews only promote anti-semites they control!evil) in order to remind Jews of the crazy goy in the room and, the goy, of the crazy sand niggers near by (It seems there are a lot of JWO sites promoting Andrew, the hater-neo-nazi).

  Andrew, essence of cool, Anglin Now, if you have looked at the SPLC article, it, very respectfully, addresses the "Andrew Anglin problem". The question is, why do they address it at all?  Here, again, it s time for my favorite protocols quote, concerning control of the press, to ram home my point that most goyim just don't get. "You Don't Get To See Them Unless They're Co-opted!":

4. Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. And if there should be any found who are desirous of writing against us, they will not find any person eager to print their productions

 9. In the front rank will stand organs of an official character. They will always stand guard over our interests, and therefore their influence will be comparatively insignificant.

10. In the second rank will be the semi-official organs, whose part it will be to attack the tepid and indifferent

11. In the third rank we shall set up our own,to all appearance,off position, which,in at least one of its organs,will present what looks like the very antipodes to us.Our real opponents, at heart, will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.

12. All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions- aristocratic, republican,revolutionary,even anarchicalfor so long, of course, as the constitution exists..Like the Indian idol "Vishnu" they will have a hundred hands, and every one of them will have a finger on any one of the public opinions as required.

When a pulse quickens these hands will lead opinion in the direction of our aims, for an excited patient loses all power of judgment and easily yields to suggestion. Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us. In the vain belief that they are following the organ of their party they will, in fact,follow the flag which we hang out for them.

  The fact the SPLC did a respectful write-up of Andrew Anglin and his website, equates with their covert approval of him for, as it says in "the Protocols", nothing will reach the masses without their approval. Now, definitely, the internet has changed that, minusculy, to where pockets of real resistance can communicate and advertise amongst themselves but they are never promoted by the Mainstream Media, nor the big Alternative Media for a bigger audience. Only controlled opposition is. Folks, the SPLC is the mainstream media. Using the con of disapproval, they are advertising Andrew Anglin to make the public aware of him. This is a "red flag". Will Andrew get on Fox and will the dumb, WN goy be impressed if he does? Stay tuned!

"Controlled anti-semitism" has always been promoted, covertly, by Jews and is very good for Jewish solidarity and the fake victimhood, that they, successfully, imply they have while, in actuality, being the persecutors  to anyone challenging them, unlike the whining whites who are living the misery they are complaining about if not actually sucking up to the Jew for mammon and false approval; approval conditional on being a "good goy". Of course complainin ain't doin for those not sucking up and that's where the Jew ties it all together with his ruse while the  whites are askin for tissues to cry into and doin nuthin. It's a con for the Jew and part of their agenda and all too real, maybe more than it should be, for the whites, totally duped and paralyzed with a victim's status and a "waitin for massa" to make it right mentality (something the Jew has sown into the matrix fabric).

There will definitely be a place in Andrew's "White World Order" for these girls!

Anyway, good ole Anglin, the co-intel pro operator that he is, hates it when we don't just swallow his crap unchallenged and he really thinks we should stop all the infighting cause, "Can't we just all get along?", but then that puts him in a jam cause he just has to take everything thrown at him by all these jealous, hung-up, WN types and Andrew, the Alpha male, co-intel pro operator, at some point, finds that he must fire back......So he wrote an article addressing the attacks and also addressing why he's the greatest thing since Hitler and why he's a "Nazi version of Hunter Thompson", his words! Of course, no one has been attacking him recently so I find it interesting  he needs to, now, get this off his chest.

As stated above, Andrew Anglin loves making pyramid signs because for him, it's all about blaming scapegoat masons or "useful goy idiots" rather than guilty Jews. "Why, the Jews are just more intelligent than we are cause they breed for it", he says. "The protocols are not a document drawn up by Jews", he will contend, "and they have no world conquering plan. It just so happens, they are so talented, they can't help but to take over the world", he prattles on... 

 Yes, I believe it's clear, Andrew's boss is a guy named Schlomo and Andrew's job  is to make white people look extremely stupid by "cat calling" all his, in his own mind, supposedly, "Unchosen" brethren which, especially, applies to black folks and "Sand niggers" (Muslims). Since he has a sexual weakness for the oriental women he lives around, King Andrew has pronounced that when whites come into their kingdom, the oriental race will not have to live in Fema camps.... (if they give him good head, I assume).

Actually, he has written all this down in Andrew's "White Race Order Manifesto". Believe it, folks, the house Andrew wants to build for you guys ain't pretty, though, it will most likely be shaped like a pyramid, poorly made by whites, as a Jew copy, just like their poor emulating of Jewish "chosenous" they, too, like to claim really belongs to whites. (It just ain't fair!)

   So what other comments did Andrew make to let everyone know  how sweet and cool he is?To the right and above, you see a black Muslim conspiracy theorist name Luka Peel. Andrew comments at the audacity of Luka putting "real hero" in his description. What I  would like to know, though, is can Andrew see the "forest" for the "trees"? Here are some quotes, just below, where he points out, in a similar way, referring to himself, insinuated as "established facts", how great he is. He totally misses the "double standard" but maybe that's what makes him "not so great" after all .evil

"A more stupid argument claims I am doing it for money. I obviously (at least I hope it is obvious) have writing skills on par with any journalist, and could be making the $80,000 a year an AP journalist makes (or coming up with something much better and making a lot more, given the hours I work). Not being haughty here, it’s simply a fact. " (that's where the Jewish money under the table comes in handy!)

Andrew's other job helps him with WN brainwashingAlso, let me point out that Andrew is filling up his site with material to help WNs and the like, grovel in their slavery. He is not offering solutions to the Jewish rule problem but making up "annoy the Jew" games much like Adam Kokesh, from the A.Jones network, goes to public landmarks and dances, where it's against the rules, for "freedom" and gets arrested. Of course  he's a Jew and knows any arrest is just a goyim show, for him, cause they got plans for Adam and maybe Anglin as well,  to further distract any real resistance down the road. I see the subtle maneuverings behind the scenes to enable Anglin. For example, a guy named Black of Stormfront, removed a problematic thread Andrew was complaining about and  a guy named Mike DeLaney was apparently being directed on his Tru-tube site what posts met with Andrew's approval or not. These folks are slowly worked into the matrix fabric in ways most goy are oblivious to and suddenly, are claimed to be an expert of some sort or other or leader, possibly, of the resistance, by those already enabled earlier. See how it works? Who knows the  hours of training they get before hitting the stage but that's what secret societies are for; to train people on how to deceive with style! All this is easily done when the bulk of the resistance leaders are working for the JWO, covertly. An Op just asks for approval from other co-opted assets on anything controversial to reassure the mindless sheep they have hypnotized. "Duh, see,Ruprect, it must be true, everyone on TV says it's true!"...See how it works?

   Andrew Anglin has no other job beyond what he does on the web. His dad is rich. He is either getting under the table money from the SPLC or similar operation or from his protective daddy. He clearly states he barely covers operating costs with donations.(Question! Why do so many co-intel pro offer their insights from afar, dislocated from the real resistance they pretend to serve. Ans- They got something to hide like living a lifestyle out of sync with what they preach about to the mesmerized herd. Remember, co-intel pro, preach what they are told to preach, not what they believe and they know how to perform!!)

The other point is even though this article is littered with silly analogies,  he has the gall, because he's hooked a bunch of low IQ whites with defamatory race  language, to say he is a great journalist out loud, again, pronounced as fact. There are a lot of supposed "facts" Andrew takes for granted when he writes, much relating to race. Not only that, but he guides his readers towards MSM (Jew TV) watching with some of his post focuses such as:

Woman Whines About 70% of American Men Aged 20-34 Being Unmarried

 Why is he sending people to the Washington post and the Maury Povitch show?

True Cuck: Husband, I Assure You, I Have No Idea Why These Babies are Colored!

 Lol, really amping up the intellect, eh, Andrew, the boy wonder?

{Andrew reminds me a bit of a few other infiltrators. I am wondering if he  is the Luke Rudkowsky  equivalent shill for the WN movement. Rudkowsky runs the fake grassroots outfit, corporate structured, "We Are Change" and is also part of the "Alex Jones Network". Since Andrew has left Jones we can place him in contrast to Brandon-Zander Fuerza-Martinez and Veronikha Khazaar Clark-Kaulitz and even David Cole-Stein. Maybe I'll give you all my logic on that score, soon!}

  But it gets better with his Primadona, view of himself: " If I seem brilliant, it is only because I am guided by the principles of brilliant men (A. Jones). Of course, I do understand the drive for a leader, who will inevitably be a father-figure in many ways (Leon Trotsky), but I am not that guy. People who are looking for this guy in me are going to be disappointed, because I am often wrong, both in word and action."

Life sure gets rough when people look at you and think they see Hitler. We should all sympathize with Andrew's problem, shouldn't we? Now, we visited with Andrew in  a previous article talking about all of this, so, by all means check out more on the boy-wonder! 

 To the left, our boy wonder tries to do preemptive damage control by making his interaction with A. Jones seem the innocent ponderings of a new truther, misguided. It would have flown by me, successfully but for the nonchalant reference to A. Jones posting Anglin's articles. Listen up! This is what you call divulging a fact that can't be avoided and in so doing, to sound as innocent as possible. Brandon Martinez morphed from Jew-outer, Zander Fuerza and now pretends he never was that man and he gets help on this  from the ADL and every co-opted asset, fake truther that interviews him. The ADL, when they ran an "alarm bios" on Brandon, totally ignored his, much more controversial, previous four years as Zander!

Co-intel pro are expert  at making things seem totally normal. It takes experience to learn how to spot them. Knowing the methods of world rule the Jews, use, which is heavily steeped in infiltration, is crucial if we are ever to do more than cry in our towels about their unfair behavior. Andrew is here to make you FEEL like you are doing something when in reality, you are doing nothing at all but branding every white, Jew-wise individual as an intolerant asshole.That's what these assets do in this segment of resistance and my job is to tell you when I spot it. I'm telling you now that I have spotted a problem, here. Now it's your job to corroborate my findings and prove me wrong!

   Now, let me mention the "white guilt" many WNs go through when they have ascertained information that outs a comrade as  an operative traitor serving the Jew. They are so worried about the guilt trip their infiltrator op leaders put them on to keep  a unified front, they will throw all good sense out the window so as not to undermine the subverted kumbayah they are all singing. I noticed, today, an adversary of Anglin's, even mentioned in this article we are referring to, was trying to kumbayah and let bygones be bygones and making nice. What's wrong with you people! Because Anglin has a good couple of months where nothing out of the ordinary is perceived, you are gonna overlook the fact he's a traitorous operative? Well, this is why I work alone. Goy, all too often, muddle along, on their failed journey, feeling comfortable because they know the trail well.  Listen up! Sometimes, people, you got to break some eggs and I guess i am the designated egg-breaker, here! Unfortunately, friendships make  people blind to the obvious.

           I think at this point, I must bring up a sleight of hand Andrew is pulling on his trusting goyim. I quote: "So, in the recent SPLC attack piece, it was brought up that some people on Stormfront hate me, allegedly because I have a “race-mixing past” and said some things on a radio show with a Black guy years ago that amounted to a new Holocaust. My policy has continually been, throughout my life, to be as open and honest as possible with peopleeek. Long time readers will be aware that I have addressed these issues before, regularly, and often make reference to them. But as some newer readers feel that this is some sort of conspiracy, I feel it is only fair that I go ahead and address it again (the long post I wrote on Total Fascism about this isn’t available, as the site is no longer available – it will be back up at some point, I still have the database, it just isn’t hosted). I try to steer clear of drama, but I really want to get all of this off my chest. I’m going to speak on a couple people who have attacked me, even though I hate even addressing it, because it is simply not fair that I should have to remain in silence as these people continue to lie about and berate me.Honestly, this is more for my own catharsis than the benefit of the reader." (poor victim Andrew)

Here is where Andrew is misleading you. I was paying attention while this dust-up with Scott Roberts was occurring and what I remember over and over through posted comments or videos from Scott was this problem he was having of videos, proving the accusations, taken down due to a complaint by Andrew Anglin to You or Tru-Tube. Andrew was panicking about this information spreading or why would he act that way? I heard, though I do not know if it is true or not, that Andrew bought the implicating tape (somehow he got the money evil) where he did, indeed, say  that the white race should be bred out, that black is beautiful and so on.

    Andrew is what you call slick. This tape came out in 2011, or so, right after  Alex Jones and him  decided that Andrew should become bait for racist, Jewaware whites. Yes, Andrew posted regularly on known co-intel pro, A.Jones Info Wars site and now in 2011, found himself transitioning to his new assignment as a race segregationist Jewaware. He got a bit tight before talking with a guy he would later refer to as from the "sub-human" category, but being a Jones puppet, he was quite happy with talking and fell immediately into his ole habit of blaming the white race for everything. Since Jones won't let you blame the Jews for anything, he still was not comfortable with dissing, even as an infiltrator, his bosses, the Jews, and the worst he could say was, "They breed for intelligence." To this day Anglin denies the Protocols of Zion is a Jewish book and therefore denies a Jewish world subversion plan.They are always on the phone, Alex is training Andrew in the fine art of shillery!

    I believe Andrew has garnered  some confidence through weathering the recent storm, however, by posting twice as much goy hate content  onto his site during the disruption. (It's a proven fact that goy hate material kills brain cells of those whites that are susceptible to it's message) This distracted and made irrelevant any material, no matter how valid, that Scott posted because a good "Muslim beheading" of a white person or a strong pronouncement that the white race invented everything worthy of note always numbs out the thinking apparatus of Andrew's target audience, low IQ whites.

faithful followers of AndrewAll kidding aside, we, here are focusing on this "fake" for a couple of reasons. Andrew is getting big numbers to his website. He is being promoted by the SPLC as an anti-semite which means  he's co-opted cause Jews do not publicize folks they don't control. Andrew is succeeding through  co-opting the lowest common denominator of Jew aware proles, those that fixate on negative feelings for every other race but their own.Those that are drawn like a magnet when terms like "sub-human" and "sand nigger"  are everyday discourse. Those that need a reason for wallowing in their own crap of which "White Victim Hoodiology" ,what Anglin espouses, is the served elixer onsite and the "bait" mentioned, earlier, that brings them in. I did learn something new in this article and that is Andrew got his start with Alex Jones. Alex Jones, basically, only posts folks who are co-opted assets of Big Brother Jew. Jones has been co-intel pro from day one and most likely comes from a mason background. He has a Jewish wife and Jewish kids and Anglin started or was enabled through A.Jones and then was reassigned to a new area of resistance for infiltrating, an area where Jones versus Anglin would become regular entertainment for the  hypnotized prey he had corralled! Don't fool yourself, when the match is over they are buying each other beers in the lounge behind the curtain.

Also, specializes in outing disinfo because it is spread to keep us fighting each other and focusing on a low level Maury Povitch character rather than the Jew maestro in the back, Andrew's specialty. Andrew sprinkles Jew awareness while committing gluttony with Goy on Goy hate speech, a big tempting distraction away from the Jew for many whites who, perhaps, aren't quite aware enough to know better. Andrew, in our opinion,  is enabled by Jews to guide the goy when times are tenuous and the elites are vulnerable (Sandy Hook Hoax). All assets are supposed to subtly distract, whenever they can, while waiting for the crucial situations to occur that they are in place for. They work for the Jews and we can call them traitors even when they masquerade as good friends. If they lie to us, for them, they are traitors!

here is the article that was the inspiration for this response

Read the Protocols, it's the Jews, stupid!

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