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Goes from Hitler defender,Jew outer to a kinder,gentler persona (for the tribe) as Brandon

Zander Martinez and Stein-Cole ? with new handler VK Clark-crack the whip, girl!

At the moment, I have Deanna doing her best demonization of a prole supposed sedition monger on a you tube vid here. Go to 40 minutes in to hear Deanna turn on "psycho bitch" evilWhat we need to understand about the shill game is the reinforced networking involved in it's maintenance.

recommended links seen on VK Clark's website

  A Deanna Spingola is but one tip of the iceberg that roots to a Jew involved in the Jonestown massacre named of Mark Layne. Assuming Mark is still alive, he  owns both American Free Press and Barnes Book Review. Michael Collins Piper who links to both AFP and The Ugly Truth and Mark Glenn is or has been employed by Layne. I am also seeing Mami's Shit connected with that whole group as well.

Gilad Atzmon gave the first sign of a Trevor labonte rollout last spring

   Layne, as I recall, has CIA affiliations. So we need to understand that the only way someone not compromised is going to get involved with any of these sites is as a compromised asset or as "useful idiot" subjects. Any aware goy bucking this system will quickly be shown the door as John Friend was in early fall at AFP for following the Sandy Hook unofficial conspiracy and interviewing cast asides like Jim Fetzer. When people unknown are introduced as trustworthy assets by any of these ops simply know there is a Jew at the top of the pecking order ok-ing the "trusted op" in question. I have recently noticed that this network ties into PressTV and to Arthur Topham as they were pushing a goy I have known for two years, supposedly being persecuted by the Jews in Texas. There was this infiltration at a meeting in Iran that involved Mark Glenn, Kevin Barrett and Gareth Porter. I believe the whole thing was a setup for Mark Glenn was supposedly pushed aside for a stranger with MSM credentials. This highly suspect knowing how much cloudt Glenn has there. Then Mark Glenn's bosom goy buddy, Trevor Labonte writes up a big piece on this that gets promoted heavily by this network and now all of a sudden, Trevor is a regular commentator on Press TV. Gilad Atzmon was actually the 1st to start outwardly promoting Trevor. This rollout was absolutely coordinated and since many of the players are co-opted, IMO, and at the least, useful idiots, I am watching that scenario indefinitely for signs of subversion. This then leads us to Brandon Martinez.

Perhaps the most exciting news is the revelation that Brandon Martinez, a guy that has no posts before 2014 but is a already enabled as a regular contributor at Press TV, used to be called Zander Fuesar of ZionCrimeFactory. I wonder why he needed to switch IDs? Also, it seems that Zander, I mean Brandon, is being helped by VK Clark, the exposed krypto Jew, fake NS historian and all around ADL apologiser. We linked those two back in August on intelligent speculation along with their handler, Deanna Spingola, here for being plants. Again, Non_Aligned media is Zander's baby. I got some info here and the long Bollyn piece below.

     Back to Brandon. If he is indeed Jewish and in his early twenties, it would remind me of the Luke Rudkowsky enablement in New York for the, now, corporate entity, "We Are Change" or "grassroots dissent" with a corporate jew structure over site. Rudkowsky looks to have been enabled in a similar way that Alex Jones was enabled.

"We Are Change" code of conduct

There is definitely enabling going on for the planting of weeds disguised as flowers in goy gardens.All our information is coming from Jews in service of the Jew through the format of disinfo- mixing good and bad information, throwing bones to hook the targets to the disseminator, and then steering towards non-problematic focus areas, harmless or productive for power. evil Rudkowsky is a Polish Jew and was clearly tuned to do what he does by the tribe. Twenty year olds just do not have that kind of focus unless it's ingrained via secret society methods. Judaism is SET-UP LIKE A SECRET SOCIETY by the way.

So who is Zander? Why is it safe to use his real name now when he couldn't a year ago? Was he instructed to envoke a new mellower role from the in your face "It's the Jews" psyop he previously played? Are we being played here? There are many, in the Jewish culture, trained for infiltration from a young age. Doubtfully smarter than goyim, clearly Jews are trained to have a committed purpose which boils down to a goyim subversion  MO for Jewish benefit via trickery and false assimilation something goyim are oblivious to.. they always put the tribe before anything else. Their message can be very appealing but a good disinfo artist has no qualms about re-releasing "out there" information to hook his target audience or offer new revelations that seem great but are in reality non-threatening to the Jewish power base. After all, it's what they have been doing for 2000 years +. His ZCF fame was linked closely with Deanna Spingola promotion as  was VK Clark's rise  to goyim awareness. Simply investigate the shill tactics exhibited by Deanna surrounding Sandy Hook scrutiny to cement the truth of her shilliness and co-optugation. The Sandy Hook psyop intimidation scheme outed a lot of cointel pro for those that have eyes and ears. They didn't realize a  new goy had come to town with fresh eyes to see what  others had trained themselves to overlook. It's called "The Elephant in the Room" syndrome. Learning not to see what's obvious because everyone else also pretends not to see it or learned to ignore it. Zander disappearing last November and re-emerging as a different person named Brandon from Canada and having writing roles immediately available at Veteran's Today affiliates as well as Press TV puts Brandon a probable infiltrator, plant. I was already pretty sure he was because of his weird history with racists, of which he outwardly had nothing in common.. I assume this book Brandon is releasing  about 911 is the same book that he wrote as Wait,wait wait-Brandon spends the previous 4 years hanging out with Jew hating racists and the ADL does not think it's worthy of mention! Lol,this is getting obvious.The ADL is covering up Brandon's "Zander Fuesar" past, LMAO!Zander with a few changes. I wonder why folks that should be fighting along with us need to trick us exhibiting so little trust with a corresponding need to be so distant from their comrades.. I think I know.Like VK Clark, Zander-Brandon isn't one of us-he's a plant. When corresponding views should by all rights make you comrades but you are treated as a subversive from day one, that's a clue. That's what got us tailing VK Clark. Her affiliation and links with Zander plus the weird histrionics surrounding the ZCF abandonment plus the Deanna Spingola commonality with Clark drew Zander-Brandon into our crosshairs. Zionist agents everywhere you look people! This situation is dire. Think of it. Everyone giving us our leads and stories is beholden to a Jew puppet master and we are going complacently to our deaths in our stupor of acceptance of this.  No one seems to understand that you can't resist evil if evil is running the show of the resistance. It's that ole "Jew Rose colored glasses" chestnut that I keep shining the spotlight on.

Brandon Martinez Update

It seems Brandon doesn't like to talk to anyone from the blind mob that starts learning how to see.  I asked him a few questions and no response and then the other thing. ADL has flagged Brandon!  Now many will say "That must mean he's legit!" No, big no, the ADL only outs anti-semites it controls.And surprise surprise in the statement the ADL made on it's website, it does a bios of Brandon totally ignoring his much more previously used alias. Now why would ADL not make that info available? ....Hmmmmmmm

Zander, Veronikha, be on your bestest behavior! I'm watching for mistakes!wink

More on all these revelations in the coming weeks as I digest the new info and look for more clues.Enjoy the Bollyn piece, who, TBH, may be compromised as wellevil. 

Have patience awhile; slanders are not long-lived. Truth is the child of time; ere long she shall appear to vindicate thee.- Kant

The worthiest people are the most injured by slander, as is the best fruit which the birds have been pecking at.-Jonathan Swift

Debunking the Lies of Michael Piper

For the past five years I have been subjected to an incredible amount of slander and defamation. Oddly, most of the defamation comes from two people with whom I was formerly associated, namely Eric Hufschmid and Michael Piper. Both of them lie about me with impunity with orders to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. They have both clearly been given orders to attack my credibility and kill me with ignominy. In this respect Hufschmid and Piper act in the same way as Daryl Bradford Smith, who was recorded threatening Hufschmid and ordering him to "Slam Bollyn every way you can" in 2007. The similarity of their efforts indicates they are working under the same orders and most likely for the same agency. A sure indication of an agent is his ability to lie with impunity. It seems logical that it is not because my 9/11 research is flawed or incorrect that these three disinformation agents have been ordered to attack me -- but because it is correct and true. he following is from the beginning of the 2007 conversation in which the agent Daryl B. Smith (DBS) rudely threatens and orders Eric Hufschmid (EH) to attack me every way he could. To listen to Smith screaming and swearing like a complete madman gives the listener some idea of the intensity of the vile and malicious effort to defame me. Smith, who issupported by Michael Piper as "a genuine  anti-Zionist", is obviously under the influence of a very evil power.

Chris Bollyn

DBS: Well, here's a deal. And this is between you and me, because we've been doing this a long time together. You have to come out and, and slam Bollyn every way you can, in my, in support of me. Every way you can. No compromise. If you don't, I want parting from our, from our relationship.

But what do you mean, slam him?

DBS: I, whatever the f--k you need to do to make this son-of-a--- be crippled by the s--t he's doing. I'm talking about a full court press on this guy. I'm talking about whatever it is you know about him, whatever it is you can say about him, whatever it is you can do about him, you need to do now. And if you can't do that, Eric, we gotta go. I gotta go.
Although they have also attacked each other, Hufschmid, Smith, and Piper work in harmony in their attacks against me. Hufschmid and Piper both claim, for example, that I am under the control of Zionists and that they are the only true anti-Zionists. Hufschmid, for example, has claimed since 2007 that I have been kidnapped by the Israeli Mossad. Based on this ridiculous claim, Hufschmid has ignored my 9/11 research for the past five years, such as my bookSolving 9/11, saying that I am writing "Zionist bait" under the control of my kidnappers. I dealt with Hufschmid in an article entitled "Eric Hufschmid and Rupert Murdoch - Agents of Deception" written in October 2010. 
Michael Piper, on the other hand, goes further and fabricates malicious lies about me and my wife in his relentless effort to defame me. As a veteran writer and senior officer at American Free Press, however, Piper's defamation is much more serious because he represents a newspaper and organization which many patriotic Americans believe in and support. It is for this reason that it is absolutely imperative for me to debunk and expose the falseness of the vicious lies of Michael Piper. By seeing how he is lying about an honest 9/11 researcher, one is able to understand Piper's role as an agent of the other side. A silver lining of the undercover police attack and malicious prosecution that I suffered in the corrupt courts of Cook County in 2007 is that through this ordeal Michael Piper and American Free Press were fully exposed as controlled opposition agents under the thumb of the Jewish lawyer, Mark Lane.

Fat Fuck, Michael Collins PiperMichael Piper of American Free Press is paid to defame me with lies and disinformation. Exposing Piper's defamation is essential to understanding his role as a controlled disinformation agent.
As an independent journalist since June 2000, I have written about a number of significant and sensitive subjects. As a journalist with American Free Press, a weekly paper based in Washington, D.C., I wrote a great deal about the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 from the day of the attacks until October 2006. Then, suddenly, I was fired from AFP in early October 2006 after being attacked by three heavily-armed undercover police at my home in mid-August 2006.

Our police departments are being made adjuncts of the ADL's efforts to suppress dissent in America. Outspoken journalists such as Bollyn are the frontline targets. Don't let it happen in your town.

- Michael Piper, "ADL Link to Bollyn Case", American Free Press, 27 August 2006
After the assault by the three-man tactical squad, which left me TASERed with a broken elbow, the populist paper I wrote for suddenly turned against me. This change was most obvious in the behavior of Michael Piper, a corporate officer of American Free Press. Two weeks after the assault on their star journalist, Piper demanded that the publisher, Willis Carto, refuse to allow me to attend the paper's annual conference, held in Washington D.C. over the Labor Day weekend. During 2005 and 2006, however, Piper had always introduced me to his radio audience as "America's best investigative journalist, bar none." Now, days after being attacked by a tactical team of undercover cops, Piper was demanding that "America's best investigative journalist" be barred from attending AFP's annual conference. How much sense does that make?

This was very odd to say the least and speaks volumes about the real nature of American Free Press. There I was, an American journalist who had done a great deal of original research on 9/11, beaten and TASERed at his home by a corrupt police force. There is a huge and very important story there. All of the things AFP warns its patriotic readers about had actually happened to their star reporter in the middle of the United States, but they did not want me talking about it at their annual conference. How very odd. Although I was not allowed to attend the conference this did not stop AFP from collecting thousands of dollars from their readership for my legal defense fund.

Michael Piper has continued to wage a relentless campaign of defamation against me ever since. Defamation is the act of damaging a person's reputation by saying or writing bad or false things about them. Today, nearly 5 years after I was fired from American Free Press, Piper continues to defame me. The first question is why? Why would an officer of a so-called patriotic newspaper go to such lengths to defame an independent 9/11 researcher? Piper is one of the controlling people at American Free Press. When I began working at the Liberty Lobby in the summer of 2000, Michael Piper would eat lunch at a local restaurant with Willis Carto, Mark Lane, and the accountant, Blayne Hutzel. As one of the corporate officers, Piper is allowed to sign checks from the various companies that control the funds for the organization.

Piper seeks to defame me by using lies to portray me as a Zionist agent who has sabotaged the 9/11 "movement". A Google search of my name, for example, brings up a webpage entitled "Christopher Bollyn - Agent Saboteur", just below the link to my own website The "Agent Saboteur" link brings the reader to a website called, which has a very large section devoted to defaming me and my investigative research on 9/11.

The most recent defamation on this site is called The Bollyn - Hufschmid - Murdoch "Coincidence", revised on July 17, 2011. This page begins by saying that I am a "suspected Zionist infiltrator" and a "proven liar" who uses a "a standard COINTELPRO tactic from the 1960s of smearing genuine activists as 'agents'."
The introduction, or Executive Summary, is very short but reveals a great deal about what is really going on at

Two suspected Zionist infiltrators come on to the anti-Zionist 9/11 truth scene within a year of 9/11, both collaborate for years after 9/11 - from 2002 to 2007 at least, and both are using a standard COINTELPRO tactic from the 1960s of smearing genuine activists as "agents". Both of them are proven liars who promote disinformation and are a liability to the truth movement. And it turns out that both of these Judas Goats are connected to billionaire Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

According to attorney Brian Glick, the FBI used four basic methods for their COINTELPRO of the 1960s: Infiltration by agents and informers, psychological warfare from the outside, harassment through the legal system, and extralegal force and violence. His book, War At Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About It, has the following description for infiltration (page 10):

1. Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.

[The next 3 paragraphs describe what I also call the CHUTZPAH MANEUVER... -PC]

Glick points out how agents accuse genuine activists of the very deceptions that agents are themselves guilty of.

Covert Manipulation to Make A Legitimate Activist Appear to be an Agent: An actual agent will often point the finger at a genuine, non-collaborating and highly-valued group member, claiming that he or she is the infiltrator.

Although the author of is not known, Michael Piper is clearly the source and author of most of the material about me. He has crafted these lies about me, my wife, and others in an effort to discredit and defame me. Reading through the document, which I call "the Piper piece", it is clear that he is using projection, just as Brian Glick says agents will do. Agents accuse genuine activists of the very deceptions that agents are themselves guilty of


People who don't know me might be fooled into believing the lies of Michael Piper. This is, after all, what the people who control Piper want. He works very hard at spreading lies and disinformation about me because he is ordered to do so -- and is being paid for it. Using bald-faced lies mixed with facts, Piper spins a web of disinformation which he hopes the gullible reader will believe. Sowing suspicion about me and my work is the goal.

It needs to be said that this response is not a personal attack on Michael Piper. This is simply a much-needed response to his campaign of disinformation and defamation against me. There is nothing personal between me and Mike Piper. He is simply an agent of disinformation who poses as an American patriot. By attacking me Piper hopes to create suspicion and doubt in the reader's mind about me and my 9/11 research. The purpose is "to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters", as Glick says. This is what agents and informers do. I am the genuine activist and Piper is the agent seeking to smear me as an agent. There are so many lies in the Piper piece that I can't address each of them individually. I will try to expose the key lies in his tangled web of deception so that the reader can see who is telling the truth, and who is lying.

Piper claims that my wife and I were spying on him in Mexico in 1997. "In April of 1997, the Bollyn couple were tailing Mike Piper in Cancun, Mexico," the webpage says. Piper goes on to say that when he met us in May 2000 he realized that we were "the same couple" that had tailed him in Cancun in 1997. If Piper truly realized in 2000 that Helje and I had been trailing him in Mexico, why did he promote me to his listeners in 2006 as "America's best investigative journalist, bar none"? Piper was either deceiving his listeners in 2006, or he is lying about us having trailed him in Mexico. In either case, he is trapped in his own lies. 

The idea that we were following Piper in Mexico is a complete fabrication. My wife Helje has never even been to Mexico, and I have not been there since the 1980s. My wife, who was pregnant for most of 1997, had her hands full raising our two-year old son. She certainly was not interested in following Michael Piper. After all, we did not even know who Michael Piper was in 1997. If he really believed that we had been tailing him in Mexico in 1997, why did he never mention this to me during the 6 years we worked together at AFP?

Piper also claims that my wife was a "nude model" and that we had shown him "her nude modelling photos". This is another lie. Helje worked as a professional model in Stockholm and Chicago, where we lived, but none of her work can be called nude modelling. The only photo that he could be referring to is one of Helje and our 10-month old son for a Stockholm traffic safety campaign billboard that encouraged drivers to use proper baby car seats for their children. This campaign was quite unusual because Sweden does not allow billboards along the highways. This photo was part of an official child safety campaign that used special billboards on 14 highway ramps around Stockholm in 1996 and 1997.

Guardian Angel or Child Car Seat?

The document claims that Helje has two Jewish names, Brand and Kaskel. Firstly, Brand is not Helje's name at all. Brand is the name of my mother's Swiss-born foster father. Kaskel may be a Jewish name but in the case of Helje's family they only took this name in 1938 during a campaign in the Republic of Estonia to encourage people with foreign-sounding names to take names that sounded more Estonian. Helje's father's family name was Klaassen, a name of Scandinavian origin. Her grandfather received 5 crowns for choosing the name Kaskel from a list of names.

Piper's disinformation piece also claims that my first wife was an "Israeli intelligence officer." This baseless claim is repeated throughout the piece as if it were a proven fact. The fact of the matter is that when she was drafted into the army, like all Israeli girls at age 18, Bosmat was assigned to work as a secretary, which was normal for a girl with her profile. She did not like working in the army and got married to get out. To call her an intelligence officer when there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim is dishonest.

The Piper piece also claims that I worked with Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith. This is not true. I have always worked as an independent journalist. Hufschmid and Smith invited me to speak on their "French Connection" podcast as did many others. I was reluctant to speak with Smith because I had seen that he had already begun defaming me after I had visited him at his home in France. 

Piper also takes rather normal things and spins them in a way to make me look suspicious. The fact that I travelled via Germany to go from Brussels to Smith's house in France leads Piper to all kinds of speculation. The simple fact of the matter is that there was a French rail strike at the time. I decided to use the German trains, which give extremely good value for travelling families, and then rent a car from Geneva. I also travel to Switzerland when I can because I enjoy visiting the country where some of my ancestors came from.

The Piper piece also makes a big deal of the fact that I met Rupert Murdoch when I was a ski guide at the Pine Creek Cookhouse near Aspen, Colorado. What Michael Piper or his fellow agent don't seem to understand is that the Pine Creek Cookhouse is a place that is frequented by many people like Murdoch. It was not at all unusual to see Hollywood stars and politicians in the dining room. Once I saw a short fellow at the workbench in the ski shop and wondered what he was doing. It turned out to be Michael Douglas. One of our regular visitors was Robert McNamara, who enjoyed back country skiing in the peaks above Aspen. 

It is important to note that the Piper piece, which claims I am a "proven liar", promotes Piper and Smith as "genuine anti-Zionists". Smith revealed himself as an agent in 2007 when he was taped telling Hufschmid to "slam Bollyn every way you can." It is obvious that Piper and Smith are controlled by the same people and have the same orders -- "Slam Bollyn."

Daryl Bradford Smith, the anti-Bollyn agent, a.k.a. Daryl B. Setters

I only went ahead and spoke on the "French Connection" because I believed it was more important to get the information out about 9/11 than to refuse to participate. It is, however, utterly false to say that I was working with Hufschmid and Smith. It is more correct to say that they were using my research to bring attention to their show. Hufschmid did tell me about Sam Danner, who turned out to be a 9/11 hoaxer.

The Piper defamation piece says that I am responsible for the deception of Sam Danner, a person who apparently lied when he said that he had been at the Pentagon on 9/11. I had interviewed Sam Danner at length and found his testimony to be interesting and credible. I wrote two articles about Danner's testimony for American Free Press. Both articles included the necessary caveats, such as "if true" and "if accurate", etc. to warn the reader that the article was based on eyewitness testimony. "If his account is true" is how I introduced Danner's material. This lets the reader know that this is not factual, but a person's recollection. The reader is warned and can decide how credible he sounds.

Apart from outright lies, the Piper document claims that I am a "proven liar" because I have reported people saying things that were later challenged by another person or through another source. In these cases, however, Piper or his partner readily accept the veracity of the claim made by the other party and say this proves that I am lying. My report that Benjamin Chertoff, for example, who worked on Popular Mechanics "9/11 debunking" article, was related to Michael Chertoff, is said by Piper to be a lie because Benjamin has disputed what his mother told me on the phone. The Piper piece also misrepresents the Chertoff connection to 9/11 by completely ignoring the fact that Michael Chertoff, as Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division, played the key role in the 9/11 cover-up by supervising the federal non-investigation of 9/11 and the destruction of the crucial evidence. In this way the Piper piece seeks to protect Michael Chertoff. How odd. 

When asked about the relationship with Michael Chertoff, Benjamin's mother told me "they are cousins", which is how I reported it. The Piper piece says that Benjamin said his mother had said "they might be distant cousins." This is certainly not what she told me, but the Piper piece takes the words of Benjamin Chertoff as true in order to present me as a liar. He does the same with the account of my arrest at the hand of the corrupt police of Hoffman Estates. By accepting the words of the police who attacked me as the complete truth, the Piper piece seeks to portray me as a liar, even when the dispatch timeline clearly supports my statements about the police conspiracy to injure me.


Another example is what I reported having been told by Mark Loizeaux about the discovery of molten metal at the base of the three collapsed towers of the World Trade Center:

AFP [Bollyn] asked Loizeaux about the report of molten steel on the site. "Yes," he said, "hot spots of molten steel in the basements." These incredibly hot areas were found "at the bottoms of the elevator shafts of the main towers, down seven [basement] levels," Loizeaux said. The molten steel was found "three, four, and five weeks later, when the rubble was being removed," Loizeaux said. He said molten steel was also found at 7 WTC, which collapsed mysteriously in the late afternoon.

This is exactly what Mark Loizeaux told me during our telephone conversation in 2002. The Piper piece says that I have deliberately misquoted Loizeaux, which is a lie. I reported what Loizeaux told me in his own words. How would anyone know what Loizeaux said to me, other than myself and Mark Loizeaux? Furthermore, Loizeaux has never complained or claimed that what I reported about his comments was in any way incorrect. If I had misquoted Loizeaux I would expect to hear from him.

There are many lies about my arrest following the undercover police assault on me at my home in August 2006. The Piper piece, for example, claims that I lied when I said that I was thrown into a cell with no water and told to drink from the toilet. To prove that I am lying, the Piper piece shows a jail cell in Hoffman Estates with a toilet and sink. In my case, I asked for water because I was very thirsty and no water came from the tap when the button was pushed above the sink. The water flow had evidently been turned off. The Hoffman Estates police lied in court about everything that happened when they assaulted me at my home in August 2006. 
One point that the Piper piece brings out is the fact that the ambulance and fire department were dispatched to my house about three minutes before the plain clothes tactical unit even arrived on the scene. This is supported by the official dispatch timeline and the fact that my wife saw the ambulance parked near our house when she stopped the undercover police coming up our driveway. The ambulance had been sent to my home to be prepared for an unknown medical emergency nearly three minutes before the undercover unit arrived. 

My wife, who confronted the three plainclothes men wearing body armor coming up our driveway, saw the ambulance and fire truck in front of a neighbor's house, about 100 feet away. The fire department vehicles had been dispatched to our home at 20:01:06 while the undercover tactical unit only arrived on the scene at 20:03:56. The fire department vehicles were logged in as being on the scene at 20:03:57, only one second after the arrival of the undercover cops. This is due to the fact that the ambulance, which had been dispatched for an "unknown medical emergency", only had to travel two blocks from its station to my house. 

The Piper piece also misrepresents the police response to my 911 call. I had called 911 because I had seen a suspicious vehicle with three heavily-armed men prowling around my house for two nights in a row. I pondered calling the police for a while after I had discussed the situation with my wife. What was so alarming to us was the fact that the three plainclothed men approached our house in a threatening manner. As we found out later, the tactical squad had hijacked the response to the 911 call and ordered the uniformed officer not to respond.

A 2006 brochure from the Village of Hoffman Estates encouraged residents to call 911 "when in doubt"...

advising residents to call 911 "whenever you need police or fire service."
"Something is obviously wrong", the Piper piece says about the ambulance being dispatched before the arrival of the police:

Has there ever been a single example in human history where bent cops planned to attack someone, and helpfully called the paramedics to come to the aid of their victim in advance - thereby voluntarily providing evidence that would incriminate themselves and could be used to prove their victim's innocence in a court of law?
Yes indeed, there is something very, very wrong with the undercover police assault on Christopher Bollyn, an American journalist, at his home in August 2006.

What I discovered is evidence of a police conspiracy to injure or kill an American for exercising his Constitutional rights, which is a serious federal crime. This is why I realized that my chances of winning in the Zionist-controlled courts of Cook County were extremely slim. Had I won and been found not guilty, I would have been in an excellent position to sue the police and expose their crimes and the people who were behind their attack on me. With his lies, Piper is obviously protecting the corrupt police.

The police report claimed that they smelled alcohol on my breath -- from a distance of three meters. If there was any suspicion that I was intoxicated why did the police not do a simple breath analysis like they do for drivers? They were, after all, traffic police. The only reason I was not tested for alcohol is because there was no indication of intoxication. Rather than test me, the police used lies to try and defame me. They certainly had the means to test me, given the presence of 7 police cars, one ambulance, and a fire truck at my house that evening. Why didn't they?

The entire incident was recorded on police videotapes in the 7 police cars that came to my house. Like the crucial steel from the World Trade Center, the video evidence of the police action at my home was "recycled" by the police department in clear violation of their own regulations and my written request to preserve all the evidence. Why would the police destroy the evidence? Why was the steel from the World Trade Center destroyed?

Why has Michael Piper taken the side of the corrupt police and engaged in a defamation campaign against me for the past five years? It is certainly not because what I have written about 9/11 is wrong. If my analysis and reporting about 9/11 were inaccurate and flawed why would Piper spend so much time attacking me and my wife rather than arguing the facts about what really happened on 9/11? 

I trust in the intelligence of my readers to be able to discern what is true and what is false. Michael Piper is clearly involved in spreading malicious lies and disinformation about me. More importantly, what does this say about the integrity of the outfit he is working for?

Bollyn, Christopher, "Slam Bollyn Every Way You Can - Understanding the Purpose and Methods of Defamation", 9 December 2007
Bollyn, "Bollyn Responds to Malicious Slander of Daryl B. Smith", 7 September 2007

Hufschmid, Eric, "Smith's weird phone call on 8 September 2007" (with mp3 files of Smith's extremely rude and threatening phone calls to Hufschmid)

Hufschmid, Part I of D.B. Smith's threatening and obscene call

Hufschmid, Part II of DBS call

Hufschmid, Part III of DBS call

Piper, Michael, "ADL Link to Local Police Agencies Uncovered in Chris Bollyn Affair", American Free Press, 27 August 2006

Judaism, in addition to being a people and nation spread out through the world with its own religion, is also a sect or a secret society, because most Jews consider the country in which they live to be a colony of Israel.

This applies even to the political state of Israel as it now exists. They are organized into secret ceremonies of initiation at the age of 13, holding political-religious meetings and rendering oaths of secrecy and absolute obedience to the leaders.

All this is done as in secret societies and participating in ceremonies in which the rituals of freemasonry are a weak imitation. It is this complex society, conspiring as a people, religion, and sect of the Israelite nation, that has been called Judaism.

The family is the basic unit of Judaism and is patriarchal in most countries. The father is a kind of high priest in the family where he leads the family's religious activities which are practiced by means of daily prayers and very secret ceremonies.

These are solemn rituals whose purpose is to impress on Jews from childhood the idea that they are God's chosen people. They are taught through all their family activities that it is their right and goal to take over the world's riches, forging an imperialist ideology that converts them into fanatical instruments of Jewish imperialism.

Among the family ceremonies of secret Jews can be mentioned the Passover with its solemn ceremonial and secret banquets and the Saturday family celebration which starts on Friday at sunset when the parents join with those children over 13 years old and also their grandchildren over the age of 13 and the wives of those children who are already married.

The house is locked and no one is allowed to enter the room where ceremonies are held. This secret ceremony is followed by a ritual banquet in which prayers and speeches are delivered, and it lasts until midnight unless the adults have to attend some public function to keep up their pretext of Christianity.

Children younger than 13 are excluded from this and other ceremonies in order to keep secret the fact that the family is Jewish, and to hide from the younger children all activities of secret Judaism.

At the age of 13 and after extensive preparation, only those children who have proven their ability to keep secrets are very cautiously initiated into the family's clandestine Judaism.

Those who fail to pass the tests of discretion will only be initiated into secret Judaism when they prove their ability to keep such secrets.


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