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Brandon Martinez, AKA ZCF, beginning his ISIS psyop on the Goyim

Folks, I have told you the MO of the infiltrators on many occasions, on how they work to gain your trust, how the implanted ones enable, with "voucher" proclamations, new infiltrators entering the movement so as to give them "street cred". John Friend and Kyle Hunt did this for Angelo Gage when he was an unknown.

Tell me, what would make truther leaders anoint a Tony Robbins worshiper  and a person trained in mind kontrol? This was back in 2012. Kyle did a US tour and went to visit Angelo and Friend did an AFP article singing Angelo's praises for making a video with 10,000 hits. Of course Angelo has since proven that though he pays lip service to the Jew, he is mainly here to keep the goyim divided and play up white identity which, in fact, all three, John, Kyle and Angelo are doing.

I have anointed them with the title that they are the AFP wing on the WN movement. Zander - Brandon, in many ways, made famous by Deanna Spingola, an AFP protegee, seems to be, again, subtly promoted by Kyle Hunt's op, Renegade Tribune and along with that subtle promotion, a corresponding rise on Zander's Alexa ranking has occurred

You might recall that  Kyle cares little whether a person is pure white and more about arguing the talking points of the pure white race that wants separation. Of course when one quarter Indians pretend they are white and argue white talking points, does that undercut the movements true validity? Of course it does! The movement was created to fail so NO PROBLEM! Also, the low IQ white racists rarely notice such matters as long as you feed them regular courses of Islamaphobia paranoia and black on white crime pictures.

But back to Brandon. Brandon has had two fixations over the last four months. Proving to one and all that Putin is as evil as anything the west has going and proving himself to be the one true expert on ISIS.

Brandon has gone into laborious, monotonous detail about all the documented comings and goings of those involved in the Paris attacks, claimed to be an ISIS op. Today I noticed what all this was setting the table for. Brandon used an obvious Jew (Site Intelligence like) produced ISIS video for corroboration that the ISIS attack was allowed to happen and not staged offering as proof, "live beheadings" on camera.

Yours truly checked this video he made his claim from and saw really more of the same, more staged fake beheading videos. If it were real, the camera would not have to cut away and if it wanted to prove beyond a doubt it was real, the camera can't cutaway not to mention all the video distortions, video game-like to distract. I left an unkind message for Zander today, one that he will never publish,  that pointed out that the constant cutting away of the camera is an MO to give an impression of a line of thought while hiding, by the cutting away of, the details that would undermine it. Read the comment for my Hollywood analogy.

The video does give a better rendition of a "real" beheading, apprently, enough so that Zander's "handlers" decided it was time to disinfo us using  Zander's "Expert" status to intimidate real scrutiny of his claims.

Much like VK Clark came out strong against the Jews five years ago and has shifted his focus against white identarians hoping that the detail of her coverage will make her analysis, too deep to scrutinize, Zander is trying to do same with ISIS and Putin Tell me Brandon, were there Arab hi-jackers on 911?  Did our intel let that happen or was the whole story and most of the claims from it false and fake? When are you going to walk that back?


Paris Attackers Appear in Belated Beheading Video


Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez / Jan. 29, 2016

A new, Hollywood-caliber video just released by Islamic State’s media arm al-Hayat appears to at least partially confirm the official narrative of the Paris attacks.

The video shows eight of the alleged Paris attackers delivering their final statements before gruesomely decapitating various prisoners in orange jumpsuits. Unlike previous beheading videos featuring ‘Jihadi John,’ the latest snuff film does not cut out before the actual murders take place, but displays in full bloodcurdling gory detail the sequential killings, some in slow motion.

The video was obviously shot before the IS militants ostensibly departed for their terror mission in Paris, which they state in the video was personally ordered by IS “caliph” Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, a former Camp Bucca detainee who was oddly “on good terms” with US military authorities during his stay at the American prison in Iraq.

The twisted video opens with a statement by Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged “mastermind” of the Paris operation, in a house in an unknown location. The rest of the video appears to have been shot somewhere in Iraq or Syria, probably near one or both of IS’s strongholds, Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria. The Paris attackers that do appear in the video are listed as follows: Abdel Hamid Abaaoud, Brahim Abdeslam, Omar Ismail Mostefai, Samy Amimour, Bilal Hadfi, Ali al-Iraqi, Ukashah al-Iraqi, Chakib Akrouh and Abu Fuad al-Faransi.


While the video significantly weakens the case for a MIHOP (made it happen on purpose) explanation of the Paris events, it does not disprove a LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) interpretation. A slew of forewarnings issued to French authorities before the attacks should have provided them enough signals to be able to prevent it, but strangely they did not.

As I reported in November, the draconian surveillance measures implemented in France after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January of 2015 make it hard to believe such a sophisticated cross-continental attack could have been mounted without any intervention from authorities. That these IS members could overcome all of the innumerable logistical hurdles to successfully organize and pull off the November 13 massacre is extraordinary.

It has yet to be explained how so many radicals – most of whom were well-known to authorities, had been placed on terror watch lists and several of whom had already been indicted in absentia for terror offences – were able to travel into Europe from IS-held territory in Syria and Iraq undetected. Did they all ride together in first-class on an Air France flight? Then, once inside the gates of Europe, these human poltergeists manage to secure a safe house, rental cars, AK-47s, explosives, communications equipment, and everything else needed to pull off this multi-faceted attack. None of it is feasible without French authorities actively protecting the perps and deliberately looking the other way as they prepared the operation.

France received multiple prior warnings about an imminent attack from both Turkey and Iraq, but they seem to have been completely ignored. Turkey specifically identified a future assailant, Ismael Omar Mostefai, as a potential danger. The Iraqi government delivered a very specific warning a day before the attacks, telling their French counterparts that an IS attack was “imminent” and further relayed precise information about “the size of a sleeper cell of militants they said was directing attackers sent back to France from Islamic State’s de-facto capital in Raqqa, Syria.”

French authorities had caught wind of an IS plot against concert halls two months earlier in September after arresting and subsequently extracting a confession about the plot from a returning French-born IS member. The imminence of an attack was even gleaned by French Jewish security officials, most likely benefiting from secret contacts with the Israeli Mossad, in the month preceding the attack.

All of this fits a LIHOP scenario.

Fake beheading videos Zander uses to direct his story line as Zander does not question the authenticity of the videos

One thing that the new beheading video proves is that Brahim Abdeslam did indeed travel to Syria to join IS. In my big report on the Paris attacks I cast doubt on his involvement based on testimony from his ex-wife that he was “not political,” had “no gripe with the West,” and was a chronic pothead and drug user. He is also said to have co-owned a bar in Molenbeek, Belgium, with his brother Salah which was shut down by police because of drug-related activity. One would assume that a “radical Islamist” would have departed from such an unIslamic lifestyle long ago, but what this shows is that IS members are not above religious hypocrisy. Some of them may not even be religious at all but rather are just violent, degenerate thugs looking for an opportunity to indulge their sick bloodlust.

Brahim’s brother Salah is the “terror fugitive” who somehow managed to evade the largest manhunt in European history. We are told he was stopped by police three times on his way back to Belgium on the night of the attacks, and let go each time, despite his wanted picture already out there. Now we are being told that the reason the Belgian police also failed to find and arrest him is not because they didn’t know where he was hiding (they did), but because they have a quirky “law” which prevents them from doing “night raids.” A downright pathetic and comical excuse for what looks like state protection of an “asset.”

Obviously there are still many oddities and unanswered questions that strongly suggest that the French government allowed their citizens to be slaughtered in Paris on purpose. The Hollande regime continues to misinform the French public about their blatant collusion with IS and other throat-slitting insurgents in Syria in their failed criminal bid to topple the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, which began in 2011.


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